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#WWReadathon – Day 3 Challenges 7 & 8 (plus final reading)


END OF THREE DAY COUNT 3-4 books read, not bad considering how much time I spent writing and tweeting and blogging about it!

The last book I started was Maya Papaya by J.C. Andrijeski

6 AM AKST Been asleep for 1 hour but I promised an update, plus the first challenge was starting. Alarm went off, checked the challenge & went to answer. Promptly fell asleep ON my keyboard (seriously I brought it to bed with me so I wouldn’t miss the challenge) Before I had nodded off I had finished the first story in the Anthology.

10 AM AKST - Woke up to another alarm at 9:45 and managed to finish the 1st challenge with a minute to spare. Went on to read and work on this blog so I did not have to be so frazzled like I was yesterday. I also woke up to an e-mail saying that I had one a $150 GC from Amazon!! OMG I am SO excited. Thanks Shannon Mayer! (author of her new book Dark Waters (Guest blog & recipe on the 7th and review coming up on the 12th!)

12:16PM AKST- Finished Double Take Tales by Donna Brown. AMAZING read, watch for a review. Such powerful pros. No clue what my page count is because some of these are strictly eBooks.

3:00 PM AKST – Started Maya Papaya by J.C. Andrijeski. I am on my second bowl of popcorn, the man-beast is playing Skyrim and fending for himself. I am out of soda so I made some ice tea.

4:00 PM AKST – I ended up having a minor emergency with the oven (do not ask but never bake while you are reading a good book) so by the time I figured out how to deal with that I had only read a few pages. Final updates and challenge will be posted in a separate post where I discuss how I will defeat the Wicked Witch of Winter as… The Fight For Survival Continues

5:35 PM AKST I am throwing int he towel to the reading part and going to focus on the writing. I keep forgetting that midnight READ-A-THON time is actually 8 PM AKST time! I really have had fun and want to continue my theme. I have already done preliminary research with the experts in the field of surviving magical wintery paranormal activities so off to write I go!


Tease at Random | Claire @ Project TBR  (Day 3 – challenge 7)

Project To Be Read

“For this challenge I would like you to tease me at random from your current read. All you need to do is to divide your book roughly into thirds and then randomly select two sentences from each third (so six in total) and put them together to give a good tease.”
my current book is Double Take Tales )

Liz handed over the five pounds for the Big Pot ticket and rejoined the others.

She managed to get a last-minute seat on a flight out and the rest of the money would keep her going for a month or so until she found work. (from Round Trip)

It is remarkable the things you fill your day with.

My poisoning project provided a new sense of purpose, however.

I know because I watched and waited. (from Poison)

Clearly it wasn’t anymore, as I learnt from the conversation I overheard as I loitered outside the station.

My book Double Take Tales, sentences from three different short stories. (from C`est la vie)


And the winner is…Melissa from Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf! Congratulations!


Sentence to Song | Amanda @ Letters Inside Out (Day 3 – Challenge 8)

Letters Inside OutReady for the next #WWReadathon challenge? April and I have been talking music now for a few days. I love music, when I’m reading I’m often singing along to a playlist I’ve made.

So, I challenge you…*smiles sweetly* to come up with a song on that fits your current read.


*Name of your current read/Author
*Link the YouTube video in the comments OR post it on your blog and leave that link in the comments
*Explain briefly why that song fits. Just remember: No spoilers, please.

My books broken up into three stories, so I will give you a bonus of THREE sentence to songs!

‘DOUBLE TAKE TALES’ by Donna Brown

English: Peter, Paul and Mary onstage at the W...

Image via Wikipedia

1st story ‘Round Trip’

‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ – Peter, Paul and Mary
It is PERFECT.. because you never know what a wrinkled 5 pound note will get you!

2nd story ‘Poison’

 ‘2 Nuts are on you’  [Just the chorus]
(laughing my rear off… PERFECT for this story parody on ‘Nothing on You’ by Bruno Mars originally)
A wife, an unfaithful husband and a simple mistake.. awww NUTS…

3rd story ‘C’est la vie’

Portal – Credits Song ‘Still Alive’
Our protagonist is clinging to her life, in a fashion. The song is appropriate because of who is singing it.. (if you need to know about who is singing it check GLaDOS)


The Fight for Survival Continues | hosted  April @ My Shelf Confessions 

My Shelf Button

Before 8 PM AKST tonight I will be posting the final fight for survival against the Wicked Winter Queen… till then… I am off to read!!!





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  1. Love the music choices! And you tripled my efforts!


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