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Zombie Army (Zweeps Represent!) PV2 Kriss

 PV2 Kriss

Zombie Army (Zweeps Represent!) PV2 Kriss

(PV2 AKMAmma)


Zweep Crafter

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Kriss, called Mom by many of her friends, living and dead, is well known for always going above and beyond and usually over the top when doing things. Whether it is making dinner for friends, throwing a potluck with BYOB (bring your own brains) for the grill, blankets and body bag warmers for newborns, or her latest project of making splatter free aprons for all the new wives in her Zweep Army unit, she always goes out of her way to make everyone feel special. When putting together a welcome basket for new recruits you will find her famous Grey Matter Jam, a loaf of freshly made Cinnamon Swirl bread enriched with plasma, A bag of the famous RED FLESH COFFEE’s freshly roasted coffee beans with 1st cup FREE coupon for their famous Bloody Mochachino, and a small cross stich pillow with the Zweep Army motto “Live Free Eat Brains” .When she isn’t being crafty or cooking, she can be found wandering the woods of Interior Alaska honing her tracking skills and taking photos. No matter where she is, she always has her iPad to write new cooking and crafting ideas, and her camera to capture the beautiful tundra, or ground bait (aka human) movements.

Since being infected during a snow storm at -55 while checking her traps, she has had a need to be at her best. Since the zombiepocalypse, she has become an expert at Arctic Survival. This has made her an asset in the Zweep Army for any Cold Weather survival training. (She also will crochet hats for those that ask nicely to keep warm so their appendages do not fall off).

Read her DOUBLE TAP tales about the Zweep Army! Also find more Zombie Antics from her Wicked Weekend Read-a-Thon (she takes on the wicked witch, zombie hordes and more all in a wedding dress with a side kick in a white trench coat)

Trained In:

Zweep Crocheting

Zweep Baker


  1. Is this a zombie movie? Seems Awesome!

  2. good post i waiting for more to come from you


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