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Revolutions: A Pendomus Chronicle by @CarissaAndrews #CoverReveal

Posted by on Sep 11, 2017 in Blasts - Blitzs - Cover Reveals - Showcases, Books, Kriss Morton, Promotions | 2 comments

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Enigma by @dbannisterbooks is here! #NewRelease

Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Blasts - Blitzs - Cover Reveals - Showcases, Books, Featured Posts, Giveaways & Contests | 0 comments

Enigma is here!

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Enigma by @dbannisterbooks #PreOrder #CoverReveal

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Blasts - Blitzs - Cover Reveals - Showcases, Books, Featured Posts, Giveaways & Contests | 3 comments

 Amazing new Book & Cover Reveal

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E is for E-Books – How E-Books Saved My Ability to Read #AtoZChallenge

Posted by on Apr 5, 2014 in #AtoZChallenge, Books, Cabin Commentary | 14 comments

e-books saved meE-books or dead-tree books who is winning the race?

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Mega Author Holiday Gift Bash from @LadyReaderStuff Good Choice Reading & Cabin Goddess

Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 in Authors, Books, Giveaways & Contests, Lady Reader's Book Stuff | 2 comments

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“Confronting the Demon” – An #IndieVengeanceDay 99¢ High Fantasy Read

Posted by on Oct 12, 2013 in Blasts - Blitzs - Cover Reveals - Showcases, Books, Promotions, The Finishing Fairies | 2 comments

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Coffee Grounds and Conversation – Fourth-Wall Friday with Zoe Brooks

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Authors, Books, Fourth-Wall Friday, Guest Posts | 2 comments

Fourth-Wall Friday with Zoe Brooks - Coffee Grounds & ConversationSnapping the FWF Schedule closed before the waitress saw anything, I realized I was not sure where I was. Playing it cool, I stirred a cup with a nice dollop of soy  milk and RAW sugar while doing a bit of people watching, a shadow cast across my log book for my Fourth-Wall Friday visits, I knew something was going down today but was not sure. The printer just said to be at this cafe in Oxford this morning, so here I am and there he is. Wait, he is not an author in my book? Wait… ummm where did he go? 

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Breaking, Broken & Fixed? – a review of BLUFF by Lenore Skomal

Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Authors, Books, Indie Projects & Promotions, Novel Publicity, Reviews | 8 comments

What happens when the breaking of the body is what heals the soul within?

The book is riddled with secrets and secret keepers. Some we find out about right away, some we find out only because Jude, the one person who never let anyone in on her own secrets before finally met her match, The Bluff… hears them from the trap of her own head. Some other’s know and others keep, it is a mess. At the center of this our author has put Jude into a vegetative state, basically a host for her unborn child. So broken, so messed up when alive, we have no clue how important she is and how fast things will unravel as well as heal in the end

Lost for so many years our protagonist, Jude finally wakes up, at least from her own walk-about through reality. Ready to deal with it all, the pregnancy  the drugs, a plausible rape, an abusive childhood, bullying, her mothers suicide witnessed, her homosexuality  and to all around everything a mystery. The problem? She wakes up in a vegetative state and cannot share all of her secrets she has kept from her best friend, her sister, the small town she lives in and finally to her own unborn child. Now what? She is awake enough to hear, and as her body dies, her child grows, others begin to die within, without and around…

Before Jude falls from the bluff where she lives through miraculously, alive with her unborn child still healthy while her body broken beyond help. She is stuck  in a medical limbo and becomes a magnet to the lost souls in the vicinity. Skomal has created a world of symbolism and metaphor as well as a story to immerse yourself slowly in. Will she wake up to tell and help with everyone’s secrets? Will the birth of her child uncover another? What about those secrets which need revealing in order to save that of another innocent? Will she finally be able to help, even if it is just being there to “listen”?

Each of our characters seem to have a little tiny wisp of who she is and what she is about. She is like a center of a web, a web in a small town, a strand of which is the controversy of the Roman Catholic‘s take on pulling the plug, or the strand of the  small town, a reflection on many throughout America, and homosexual women. How all and everything compounds these issues. Infidelity, drug abuse, suicide, shall I go on? Oh no, how about abortion… yep I said it, and one thing this book never brings up? Is abortion or adoption which for some reason bugs me the most.

There is a lot going on and I am glad I did not slam through it. It is not one to jaunt through over the weekend, as the author has stated, she wants us to “eat” her books, and I nibbled, ate, put it in Tupperware… zapped it a bit to heat it up and finally finished it with a dollop of whip cream on top.

This is a book about the struggle of one woman with a broken soul, a woman with more secrets than the church in question and the only people who learn the most about Jude are us, the reader! It makes you wonder “what…?”  on so many levels. What would need to break in order for our own damage to be healed finally? I recommend this to anyone who is not afraid to face that question and to those who already have.


To the medical world, I was a host body, surviving only to bring a new life into the world. And while I wanted to die more than anything in the world, I never wanted this. No, I never wanted to cease to exist. This was the worst death of all.

Jude Black lives in that in-between, twilight place teetering on death but clinging to life in order to bring her baby into this world. Only she knows the circumstances surrounding her mysterious fall off the bluff that landed her in the hospital being kept alive by medical intervention. Only she knows who the father of her baby is. In this poignantly crafted literary novel, the mystery unfolds and the suspense builds as the consequences of Jude’s decisions threaten to reveal everyone’s deceptions, even her own.

BLUFF offers a sensitive look at essential questions such as the value of human life, the consciousness of those in a coma and the morality of terminating life support. At the core is the story of a tragically misunderstood woman who finds peace, acceptance, understanding and even love on her deathbed.

Genre – Psychological Thriller

Rating – PG13


My Rating 4/5…….

Lenore Skomal

Lenore Skomal, Author of Bluff


Lenore Skomal wants you to eat her books, especially her new novel, BLUFF, which you can at Amazon. She wants you to chew them in your teeth, savor them on your tongue, breathe them in, and feel her words in your skin. Her passionate desire is to touch your heart, inspire you, and luxuriate in the world of the written word. She finds ecstasy in constructing a perfect sentence and responds willingly to the nagging ache in her heart to create an authentic experience for the reader. She is an award-winning author with the single goal of resonating with others.

Winner of multiple awards for blogging, literature, biography and humor, her catalogue spans many genres. With 30 years of writing experience, over 17 books published, a daily blog and weekly column, the consistent themes in her work are the big issues of the human experience and adding depth and voice to the intricacies involved in living a multi-dimensional existence. She has won many Society of Professional Journalist awards, the Whidbey Island Writer’s Conference honorable mention for best fiction, Writer’s Digest 73rd Annual Fiction Contest, New York Public Library’s Best Books for Teens 2003, and most recently, the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award for humor for “Burnt Toast.,” her first anthology of her award winning humor columns. From journalism, to literary fiction, to humor and biography, her writing is consistent, if not in genre, then in message.

As a member of the world community, she is excited by the opportunities presented in today’s publishing climate having started her own publishing imprint in 2011 in order to release her anthologies and her debut novel, “BLUFF.”

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Happy Birthday Rap from Cabin Goddess to The Indie Exchange

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Happy Birthday The Indie Exchange

Happy Birthday

Cabin Goddess Birthday Rap

♭♭ Happy Birthday TIE Rap from the Cabin Goddess ♭♭

da Indie ‘eschange one year old today

So raise yo hands up high and crack a 40 pager

indie books are smack

book bloggers are da bomb

da authas keepin’ us fat

put em in a kindle and light ’em up like crack

light ’em up like crack

happy birthday TIE lets celebrate

The Indie Exchange gives us all a voice

Donna brown be da queen and Co’al be da enfo’ca

no promos bitches o’ yo’ out da doo’ likes a joka’

happy birthday TIE lets celebrate today

Visit The Indie Exchange and Wish them a Happy Birthday!

We had an AWESOME day making sure the person responsible was talked about for over an hour, listen to us as we congratulate the woman and people behind The Indie Exchange

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September Social Splash

Incredibly, The Indie Exchange – or Adopt an Indie as it was originally known – is now a year old. The planning for the first event started in September 2011. In January 2012 the decision was taken to make it an all round service to readers, bloggers and authors. From an event supporting dozens of authors, the Indie Exchange has grown into a 800 member strong – and growing – group. To celebrate, we’re inviting you to our best ever giveaway: The September Social Splash.

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Thank you to all our members and visitors for making The Indie Exchange such a success so far!


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The Last Stand of the California Browncoats (weekly shorts)

Posted by on Sep 9, 2012 in Books, Horror, Nerd Lovin', Reviews, Weekly Shorts, Zombies | 3 comments

Sunday Weekly Shorts – No. 18

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