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Nibbles and Bytes

Posted by on Jan 13, 2012 in Alaska Living, Books, Cabin Commentary, Writing | 3 comments

This blog has come a long way, and has morphed into something completely different that what it started out being. What began as a social experiment in blogging via iPhone about my life and photography from a cabin lost in the woods of Alaska has become this beautiful gifted child, blossoming before my very eyes.  Because of a supposedly useless tool, Twitter (eat that DAD), I have been able to expand my readership and push myself into writing in directions I never expected to g the o. Especially in area of publishing my recipes. I always took my cooking for granted, it was just something I did and was proud to do for my family and friends. But with this small little corner, a Super Highway Diner, shall we say I have been able to go places I never expected to go. To wax nostalgic about my past, how certain cooking traditions took place, how I came upon this recipe or that due to the conditions and restrictions of living in the cabin, all of which have molded me partially into who I am today.

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How can you have any PUDDING COOKIES if you don’t eat your meat!

Posted by on Jan 11, 2012 in Bacon, Cabin Cooking, Dessert | 6 comments

Well, since I know many of you closet bacon eaters have more than likely put yourself into a glorious food coma creating your own Bacon Wrapped Sausage Delights, I suppose I will have to say YES you can have your pudding cookies!

Lately I have been stalking  Dessert For Two. Christina delivered recipes scaled down to make a sensible size dessert instead of enough for a bake sale. (Well that and after the Bacon Maple Donuts incident we needed to be a bit smarter, I ended up with a severe sugar crash after stuffing my face with three donuts. I couldn’t help it they were SO good!) I was reorganizing my pantry  looking for inspiration when surrounded by light, a glorious box of lemon pudding called to me! What? You don’t like lemon pudding? For shame! (Seriously, neither do I but I had inherited this when a friend moved out of state. One of the great things about living in Alaska, when people leave, you gain ownership of boots, coats, left over fish and game, tang, pilot bread…you get the the picture!) I recalled seeing something about pudding in a cookie recipe I had.

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It’s Taco Tuesday!

Posted by on Jan 10, 2012 in Cabin Cooking | 1 comment

Black Bean & Chicken Soft Tacos

You are probably thinking, this is nothing special, but in our house taco making is a serious affair. Geoff used to work at Macheezmo Mouse in Portland and they were serious about their Mexican fair! I wish I had thought to record him as he gave me, (as he always does each time I make anything of Mexican origin) instructions on how to put together a taco. The filling recipe as literally on the fly tonight. I had a bag of pre chopped Romaine lettuce that needed to get ate and left over black beans in the fridge and chicken & homemade tortillas in the freezer. So we decided Tacos! I didn’t have a recipe, because like you it is nothing special, just throw it together, add some spices and eat! Well, I  ended up having one of those zen cooking experiences that when it is all over you have this uterally fantastic dish. You know the ones I am talking about? You start making dinner and add this, and that and voila it is the most amazing “_________” you have ever made in your life, and you forget to write the recipe down. Well folks I am staying up and writing the recipe down for you!

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Baked Bacon Wrapped Smoked Sausages

Posted by on Jan 7, 2012 in Bacon, Cabin Cooking | 7 comments

I realize that a large portion of you are on self-induced diets. But not all of us are, and let’s face it there are moments in our life that need bacon. I have had the recipe for Sonoran Dogs from Cooking for Assholes sitting around since the summer of 2010. I just was beginning my bacon addiction with the discovery of a local market that carried freshly butchered and smoked pork and beef products. As good as it sounded, I wasn’t ready to dive into the high caloric intake yet. Now I can indulge in this occasionally, just walk a few extra miles and be good with it. I find that feeding my mind, in the sense that it is making me happy when I eat something that tastes good and that I made, is better than starving myself and being miserable.

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Come Let’s Play with A Photo a Day Challenge 2012

Posted by on Jan 3, 2012 in Photos | 4 comments

Come and Join me with a Photo a Day Challenge, starting January 1, 2012

There are a bunch of these challenges out there but I ran across this one from fat mum slim after seeing a few other folks decide to do this.  This is a challenge, and with something I really love to do, take REALLY good photos with my iPhone. Chantelle says you can use any type of camera, be it a fancy-smancy Digital SLR (I love minee but I am restricting self to just my phone), or any other point and shoot! Whatever pictures you can!

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Popping in the New Year with Bacon Jalapeño Popper Pockets

Posted by on Jan 2, 2012 in Bacon, Cabin Cooking | 1 comment

What better way to start off the new year here at The Cabin Goddess then with my 100th postand a recipe with bacon in it! Specifically Bacon Jalapeño Poppers I hope everyone had great New Years Eve celebrations. Whether you spent it at home, like I did, with friends and family, or celebrating at a party or bar! But what is a good celebration without great food? Heck I apparently have LOTS of celebrations because it is my goal in life to make every food related thing nothing but great!

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