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Wrath of God Cold Tour 2012

Posted by on Jan 22, 2012 in Alaska Living, Writing | 0 comments

Sometimes you cannot stay huddled under blankets when it is -4oºF (or colder) outside here in the Interior of Alaska. Sometimes we have to break free of those frozen shackles and have a little fun! Sometimes you just need a shower and fast food because lets face it, as much as I love to cook, even I need a break!

In my earlier post I talked about more general aspects cold weather front in Fairbanks, AK I talked about how crazy the weather can get here. I had been stuck inside being forced to take a bath in the Rubbermaid© tub and wash my hair in the sink. Usually I have a walk or I cross-country ski on the snow-machine trails to avoid cabin fever, but with the dangerous steady temps of -4oºF (or colder) there was no having a nice healthy walk. I let the dishes pile up, stayed snuggled in my Christmas PJ’s and wool socks, whining to Geoff about how I needed to get out, well he surprised me on Monday and said it is going to a cold one, but a fun one! I hope so because if the car needs a blanket, I am thinking maybe I need to stay under mine!

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Deceptive & Dangerous Beauty

Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 in Alaska Living, News | 5 comments

Today is a perfect example of this deception. It has been hovering at a steady -45°F in most areas this weekend, (though when this was posted it had warmed up to -36°F).Last night it reached and stayed -50F and less in many areas, but the key is that it has not risen above -45°F for most places. The key factor is that the temperature has not fluctuated. Because of this the Ice Fog has been extremely heavy, causing the National Weather Service to issue a weather advisory today. I know a lot of you think, “Oh she lives in Alaska, this is normal, why is she bitching?!” I don’t care how long I have lived here, no one thinks this is normal. All we are wishing for is that our temperatures would get back to being normal, around -20°F to -30°F respectively. This decades warming temperatures (supposed global warming) have impacted us here in the Interior and through out the rest of Alaska. Having temperatures drop and STAY this low is an unusual situation.

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Winter is HERE with a vengeance!

Posted by on Dec 26, 2010 in Cabin Basics | 0 comments

To my few readers I apologize. My iPhone have been screwing up my ability to post photos and winter has taken over our lives!

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