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Name My Cookies

OK EVERYONE! The time has come, yes it has.. to NAME THAT COOKIE! Why you ask? Well I created these puppies from scratch because:

  1. I had a loan box of Milk Chocolate Brownie mix. It was a mistake when I went shopping a few weeks ago. I firmly believe brownies are better when they are fudgelicious! So the darker the better!
  2. Geoff LOVES peanut butter!
  3. I need to bake up a double batch because one lucky winner of the NAME THAT COOKIE CONTEST will get a dozen in the mail and a nice write-up and blurb about them here on Cabin Goddess!

So what are you waiting for! WAIT.. this as easy as it sounds, however! It must be a G-RATED name! Oh stop whining! They already have enough naughtiness just in the way they look! I will leave it open for a week, I am SURE some of you wonderful people can come up with some pretty cool names! As for who judges and picks, my sexy man, Geoff, will be making the call since he insists I make these all the time!

Leave a comment below, or send a vote with #namethatcookie to @AKMamma on Twitter OR you can email me at [email protected]

Name My Cookies



  1. Oh my mouth-watering awesomeness! Let’s see: Fudge stackers. ManBeasters. Peanutbuttered Chocolate Drops. Gooey Ooeys. Inspirations. Zombie Turds. Blind Eyes. Nom nom nom Kriss! 😀

  2. These mounds look regal, rich and lucious! Reminds me of descriptions of the Queen of Sheba with their dark chocolate skin and full of all things good…Queen of Sheba cookies!

  3. ok i wrote this on facebook but it deserves a repeat again lol. not so g-rated name peanut butter brownie nipples. g-rated version peanut butter brownie budding blossoms


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