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Guilt, anger, happiness – Feelings invoked “Gripped” by @JasonWDonnelly

Posted by on Nov 29, 2013 in Books, Giveaways & Contests, Novel Publicity, Reviews | 1 comment

I use Grammarly’s free plagiarism checker online because because borrowing is fine for books, sweaters and the occasional power tool, but using the funny line thinking you came up with all on your own just to find out it happened to be from a popular movie you you were watching as you fell asleep last week? Not cool! Especially if someone else points it out! Let’s face it sometimes it is good to be careful. With Grammarly checking for plagiarism is just one of the great features! Thankfully this post passed the mustard (double checking that last line… cliche, but not plagiarized!)

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How to Enjoy the Apocalypse – #DayoftheDead special by @MonkeyWright #FourthWallFriday

Posted by on Nov 1, 2013 in Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Giveaways & Contests, Guest Posts | 10 comments

What’s the Day of the Dead without a Special Fourth-Wall Friday! Welcome Monkey Michael Paul Gonzalez to the Cabin Today! And guess what? I got ANOTHER Giveaway! Today? Well …. Lucifer has come a visiting. If you have not read Angel Falls, I suggest you go grab it. It is a fun urban fantasy post apocalyptic satire with Lucifer, his girlfriend and one of the best waitresses at the Garden of Eatin’;  Eve, THE Monkey and ohhh well, a few more absolutely nut-f***ing wonderful amazing characters!

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Ken Floro III author of The Rising Wind an #Interview – @SouthsideKen

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 in Authors, Bacon, Books, Breakfast, Humor, Interviews & Interviews with Recipes, Novel Publicity | 8 comments

Ken Floro III author of The Rising Wind an #Interview – @SouthsideKenThe Rising Wind
on October 10, 2011
Pages: 420

After graduating into the Imperial knighthood, Marcavius and his cousin book passage aboard a merchant ship, the Rising Wind, to visit their family estate before reporting to the legions. They know no ship dares tread the heart of the Mennaidran Sea, yet along their voyage a strange fog suddenly sets the Rising Wind adrift in those haunted waters. Fortunately another passenger offers his skill as a navigator to save the day, yet he insists that the ship first detour to a nearby island to replenish its supplies. There the ship’s unlucky passengers soon learn that the monsters and magic of legend are no mere myths! Friends, strangers, and even bitter enemies must work together in order to survive and escape. Yet some of the greatest dangers they’ll face are destined to come from one another.

“The same trick didn’t work a third time. When Marc stepped into the ring of firelight and shouted a challenge, his adversaries shrank into the shadows across from him – more cautious now than they had been earlier. Their broad limbs and hulking silhouettes prowled the darkness at the edge of the forest, disguising their numbers. Standing exposed, in the open clearing, Marc felt vulnerable, but he knew he couldn’t run. For an anxious moment, he just stood there, uncertain what to do next. The curse of inexperience was lack of foresight, and Marc hadn’t stopped to calculate an alternative in case his original plan failed. Now he had to think on the spot. Unfortunately the present circumstance was no place for contemplation. So, in that dangerous moment, he acted on instinct.”

First published on Cabin Goddess LITE this morningmn since my server is having an attitude problem, at least here she is on Cabin Goddess!  For all the rest of my readers pleasure…. I bring you KEN FLORO III with one of the most amazing interviews YET! Even Herbert the Squirrel enjoyed and played a part in it! And, of course, BACON! Welcome Ken! 

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‘The Sound of Loneliness’ – it’s pretty bloody loud (5-star review)

Posted by on Apr 20, 2013 in Authors, Books, Giveaways & Contests, Novel Publicity, Reviews | 9 comments

Antagonist?… Protagonist?…or Both?…

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L is for Love, Lies & Lucifer – “Angel Falls” an #atozchallenge review & a recipe

Posted by on Apr 13, 2013 in #AtoZChallenge, Books, Breakfast, Cabin Cooking, Giveaways & Contests, Novel Publicity, Reviews | 15 comments

L is for Lucifer, the Lord of Lies & Lightbringer 

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F is for FRIGHTENING!! Stranger Will by @calebjross review & #atozchallenge

Posted by on Apr 6, 2013 in #AtoZChallenge, Authors, Books, Giveaways & Contests, Horror, Novel Publicity, Reviews | 21 comments

black-duckyWelcome to Novel Publicity’s first ever publishing house blog tour. Join myself, Novel Publicity and the rest of the blogs us as three new titles from Perfect Edge–called the Perfect Edge Trifecta. I will be reviewing them the last Saturday’s of April — tour the blogosphere in a way that just can’t be ignored. And, hey, there are prizes!

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“A Palette of Life” Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch (Book Club Bash Review)

Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Authors, Books, Novel Publicity, Reviews | 0 comments

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Book Club Bash Hop-tastic 2012

Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Books | 7 comments

Book Club Bash Blog Hop 12-10 through 12-14 and over $700 in prizes!

This week I have two of the five authors Jane George, Monique Domovitch (the other three, Pavarti K. Tyler, Anderson O’Donnell and Lenore Skomal, both have been featured on my blog at least once and Lenore’s book, BLUFF, is being reviewed on December 27th this month). I have read three of the four books and have started the fourth of their books (X-IT by Jane George) so it was somewhat of a no brainer. If I were to recommend one out of all of these it would be….. umm Kingdom (one of my top 2012 and featured book several times over here on the blog).. no wait..perhaps BLUFF (keep a box of tissues ready and have your food made ahead of time you won’t be able to stop).. oh crapola.. Shadows on the Wall (AMAZING Muslim Superhero action) wait.. wait.. umm Scorpio Rising (this one took me really by surprise!) It is Hanukkah (which means another excuse for me to make Latkes)

Make sure you check out Book Club Bash Main Page for the rest of the weeks event guide, the authors info and a kick ass Rafflecopter contest to boot!

The Blog Hop

Book Club Bash

Today there is a blog hop going on (see linky list at the end of this post for other blogs to visit and to sign up) about book clubs.  Personally, I’ve never managed to successfully join a book club. However my mother has been part of a very successful book club for over 20 years. These ladies are amazing, and I get the spill-offs. As soon as my mom is done with the book she mails it up with all her notes in an envelope that is sealed and tells me to write my own, answer the book club questions than open the envelope and call her. It has been fun! One way my mom, Dr. Morton the queen of Literature and I have been able to bond that does not involve me throwing a fit on the floor of The Gap crying over how fat my thighs are over the last 20 years.

I never was reading what anyone else was when someone would ask me to be part of a book club. They were reading crap, or romance and I was reading adventure, and literary fiction or ummm books about really weird conspiracy theories, plus they just used it as an excuse to drink in the afternoon, throw their kids into the family room and eat. I was a military wife, the pool of wives that actually read books and not magazines was small, and those women were officers wives. I had better luck with my scrapbooking club, they were intelligent, we talked about what we read as individuals plus we got to be creative and make the good food we ate and let the men folks parent for the evening at a different house (they had a Dad and kid game night)

Hey my books had thrusting in them, usually knives though – image by:liebeSuse

The discovery of Book Blogs, Tours and hops? It has opened up a whole new outlet for me. I love it. I am not writing for the teachers, the board of directors, my literary critic board .. I am writing and discussing and voicing my opinion with a incestuous group of awesome readers and writers! It has been amazing! Three of the above authors I would consider friends, or fast to with Lenore. Pavarti is one of my dearest friends and Anderson almost named his second born after me (Someone needs to name a baby Morton just because it is such a cool name… Morton Bacon, that works right?)

So check out the people below, enjoy the awesomeness that is all over the web today and the rest of the week, and check back! I have a review tomorrow and a special Fourth-Wall Friday coming up too!

Learn about the authors involved, the list of blogs and the Rafflecopter!!

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“Life and Death, Love and Hate” The Book of Paul (a review)

Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Authors, Books, Indie Projects & Promotions, Novel Publicity, Reviews, Writing | 5 comments

Please enjoy my review of The Book of Paul, a nail-biting literary supernatural thriller suspense horror book by one of the most awesome flesh-monkey author I have been cursed blessed to read, Richard Long. Today is the final day of the tour and there is a huge chance to win some great things, including a tarot reading, oh and a BUNCH OF $$Gift Cards, oh and check out the photo contest that runs till Sunday. After you enjoy my review (*giving you my death mask*…you will buy the book and you WILL enjoy it…) read on to learn about the rest of the loot involved in this awesome sauce tour!

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Charlinder’s Walk by Alyson Miers (review & a give away)

Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Books, Giveaways & Contests, Indie Projects & Promotions, Novel Publicity, Reviews | 6 comments

Charlinder’s Walk by Alyson Miers

My rating: 4 out of 5 Moose Tracks

(rating system is a work in progress)

This year, according to the Mayan Calendar, is the year that the world as we know it will end. I have friends who believe this, they maxed took out credit cards and have charged them up. They took the idea of a bucket list a bit far and have been going nuts making sure their bucket is empty before the end is here. Some have even quit their jobs. Insanity? Perhaps, but perhaps some truth to the world ending as we know it. Perhaps like the Tarot card, Death, it does not mean someone will die but it can mean some aspect associated with their life will die. Whether it is a job, or a relationship or their pet plant Robert, 9 out of 10 times it has nothing to do with an actual life ending. Perhaps this will be the year that Mother Earth answers all the atrocities we have broached upon her crust. The landfills, the pollution, the clear cutting of our majestic forests. Our basically taking for granted of this incredible planet. Living in Alaska I have had a slap in the face and we live as green as we can or I have guilt ridden anxiety attacks when I see an aluminum can in the trash.

What if something happened? What if a plague sweeps over us and killing off more 99% of the population? What would happen to the survivors? When the charge is gone from their iPod’s, the prepared food runs out and they forced to rebuild with the lack of survival skills and ability to milk a cow or plant a crop!

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