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Not for the faint of heart – Two Big Tools review KFC Pie (with a vlog cook-off response)

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Cabin Cooking, Gaming, Humor, Indie Projects & Promotions, Nerd Lovin', Poultry | 1 comment


OK this is what happens on my day off. I get to go online and play Lord of the Rings Online. We find these two cute little Hobbits running around playing their little instruments, being all deadly and sassy at the same time. We get together kill lots of dead things, etc. Yes I know that is redundant but with al the zombie things I promote, you get it.. ANYWAY … and lots epic songs of goodness! Plus a hobbit who steals, Sam would be proud, they did not even make us stop for second breakfast, so they deserve Pie! I mean YES PIE!

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Man-Cold cured by Homemade Szechuan-Style Hot & Sour Soup

Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 in Cabin Cooking, Humor, Nerd Lovin', Poultry | 7 comments

How many of you out there have a man who has been sick? I mean really sick, you know dying?! Well I have one and the ManBeast is dying! Just ask him! At one point in time, he wanted me to bring a cot downstairs because had no energy to go sleep in the bed. His reasoning to not go upstairs? He did not want to get germs on the pillow cases. I wish I could have gotten a recording of it because it truly was horrific! Instead I dug through our cupboards and cookbooks and online and ended up piecing together this recipe.

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Rachel and her Guardian Angel to the Rescue with Chicken ‘n Dumplings (interview & recipe)

Posted by on Mar 11, 2012 in Authors, Interviews & Interviews with Recipes, Poultry | 6 comments

Recently I was able to ‘sit down’ and chat with our heroine, Rachel from Sandy Wolter’s new mystery Justice for Emily. Sandy is participating in this month’s Win With eBooks event! (I loved this book and will be writing a review later so watch for it!) 

Kriss – Rachel how do you view food it fits into your life. You have a great, ferocious and delightful appetite and you appreciate what comfort food means!

Rachael – Kriss, it’s so nice to meet someone that loves food as much as I do!  I’m blessed with a good metabolism, thank goodness, but I can’t imagine denying myself food of any kind. 

When I was a child, my mother cooked with love.  It was always a heartwarming experience to sit down at the dinner table and eat her beautiful meals.   It didn’t matter where we were, my mom loved to cook with flair. 

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Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Cabin Cooking, Photos, Poultry | 0 comments

My eldest turned 23 today. Nathaniel James, my Nino Bambino! Nathan lives in Tacoma doing part-time DJ work and hosting Trivia at a local bar, he has fanboys people! When I posted Willow’s Vegan Chocolate cake I got the idea that I should post my kids favorite recipes for their birthday. Nathan gave me two choices my Chili or Texas Butt Chicken.

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Make Life Easier with Basic Prepping of Food

Posted by on Sep 1, 2011 in Cabin Cooking | 0 comments

Anything that makes life easier to live is a plus no matter where you live, but especially while living in a cabin! It is easy to fall off the wagon and eat prepared foods, canned foods and anything you can zap in a microwave. Don’t get me wrong, I love my microwave, but many cabin’s do not have an area like we do, or space (especially counter space) for one! So we have to deal with cooking or we can get stuck in that awful habit of calling 456-5656 or frozen crap pizza! I for one do not want to do that anymore!

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