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No need to lose ALL your nickers – Its your LUCKY week – 2 for 1 ebooks (#winwithebooks)

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Authors, Books, Giveaways & Contests, Indie Projects & Promotions | 0 comments

Now now before you get all silly on me, I was trying to be clever and nicker is Irish Slang for Money as in a dated UK colloquialismor for 
a sovereign; a guinea. Later: one pound sterling; (formerly also) one Australian pound.  And beware, the plural of nicker is nicker, but I was being CLEVER so see it is not KNICKER Bunneh! Knickers are always plural even when there’s only one pair, and are not usually acceptable as currency. (Depends on with whom you are doing business…) Snickers is a sweet bar that Baloo last bought when it was called Marathon. (Mars probably haven’t noticed, but there are a few of us not buying them.)


March 15-18, 2012 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE All books are $0.99  AND another great contest for Amazon Gift Cards!

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