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Sometimes Dreams Come True…in the form of Ice!

Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 in Alaska Living, Fun, News, Photos | 3 comments

Alaskan‘s Annual Ice Park Fun is Almost Here!

People in Texas and in other parts of the Lower 48 have water parks with grand slides. Here in Alaska we have the Ice Park, the  home of the BP World Ice Art Championships (which is the brand new home of George Horner Ice Art Park this year, so it is going to be even MORE exciting than usual!). It is a place not only for the kids and the kid inside you, but it is also a place to behold some of the greatest examples of this unique form sculpting. You cannot possibly see the park all in one day, so it is well worth it to buy season passes. I am hoping this year that Geoff & I go with friends and have an adult night of sliding and hot cocoa afterwards at McCafferty’s.  The photos are from my families first trip to the Ice Park in 2004.

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