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Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012

Sometimes you cannot stay huddled under blankets when it is -4oºF (or colder) outside here in the Interior of Alaska. Sometimes we have to break free of those frozen shackles and have a little fun! Sometimes you just need a shower and fast food because lets face it, as much as I love to cook, even I need a break!Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012

In my earlier post I talked about more general aspects cold weather front in Fairbanks, AK I talked about how crazy the weather can get here. I had been stuck inside being forced to take a bath in the Rubbermaid© tub and wash my hair in the sink. Usually I have a walk or I cross-country ski on the snow-machine trails to avoid cabin fever, but with the dangerous steady temps of -4oºF (or colder) there was no having a nice healthy walk. I let the dishes pile up, stayed snuggled in my Christmas PJ’s and wool socks, whining to Geoff about how I needed to get out, well he surprised me on Monday and said it is going to a cold one, but a fun one! I hope so because if the car needs a blanket, I am thinking maybe I need to stay under mine!

Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012

Trying not to groan, I layered up, wrapped my head and neck up in my of my zen crochet creations and pulled on some mushers mitts! With my shower kit prepped,we headed to B&C Laundry to shower up before we hit the road for a night of winter festivities. I made sure I packed a hair dryer because no one wants to walk around with frozen hair (OK maybe THESE guys did but they had spa conditions!), remember what your mother always told you! You lose all of your body heat through your head! When we got there unfortunately we had to wait, but I like to people watch so it as all good. It is always an adventure at the laundromat,there are always stories to see running around in the form of a 3-year-old with a lollipop, another cabin girl like me, or campers during the summer.

Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012

Geoff and I people watched and discussed the rest of our tour. I really wanted to go thrifting at Value Village and he really wanted Wendy’s. We also needed to go grab goodies for me to bake and essentials at the local market. So with my hair dry and my body clean we headed out again. The Ice Fog was really thick, and with the sun down and traffic heavy it was a little perilous. The car had not been able to warm up and I was busy documenting the WRATH OF GOD TOUR using my iPhone, Instagram and Foursquare (yes I am one of  THOSE people, those annoying crazy iPhone users who take pictures of everything and document it for all of her adoring annoyed friends fans can enjoy). It was SO cold my phone started acting whacked and froze while uploading my Value Village finds! Geoff chuckled and had a hidden smile because he was pretty sure we would be eating without me shooting a photo!Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012

Value Village was a success and I scored some GREAT stuff. Including a bunch of different dishes, four mini loaf pans and a ton of cookie cutters. I cannot wait to make something with them to share with everyone. Value Village is a great place here in Fairbanks. Geoff  has been able to find Retro games, I have been able to find some gorgeous sweaters and one very cool pair of Doc Martins plus it is another one of those places that if you keep your head down and do not make eye contact you are able to have some great people watching experiences.

Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012







Geoff was bubbling with excitement, being forced to eat my cooking he really wanted a triple from Wendy’s. You know what he ended up ordering? Something loaded with bacon.. HAH BACON! Well OK, so did I! I cannot pass bacon up even at a Wendy’s.

One more stop before it was back to my jammies and wool socks reading and writing away. I needed ingredients to make those goodies for you, especially since one of you is going to win a dozen cookies by helping me name that delicious cookie that have become Geoff’s favorite.

Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012It sounds like a mundane afternoon, a typical day of errands, but for us it was an adventure. We had to brave the cold, hope the car would run alright, make sure we did not freeze or our phones, and manage to get home in one piece as we drove through the ice fog and traffic. At the end of it all when I was finally checking out, Geoff acting annoyed that I had gotten so many things to make goodies with, he threatened to cut me off to only one baking project a pay check! We do not have a lot of room, so my baking supplies have taken over, HECK I don’t have a place for my pilot bread or even know where the Tang is!

His annoyance was apparently a ruse, because he whipped out a bouquet of purple poms because “You add color to my life, Kitten.” This man loves me even when I wear Christmas jammies year round and watch teen coming of age TV shows (he caught me watching Gossip Girl today!). He loves me enough to venture out in -40ºF weather when he could have easily brought this food home and talked me into waiting till it warmed up. So I will continue to make him cookies that need names (hint hint subtle subtle) and dinner full of bacon and singing his praises.

Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012

Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012


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