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November, the month all social media DIES! #NaNoWriMo Diatribe No.1 – 2013

Posted by on Nov 3, 2013 in Books, Cabin Commentary, Writing | 4 comments

Or #NaNoWhineMo for me!

“So there she was… chained to the bottom of a pit… in a puddle of pee. Robee was gonna get his ass kicked…”


“…as I went to grab my blanket my wrist was stopped painfully about a foot out by what seemed to be a chain!”

Sigh… I had to ask Geoff didn’t I… QUICK.. Brian, why have you forsaken me!

The Narrative Voice

#NaNoWriMo Diabribe No.1


Seriously, I know not everyone is writing, but when you are someone who hangs out with authors, who is also writing again this year, by this time the third day in… you could hear a pen drop (yes pun intended). Last year I had to deal with being woken up in the morning to someone crazy talking to me in my head about my story. I called him Brian, and though I worked really hard I still have an unfinished piece of work, but one day I will finish it and it was good practice. I did successfully finish two Camp NaNo’s in spring and summer… but I digress! This is about the narrative voice, or at least that is what I told you right? Ya it is! I have had a time of it today and part of it is because I really am stressed out about getting this to work this year and more than ever I need the hubz Geoff to help me out by keeping me focused.

Meet Brian.. he was my Brain for NaNoWHINEMo 2012

This year I am four times as busy, am suffering horribly from my auto-immune disorder and I am still going to give it a go. It also looks like my hubz is going to join in for part of each week and we will be doing some writing sprints together. Though, after today’s “lecture” on the narrative voice from him when writing in first person, I almost said fuck it. It is not that I don’t have the talent to tell a story, I am not that much of a whiner, I know I can weave a tale, it is all the rules and regs. Let’s face it, when you are trained to read and analyze you are not trained to write creatively. I can recognize the mistakes I make right as I make them and when I tried to go back and fix them I was getting flustered.

Geoff pointed out this was because I had not decided on who I was narrating to. Well, the asshole is right! I kept saying, “MYSELF! I am alone at the bottom of a pit.. chained… HELLO!?” and he would repeat himself, “But you have to be talking to someone, you have to decide even if you do not say who you are talking or narrating too, just figure you are going to be addressing. After that you need to decide if you (your character) trust your audience and if you do (or don’t), what would you let them see.” Oh, ya..see why I love him? Also see why I was ready to give up? Of course I am paraphrasing and simplifying quite a lot but he gets complex and tells me to hush when I try to inject myself into the conversation with a question or what not.. and when I am already flustered his wonderful thoughts sometimes (OK most of the time) get lost on me.

But after he realized I was ready to give up and if he wanted to see me do something I had promised myself I would do this year, (I think me sniffling and slamming backspace as tears rolled down my face was an indicator) he needed to approach it a bit differently. He went and got me chocolate, beef jerky, a Snickers bar and some diet Pepsi and started giving me examples.

Two Examples from Geoff:

S. Dashiell Hammett’s style of noir, which since he is primarily a poet is using allegory and narrative speech in a flavor almost as if he is dictating his case for his records. We know he is not but the tone lets us lose ourselves in the shadows and tail him as he tails one of the crazy sisters such as he does in The Big SleepThis is part of the allegorical style of his narration that allows the grittiness come through. I kept thinking when I read this how the orchids would smell to me if I had entered the green house and then Geoff’s examples started clicking.

By using the Amber Chronicles he was comparing and contrasting the two different narrative styles in the first person of Corwin and Merlin. The first five books are from Corwin and the last five from his son Merlin. For those who have read the series you know that Corwin and Merlin are from a family of questionable sane, highly political and none of them trust each other. So, with each voice the information we are getting only what each want us to know, and whether that is the truth, who knows. Plus because each are of different ages and experiences, their take is going to be different.  It is the world outside the narration we have to pay attention too when looking for the truth or if something is being left out.. or if something is missed completely.


There is NO WAY I was even going to become close to doing this with what I plan on writing, I am not that snooty to think I could possibly do anything close to Zelazny. But Geoff’s point was narrative voice.. and by giving me examples he made it clear this was very important if I wanted to do write my story in first person.

However it turns out, my character is doing a running  Pros and Cons list in her head on her situation…


  1. I was alive
  2. I had all my appendages
  3. The thing on my knee had not started eating me yet
  4. The thing crawling towards me had not made it to me yet
  5. I didn’t lose the earrings on Saturday
  6. My ass was warm


  1. I had no clue where I was
  2. There was something in the room with me
  3. My ass was eventually going to get cold and now it was going to be wet
  4. There was something crawling towards me
  5. It should be Monday, not Sunday or Tuesday… or I should know what day it is and be in my OWN BED!
  6. Oh I was chained to the FLOOR OF A DARK PIT!

I have no clue what is going to happen, though I have a feeling what ever is crawling towards her foot may prompt a response! Till anon! Good luck and happy Word Count! 


Oh also! I am am OP in a couple of IRC channels for my Facebook group I Dance with Books (#IDWB) and my Int’l NaNoWhineMo (#nanowhinemo). They are hosted in my The Finishing Fairies partner’s (Kai) serviers. Some channels already have access - and if you are intersted in I Dance with Books, join in on the fun and find out more!!

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Moving The Universe Forward … @CE_Kilgore #FourthWallFriday

Posted by on Sep 27, 2013 in ASMSG, Authors, Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Guest Posts | 2 comments

*clearing throat* Me.. me … me … me … me… me… meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *singing* oh wait.. SPACE opera… my bad! Sorry guys *grabbing my coffee! Welcome Corinne! Let’s get to business, it is a grand day and a fine day when I can have a wonderful Science Fiction author on board breaking into her Fourth-Wall and literally into a universe! Join me in not only having her on for Fourth-Wall but for the pre-Tour stop (her official tour starts on October 1st!)

musical lines divider

Write a space opera, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

What they failed to include in the colorful, glossy brochure that came with my ‘So You Want To Be A Writer’ introductory kit were the strange things that can happen once you start taking your created Universe a little too seriously. Odd things. Things that leave you questioning what’s real and what’s just  in your head. They also failed to explain how to make those voices in your head shut the fark up so you can get some actual writing done without the ongoing commentary from the peanut gallery.

Yeah, I said it. Peanut gallery. I expect some sort of retaliation from them later, but I’m on my fifth cup of coffee and all bets are off. It’s payback time and I’m breaking all the rules.

So, here I sit, feet dangling off the edge of a cargo pod that has my butt sore from sitting on it too long, waiting for them to arrive. They’re late, as expected. I wrote them that way, after all. Captain ‘Floppy-hair’ Hankarron Eros couldn’t arrive on time if his life depended on it.

Come to think of it, it actually has, once or twice, but I always seem to find a way to write him out of it using Ethan or Tara. Maybe I should stop saving his butt so he can learn the importance of punctuality and my butt can stop being so damn sore. Actually, that gives me ideas…

Dammit, I knew I should have brought my notepad. Who brings a notepad into a lucid dream, though?

“Ow!” I grab my arm and rub away a sharp pain from the skin, turning to find a playfully observant smirk set beneath a pair of sapphire blue eyes. They’re eyes I’d know anywhere, and that lopsided smile is something I never have a problem visualizing as I put it to paper. “Was that your idea of a hello, Ethan?”

“Just wanted to make sure you’re awake.” Ethan observes me openly for a long moment, his Mechatronic eyes focusing in and out. “Jehdra warned Hank about being late, but you know,”

“Know Hank,” I finish the sentence with him and give a sighing roll of the eyes. He stands up to his full height and I get a real idea of just how tall six feet and ten inches equals. I bite my bottom lip to keep from whistling at the Mechatronic Automaton. He’s impressive, and I’m not just saying that because I’m responsible for his creation.

Okay, so maybe there’s a little pride in there, but can you really blame me? He’s exquisite. A work of engineering genius.

hankorranHankarron, on the other hand…

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10 Ways for an ADD Writer to be OOH! SHINY! – Productive – Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Books, Guest Posts, Writing | 1 comment

 Thank you Kristen Lamb!  

10 Ways for an ADD Writer to be OOH! SHINY!…Productive | Kristen Lamb’s Blog.

Other writers frequently ask how I somehow manage to get a lot of stuff done, despite my having the attention span of a fruit fly…with a bad crack habit. Here are 10 ways to help you be productive even if OOH! SHINY!

…even if you tend to be a tad ADD. The following tips are what help ME stay focused. I am NOT a doctor or psychologist or ADD expert.

Read more… 1,081 more words

I so need this! What a great post, I had to share!



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#BlogFlash2013 “a best friends comfort” (books)

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in #BlogFlash2013, Books, Cabin Commentary, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 3 comments

21 days, 21 one prompts, an infinite amount of ideas.. 


a murder yet solved

adventure embraces me

a best friends comfort

(haiku #4)

Books, oh what can I say. They are my best friends. I never have to worry about them telling stories about me, just to me. They always pick up the check and serve the sweetest meals. Making sure I am happy, no matter who pissed in my bowl of Cheerios that morning.

In this day and age I can have as many books as I want. No longer am I hobbled by the size of my house and storage shed. I can gather thousands electronically. Sure, I love the scent of a solid in my hand book. Some with the autographs of authors, some with dog-eared pages so loved their pages are silky smooth. But, the best thing about my books? They are mine!

Paper or Ebook? Can you live without a “real” book?

[jbox vgradient="#041a2c|#0f3250" shadow="5" jbox_css="border:2px solid #146d16;"]

The challenge

~ March 1st – 29th (weekdays only)ch 29.
~ Write a 50-100 word post for each daily prompt on your own blog .
I am choosing to write Haiku each day pertaining to the prompt plus a little anecdote or opinion.

Follow along on

 Twitter: @tglong #BlogFlash2013 or Facebook: #BlogFlash



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From the heart of the Emerald City, ‘REDEYE’ emerges

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Authors, Books, Innovative Online Book Tours | 2 comments

What is Happening in Seattle in the year 2076

Dangerous and dark, Seattle is the setting for the latest Wonderland Cycle tale from Michael Shean



Redeye is the latest in Michael Shean’s Wonderland Cycle being published by Curiosity Quills. Though a few months away (projected release date in April 2013), the author has graced me with the cover art and wow it is amazing!  What a difference from the first in the series, Shadow of a Dead Star (The Wonderland Cycle). Like Bone Wires, the colors are bold, and much more commercialized. It fits the world of the verge, both inside and out. Flickering bright neon lights, lighting both the underworld and dazzling the top of buildings blinding the top citizens from the dirt and grime beyond the verge. The Emerald City of Seattle has never looked so grim and exciting. Anyone who is an original Shadowrun RPGer may get a bit of a bit nostalgic with these stories, and hardboiled fiction fans looking for a new twist will find an exciting and dark world to explore…

Bone Wires was an amazing read (read my review here) and I became an instant fan of the world build Michael was creating. I am honored to have Michael ask me to post a cover reveal, which he shared on February 1st with the world and since I am a bit behind with everything am sharing with you today! Talk about the ultimate Teaser Tuesday!!

REDEYE by Michael Sheen


Two years have passed since Agent Thomas Walken and Bobbi January found themselves at the heart of a conspiracy of unimaginable greed and cruelty. The Genefex Corporation remains shrouded in mystery and Bobbi January faces a life of unanswered questions and mounting disillusionment to look forward to. But when she receives a mysterious message from one of Walken’s former comrades, she is drawn back onto the trail. Now, Bobbi will find herself newly equipped to discover the truth – about Walken, about Genefex and the Yathi race – and the key to unlocking those secrets rests in the hands of a cyborg terrorist known only as Redeye.

But the road to truth will be a dangerous one, from the glamour of Seattle’s ultramodern core to the sprawling wastelands of the Old City and beyond. Alongside a band of lethal comrades, Bobbi will face death and worse amidst urban rot, abandoned subway tunnels, and ultimately the nightmarish halls of the Yathi themselves in a race to stave off what may prove to be the death of humanity itself. For the Mother of Systems will not be denied, and it will take all of Bobbi’s intelligence and wit to stave off annihilation. Drenched in blood and neon, Redeye is tale of humanity on the edge of a new and terrible reality.


To get more info and sign up for updates, visit Michael’s Website!


Michael Shean was born amongst the sleepy hills and coal mines of southern West Virginia in 1978. Taught to read by his parents at a very early age, he has had a great love of the written word since the very beginning of his life. Growing up, he was often plagued with feelings of isolation and loneliness; he began writing off and on to help deflect this, though these themes are often explored in his work as a consequence. At the age of 16, Michael began to experience a chain of vivid nightmares that has continued to this day; it is from these aberrant dreams that he draws inspiration.

In 2001 Michael left West Virginia to pursue a career in the tech industry, and he settled in the Washington, DC area as a web designer and graphic artist. As a result his writing was put aside and not revisited until five years later. In 2006 he met his current fiancee, who urged him to pick up his writing once more. Several years of work and experimentation yielded the core of what would become his first novel, Shadow of a Dead Star (2011). Michael is currently signed with Curiosity Quills Press, who has overtaken publication of Shadow of a Dead Star and the other books of his Wonderland Cycle.

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