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I’m The Doctor!

I'm The Doctor!

Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor

We began the latest in Season 6 of the new Doctor Who series from BBC three weeks ago. I have had a seasons pass with iTunes since they started offering it two years ago, an watched the others on Netflix. I have fond childhood memories of watching Doctor Who with my grandfather, it was magical. I always felt a type of affront when people mentioned the new Doctor Who because you usually screw things up when you redo them. Boy was I wrong. I love the old ones, but they are almost a random ADD moment compared to the complexity of the new series!

The latest Doctor, #11 to be exact, is played by Matt Smith. His companion, Amelia Pond played by Karen Gillan, continues this season as they take on the universe.  In my opinion Smith’s Doctor is what Tom Baker’s Doctor (#4)  would have been if he had lived as long, seen as much, and buried as many friends. (Never forget: The Doctor, whether he means it or not, has always brought death to those nearest & dearest. Only a very few companions have actually escaped that.) He’s every bit the “mad man in a box” that Baker was, and every bit as fashionably odd, not to mention as intense and strange. We all (those of us who watched the original series either “live” or through reruns and videos) have our favorite Doctors, but Smith’s Doctor & to an only slightly lesser extent, Tennant’s (#10) & Ecceleston’s (#9), easily measures up there with the greats of the original series!

I'm The Doctor!

Season 6, Episode 1 - The Impossible Astronaut

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  1. Tabitha loves Tom Baker’s Doctor more than all the others combined. i’m a David Tennant fan myself but I have to admit that’s after Tom Baker’s. 🙂 Tab got to meet Jon Pertwee at a DW convention and was disappointed that it wasn’t Mr. Baker. That is until I pointed out who Mr. Pertwee’s son was. 😉 That changed her opinion of the man. Reading this post made me miss cable even more. 🙁


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