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Ten Things to do To Avoid Working

  1. Stay in bed (CHECK)
  2. Have a coffee pot in bedroom (CHECK) (though since my bedroom is also my office… but I made coffee)
  3. Keep refreshing Facebook to see if anyone is here posting (CHECK)
  4. Send random shout outs to all the other slackers awesome people you love on Twitter (DOUBLE CHECK)
  5. Keep clicking refresh on your blog stats instead of writing that review you need to write like TODAY! (once, twice, three times a statistical addict (CHECK)… you get the picture… it is like a dieter with a scale.. I can’t stop clicking!!)
  6. Upload pictures to some asinine schoolFeed site that makes you want to keep doing things by giving you credits.. ya.. I need help! (CHECK)
  7. GO like fifty things on Getglue (CHECK) (VERY important in the scheme of things! I got another sticker, that makes 62!)
  8. Delete pictures off my iPhone (because 3923 is getting a bit obnoxious(CHECK)
  9. Checking Twitter and hijack a few conversations (CHECK) (hey I read NEWBIE, smelled a Twitter Virgin and had to step in, duty called!)
  10. Write a blog post about how to avoid working (CHECK)


OK I finished my coffee, I am hungry again, there are cookies needing baking for my contest winner and I really need to finish another review…. after I refresh my twitter stream, check my shout out status, stats and make a bacon sandwich!

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  1. 11. Read blogs by other writers to find out more ways to avoid working, because I’ve checked everything off my own list for the day and need more excuses.

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