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Sometimes Dreams Come True…in the form of Ice!

Alaskan‘s Annual Ice Park Fun is Almost Here!

People in Texas and in other parts of the Lower 48 have water parks with grand slides. Here in Alaska we have the Ice Park, the  home of the BP World Ice Art Championships (which is the brand new home of George Horner Ice Art Park this year, so it is going to be even MORE exciting than usual!). It is a place not only for the kids and the kid inside you, but it is also a place to behold some of the greatest examples of this unique form sculpting. You cannot possibly see the park all in one day, so it is well worth it to buy season passes. I am hoping this year that Geoff & I go with friends and have an adult night of sliding and hot cocoa afterwards at McCafferty’s.  The photos are from my families first trip to the Ice Park in 2004. After the images the information for this years World Ice Art Championships “Dreams Come True” and a schedule summary!  Less than a month to go!

2012 BP World Ice Art Championships

The theme for the 23rd Annual BP World Ice Art Championships is “Dreams Come True” and promises to deliver over one- hundred, larger-than-life sized sculptures. This year, the event is moving to its new home at the George Horner Ice Art Park, 3050 Phillips Field Road. The new Twenty-seven acre park is centrally located and contains a large on-site pond which is expected to produce over four million pounds of “Arctic Diamond” ice—exceptionally clear, thick ice used by the sculptors. Near the pond there is a large designated Kid’s Park which features a whimsical set of slides and sculptures. In addition, there are ice mazes, a skating rink, an “ice stage” for various performances and a concession area. Ice carving competitions include the Single Block Classic, the Multi-Block Classic, the Amateur Open Exhibition for novices to try out their skills, and the Youth Classic for high school students.

The 2012 BP World Ice Art Championships is projected to be open daily 10am-10pm, February 28 through March 25, 2012. For more information visit


  • Feb 28–Mar. 1 – Single Block Classic Competition
  • March 2 – Single Block Awards Ceremony, 8 PM (Single Block sculptures completed)
  • Mar 4–Mar 9 – Multi-Block Classic Competition
  • Mar 10 – Multi-Block Awards Ceremony, 8 PM (25 Multi-Block sculptures completed)
  • Feb 29–Mar 16 – Amateur Open Exhibition
  • Mar 13–16 – Frances and Clarence G. Beers Youth Classic
  • Mar 17 – Frances and Clarence G. Beers Youth Classic Awards and Amateur Open Recognition.
  • Mar 10–25 – 2 full weeks to view the finished sculptures & enjoy the Kids Park!
  • Mar 25th – Park closure, 10 PM
A multi block sculpture

Image via Wikipedia


  1. This looks like so much fun!

  2. That Ice Park looks like so much fun!!! One of these days I’m going to travel and hopefully get to see more of the US including Alaska!

    ? Melissa @ Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf


  1. forget zombies…ice age’s greatest challenge: the wicked winter witch (a short story) - [...] gone Gandolf the White, but not it the good way! Her features were chiseled, as if some deranged Ice…

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