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Lunch With Peggy – Fried or Boiled? (Poseidon’s Children Part 2 in Series)

Posted by on Apr 11, 2012 in Books, Cabin Cooking, Fun, Indie Projects & Promotions, Interviews & Interviews with Recipes, Reading, Seafood, Seventh Star Press | 6 comments

(PSSSSSSSST Poseidon’s Children is only $2.99 if you missed it being free!  GO GRAB IT before sitting down to read this interview and snag these recipes!!)
I was in the middle of reading the book and got a HUGE hankering for some traditional New England style boiled grub. What better place than on the coast of New England to get a bucket of Atlantic Steamers or maybe a Lobstah (thats Lobster to all you NON New Englanders.. I lived there for long enough that when I am tired the loss of ‘R’s is quite pronounced… and yes I pawk the caw in the yawd)
So, I popped over to one of my favorite sidewalk cafes in New England clutching my Kindle because I had not quite finished Poseidon’s Children (The Legacy of the Gods (yes on my magic jet, WORK with me people)  As I left the counter with my basket of steamers, who do I find sitting there?!  Stunning as usual and amidst the ruins of what seemed to be half the menu, my new friend Peggy from the book, THAT is who!! Larry was no where to be found, but Peggy looked like she might be waiting… maybe she will let me sit and bother her.. such a fan girl now huh?
“Hey Peggy! Mind if I sit down?”  “looking quizzically at the diverse collection of plates in front of Peggy”
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