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This blog has come a long way, and has morphed into something completely different that what it started out being. What began as a social experiment in blogging via iPhone about my life and photography from a cabin lost in the woods of Alaska has become this beautiful gifted child, blossoming before my very eyes.  Because of a supposedly useless tool, Twitter (eat that DAD), I have been able to expand my readership and push myself into writing in directions I never expected to g the o. Especially in area of publishing my recipes. I always took my cooking for granted, it was just something I did and was proud to do for my family and friends. But with this small little corner, a Super Highway Diner, shall we say I have been able to go places I never expected to go. To wax nostalgic about my past, how certain cooking traditions took place, how I came upon this recipe or that due to the conditions and restrictions of living in the cabin, all of which have molded me partially into who I am today.

What happened with this blog and what is continuing to happen is an amazing, shiny and glorious for me. I am proud of what has been happening amidst these pages. Earlier this week, as I was pouring over cookbooks, trying to decide what to do with a box of milk chocolate brownies, besides just making brownies, I realized I wanted to write a cookbook. A testament on the influence and encouragement of friends from Twitter and Triberr.  I tell you a story with each recipe, I don’t just post pretty pictures and give you the directions, I give you a tale!  It will be a hard thing to get out there but it will be awesome and written in a way that only I can write it, with panache and festivity! With recipes from my childhood and ones that I have created living here in my cabin in the woods.

Interesting tidbit, today’s historians, especially those whose focus is women’s  struggle to find the voice of the history books. (Mainly because history is written by men.) I am not getting on a huge feminist lecture, but just stating a  fact. There is a wonderful historian that teaches here at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks; Dr. Carol Gold. I took her class as part of my Women’s Studies program and it was an amazing experience. Her focus was in Danish and Scandinavian history, and she has published two incredible books. One of her latest being:

Cookbooks tell stories. They open up the worlds in which the people who wrote and read them once lived. In the hands of a good historian, cookbooks can be shown to contain the markings of political, social, and ideological changes that we conventionally locate outside the kitchen. Cookbooks allow us to trace the course of empires, of social roles, and of new nations over time.”

That is what I try to do each time I share a recipe with you, I try to give you a glimpse into a tiny dark corner of history, yes most of the time it is mine. Many of the stories mirror yours. Isn’t this something that breaks those invisible walls of separation down? One of these days someone will dust off an old server in a random basement, MacGyver it together, discovering  fragments of the internet that defined our history, and a through nibbles and bytes a tale our voices will be heard.

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  1. Okay – I like all your writing here. They come tinged with nostalgia — love the meaning behind the Hello Dolly Cake — and you get to see Orson Scott Card’s book’s on Kriss’s bookshelf! Love that too.

    • Wait, you do? Where? On the pictures of.. wait a minute LOL That must be on my photos.. wait a minute where is the picture with my books?

  2. Kriss, you’re going to make a WONDERFUL cookbook! I will be the first in line to buy it.

    So excited for you! 😀

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