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#WWReadathon – Day 3 Challenges 7 & 8 (plus final reading)

Posted by on Feb 5, 2012 in Books, Cabin Commentary, Fun, Humor, Reading, Zombies | 2 comments


END OF THREE DAY COUNT 3-4 books read, not bad considering how much time I spent writing and tweeting and blogging about it!

The last book I started was Maya Papaya by J.C. Andrijeski

6 AM AKST Been asleep for 1 hour but I promised an update, plus the first challenge was starting. Alarm went off, checked the challenge & went to answer. Promptly fell asleep ON my keyboard (seriously I brought it to bed with me so I wouldn’t miss the challenge) Before I had nodded off I had finished the first story in the Anthology.

10 AM AKST - Woke up to another alarm at 9:45 and managed to finish the 1st challenge with a minute to spare. Went on to read and work on this blog so I did not have to be so frazzled like I was yesterday. I also woke up to an e-mail saying that I had one a $150 GC from Amazon!! OMG I am SO excited.

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Baked Bacon Wrapped Smoked Sausages

Posted by on Jan 7, 2012 in Bacon, Cabin Cooking | 7 comments

I realize that a large portion of you are on self-induced diets. But not all of us are, and let’s face it there are moments in our life that need bacon. I have had the recipe for Sonoran Dogs from Cooking for Assholes sitting around since the summer of 2010. I just was beginning my bacon addiction with the discovery of a local market that carried freshly butchered and smoked pork and beef products. As good as it sounded, I wasn’t ready to dive into the high caloric intake yet. Now I can indulge in this occasionally, just walk a few extra miles and be good with it. I find that feeding my mind, in the sense that it is making me happy when I eat something that tastes good and that I made, is better than starving myself and being miserable.

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National Coming Out Day Shout Out!

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in Indie Projects & Promotions, News, Photos | 0 comments

National Coming Out Day (c) 2011 Kriss Morton-Weekley


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Ultimate Cinnamon Toast – my breakfast in bed with the perfect cup of coffee

Posted by on Sep 19, 2011 in Cabin Cooking, Crazy Derailment, DIY Basic Recipes | 0 comments

Click Three Times

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Goodbye Summer – Thoughts, Poetry & Quotes on Summer

Posted by on Sep 3, 2011 in Photos, Poetry and Pros, Writing | 0 comments

“Summer is like the ultimate one-night stand.. hot as hell, totally thrilling, and gone before you know it.”

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Homemade English Muffins- Today’s successful adventure w/ Grandma’s skillet!

Posted by on Aug 31, 2011 in Cabin Cooking | 4 comments

I have many foods that I consider to be in the comfort bracket of my brain and one of them is a freshly toasted English Muffin. Suffice it to say, I always buy a dozen each pay day so I do not run out! I used to make them when I had a real kitchen (aka more then two small counter tops and running water).  My recipe calls for milk, and I never have milk unless I buy it specifically for a recipe, (we drink soy around here being closet hippies and all)! To be honest, though I can be picky, I will settle for Fred Meyer’s Extra Crunchy and be done with it, but Thomas does make a grand English Muffin!

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Just some pretty photos after my walk today…

Posted by on Aug 19, 2011 in Photos | 2 comments

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Quick Faux Pesto & Pasta

Posted by on Aug 16, 2011 in Cabin Cooking, Hero Worship, Photos | 0 comments

While musing over eating better with a friend and my wonderful, albeit a man with a horrid diet, fiance Geoff he surprised us with a lovely little tidbit he earned while living in a Punk household on a Punk Diet and on less then a shoestring budget, his version of a quickie pesto dish! That night we all took a run at the store and I got to fulfill my new way of eating by buying lots of fresh veggies and fruits and other healthy things with NO frozen dinners in the bunch! PLUS it cost less then his budget shopping of frozen pizza, burritos, beans, tortillas and Top Ramon. I love the man but he has no sense of eating right! I keep telling him he can enjoy his food and be healthy too!

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Hasselback Potatoes -It started off as a root veggie, till the Swedes got a hold of it!

Posted by on Aug 9, 2011 in Cabin Cooking, Photos | 0 comments

Hasselback Potatoes are a Swedish dish that takes its name from Restaurant Hasselbacken, the Stockholm restaurant where it was first served. Restaurant Hasselbacken was first established in 1870. I do not know when these were introduced, but I was reminded by my mother that my grandmother, a crazy Scandinavian, used to make them all them time! Not only are they pretty to look at but they are delicious to boot! Perhaps a bit over the top with my latest eating healthy gig, but potatoes are Prozac and after my Monday I needed all the help I could get! Especially since I stopped at three Oreo Truffles I made yesterday instead of eating lunch!

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Oreo Truffles – #ChocolatePorn

Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 in Cabin Cooking, Dessert, Photos | 0 comments



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