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#FirstFriday Mental Health Day plus #WinterisComing to Alaska

Posted by on Oct 4, 2014 in Alaska Living, Books, Cabin Commentary, Featured Posts, Photos | 0 comments

Raven's First Snow - photo credit Susan L. Stevenson Photography an Alaskan friend and Photographer

Raven’s First Snow – photo credit Susan L. Stevenson Photography, an Alaskan friend and Photographer

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New Beginnings – You gotta do what you gotta do #PTSD #Survivor

Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in Alaska Living, Cabin Commentary, Featured Posts | 13 comments

I am smiling from ear to ear, I mean seriously! I cannot believe what I did. I took a walk… by myself.

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This is how a Monday should be in #Alaska

Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Alaska Living, Cabin Commentary, Photos | 2 comments

good morning alaska

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We interrupt this broadcast of Cabin Goddess – #Fairbanks #AK has a brown out

Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Alaska Living | 3 comments


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Wildfires down the road and smoke at the Cabin #Fairbanks #Alaska

Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Alaska Living, Cabin Basics, Cabin Commentary | 7 comments

June 26th on or around 8PM – Skinny Dick’s Road fire (sorry Skinny Dick’s is a real life awesome eating establishment and I really hope it is still standing! I cannot find any info but 13 hours ago it was only 2 miles away from the restaurant. No structure loss has been reported so fingers crossed!

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Mother Nature has it out for #Fairbanks, AK and me this Spring

Posted by on May 4, 2013 in Alaska Living, Cabin Commentary, Photos, Saturday Snapshots | 4 comments

Winter came.. never left.. now where the hell is spring???

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#FBXBOMB – a Crowdsourcing Artistic Phenomena

Posted by on Jan 4, 2013 in Alaska Living, Featured Posts | 0 comments

Hey all you talented creative outspoken AWESOMESACE Fairbanksans, AK.. ANC and BEYOND! Check out what we are doing tonight!
(ya guys I do more than just read, cook and deal with unwarranted machinations from evil twisted ninja squirrels who are out for blood; specifically mine)

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Being “FROZEN” is not always a bad thing (Straight from Alaska)

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Alaska Living, Cabin Commentary, Indie Projects & Promotions, News | 8 comments

 Alaskan Original — A Sci-Fi Indie Short*

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My Snoopy Dance – Happiness Shared- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Alaska Living, Authors, Books, Cabin Commentary, Fun, Writing | 2 comments


Celebrating Community at the end of Ramadan concluding with Pavarti Tyler's Blog event for Eid al-Fitr

How Do I Share Happiness

I mentioned earlier I am a Maven. If anyone has read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point you will understand a maven is the person who is drawn and pushed into sharing information. They approach the sharing of information by applying the idea of “social epidemics“. What does this have to do with happiness shared? It is everything, it has how I always have approached life, with exuberance and passion and with the dire need to share information with everyone. Many people come to me for information and I gladly share it! I even hijack questions meant for someone else and answer them! I am sure I can come across as a busy body but truthfully I cannot help myself, I just want to help. When I am really confident I feel a bit like Snoopy! I just want to spread the joy!  Even when I am not feeling very “up” I try being happy, I tend to stress to the point where I am giggling hysterically, so hey! I am definitely being a source of happiness, even if it is the focus of being  pointed and laughed at. *GRIN*

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My Favorite Photos & Story Behind them- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)

Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Alaska Living, Authors, Books, Cabin Commentary, Fun, Giveaways & Contests, Humor, Photos, Writing | 2 comments


One of my Favorite Photos from a Community  Event.

Celebrating Community at the end of Ramadan concluding with Pavarti Tyler's Blog event for Eid al-Fitr

I have many collections of photographs which is why this post was a bit had for me to put together. On one hand I could post a big collection of images from Beltaine 2002 event in AZ (page 1 and page 2) that shows one of my favorite family an religious community events. Willow (my now 13 year old) officially became potty trained when she was faced with having to use an outhouse to go potty. Her response was one of wonderment and awe, one of an adventure instead of terror which was what we expected. Gotta hand it to my Willow-Pillow!

Or the best New Years ever in Bisbee, AZ where we celebrated all day, celebrated like we were in New Orleans and danced in the streets with the best of the artistic community in the hills of Arizona. But I decided I would share a couple of my recent community and family events! Starting with a weekend of insanity with some of my newest friends when starting college again here in Alaska back in 2005. What makes this a great event is I was accepted as is. Non-Traditional Students are the majority at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. I was so worried I would not fit in, and within two weeks I found several people who I already did know and met so many wonderful people who will always be my friends. College at WAZZU back in the 80’s did the same thing, before I settled for an MRS degree. Some of my best friends are from those years, and some of the people below will be part of the group also.

It all started with a bar fight….

That never bodes well huh? Well the man in the viking helm decided to take on another man (well an asshat) who was belittling one of the maidens of our fair clan by saying she was a “dirty smelly hippy who wouldn’t know bar of soap if it bit her”. Well our fair maiden Emily mayhaps be a hippie girl, but she bathed regularly! In fact earlier that week I did a photo shoot with her and another friend and I know for a fact she just had taken a shower, as you can see!

Sisters in Community Nannette Pierson and Emily Zgoda ©2005 Kriss Morton

Sisters in Community ©2005 Kriss Morton


Anyway, My dear Viking Brother had been partaking in… particulates and beer and decided to be defend her hippie girl honor! He threw a punch and called him some names I think may not even be cool here at the Cabin. The guy head butted him, but not before dear Warren the Viking was able to cause some major damage to the guys face. When the friendly pub master, Chris, started dragging him off he gave us his famous smile, however he was missing his front tooth. Now this would have been cute with a nine year old but with a guy in his late 20’s it was a bit… off. So we, as his clan, his community and his friends did what only we could do…

We threw a Kegger and charged people for their cups…

Being part of a community means we accept everyone in it as they are. Our group consisted of biologist, journalist, anthropoligist, political scientists, communication specialist, pychisicist, geologists, quantimn phycisists, writers, poets, musicians, mathameticians.. We celebrated holidays, including our special Festivus gathering every year), joined each other in different religious activies and made sure everyone was fed, had water, got rides if their cars were not working, studied with each other, and had beer for the weekend.

Warren is an incredible poet and after that night he had the money to get his smile fixed. The cops not only did not bust us, but as soon as they were off for the night, they joined us, though we had to escort one home … It was a fun evening, oh and the pancakes and brownies ROCKED, especially after everyone learned the trick to preparing the butter… *wink*

There are more photos, more events which are probably more appropriate but.. wait who is to say what is appropriate. It is not always a serious moment, and even though every time Warren smiled it hurt, we all not only had a good time, but we were there for each other, even the drunk cop. So, enjoy and never pass up being part of a community!

TOMORROW – August 19How do I share happiness? This will be a fun post to construct and share. Tomorrow I also am doing a cover reveal for a friend. Fate is weaving a tight and beautifully wrought tapestry this week! I am sharing her happiness with you, and in turn making myself happy! It is a great thing!

Did you take a photo that captured the feeling of community? Share the link and short story on it!

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