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DEADER DAYS DID IT! Talk about holding our breath!

Everyone who even looked at it, mentioned it, donated or spread the word. Deader Days made it! Thanks to Russell Southam from Queensland and his company The Little Big Film Company put in a last-minute bid and saved the day LITERALLY with minutes to go! THIS is what it is about people! This is the real deal! Not some corporate gig rotted from within, this is RAW FRESH AND READY FOR CONSUMPTION BY THE MASSES FLYING BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS KIND OF MAKING IT!! Now the real magic will begin, the ART, the filming, the wonder and joy.. the DEAD!

Keep an eye out, for I WILL BE PIMPING it’s release! SO amazing to be part of it the way I was, just in the little I was. Plus I get a Daryl shirt, that he is gonna wear, and I get to smell him.. ohh hot zombie ACTION BABY!

If you want to read another article about the project, head on over to DEADER DAYS – LIFE TASTES BETTER WHEN YOU’RE DEAD


Daryl knows, Life tastes better when you'r dead!


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  1. Thanks for the shout. Our first shot will be on Sunday! =D

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