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“I believe in Ghosts” Guest Post by Coral Russell, Author of Amador Lockdown

Spooky Saturday greetings everyone! I have a lot of plans in the works, many of which include not only sharing my treasured recipes and the magic of my spoon with you, but also introducing some of my latest and greatest finds in the Indie Publishing arena!  As a preemptive strike to a great project I am part of ! (Her book is over there,  in that cool widget on your right from Amazon and the dates of the contest above that!) As a way to promote these amazing writers, I wanted to share with you the woman behind the curtain of Win With eBooks, Coral Russell. She an Indie Publisher, a book blogger and reviewer, award wining writer and fiction author with her latest piece of work,  Amador Lockdown. She also produces techno-savvy videos for those of us that cannot seem to figure out how many of the latest SEO sites work!

See more about Coral and how to stalk her, her works and find her here on the W3 after this post! Again, Thank you Coral for being here today and sharing this tale with all of us today!

I believe in ghosts
by Coral Russell

I have had strange experiences in my life that has led me to believe that there is ‘something’ beyond this life. One of the most memorable experiences was with my husband. We bought a one hundred year old house. It was 2400 square feet. The upstairs and downstairs consisted of a wide room at least thirty feet long with two ceiling fans. The foyer of the house was done in oak and had three flights of stairs. My husband worked during the day and I worked part-time at night and would get home about 11pm.

Our house was on the corner and for a weeks now I had been driving up to a house ablaze with light. My husband had turned every single light in the house on and there were many windows so you could see it from a couple of blocks away. I begged him to think of the electricity and please turn off the lights. Surely he didn’t need every light in the house on when it got dark.

He mumbled something or other and I still came home to find the house all lit up. It was welcoming, but I dreaded receiving the electric bill.

One night we were watching TV downstairs. The TV was in front of a big picture window at one end of the big room downstairs. We had a loveseat in front of the TV and to our left was the foyer. I’m not sure when we became aware of footsteps overhead, but they were at least twenty to twenty-five feet behind where we were sitting. My husband and I both turned and looked up. The footsteps were walking straight down the middle of the room and the ceiling fan directly behind us shook a little as they passed.

Then the footsteps proceeded down the stairs. The staircase was old and every step creaked loudly. As the footsteps continued down the three flights of stairs, my husband and I leaned forward and looked into the foyer fully expecting to see a person enter the foyer. The footsteps stopped. Only there was no one there.

For the first time my husband and I looked at each other. We had been speechless this entire time. Then my husband jumped up, turned to me and said, “See, that’s the same #$%* that’s been going on every night in this house!”

I never asked him to turn off the lights again.


Coral Russell won the 2003 McCaleb Peace Initiative which produced the non-fiction articles Peace on the Peninsula about South Korean’s view on reunification. You can also find various articles written by her on Technorati and BlogCritics. After winning a fiction writing contest (a fluke), she caught the fiction bug. Experiences like the one above inspired her to start writing the ghost hunter series.

Ms. Russell reads/reviews Indie authors on Check out her Stalker Package to connect. She has written The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing and eBook Publishing, Playing with Fire , Twelve Worlds, Peace on the Peninsula, and Amador Lockdown.

Join her mailing list here to find out about new releases and updates.

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  1. I lived in a haunted house for seven years, I KNOW ghosts exist! Enjoyed your guest post and purchased your book. I love ghost stories! Which is why I write them myself. Can’t wait to read yours!


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