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The hashtag for August is #photoadayaug

9. Messy #photoadayaug

I own WAY to many shoes, hence.. it is always a mess! Doc Martins, my X-Country boots, a scarf, my beak-up boots…. heck even a paper towel roll. You try living in a two story box with no closets and see how organized you can be!


Right now I am challenged  to figure out how to show off my images daily. I will be uploading them to instagram but I also take images all the time and share so to make it more focused and instead of posting another post daily,  I will be adding an image to a gallery on my PHOTO A DAY AUGUST PAGE  (#aphotoadayaug) each day (hopefully I will not miss a day but heck I will give it a shot!) I also am participating with The Indie Exchange as a group and will be doing four of the days in the group. And tweeting this out as well as loading them over at my Facebook Profile and adding it to Fat Mum Slim’s FB Page!

If you’re new to photo a day, click here for instructions on how to play.  In a nutshell, just follow the list, use the daily prompt as inspiration and take a photo. Share that photo anywhere you like, (my) Pinterest, (my) Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter etc. Take the time to thank her if you join, she has worked tirelessly to create these lists each month for all of us and it is amazing! This month she created a list with NO recycled challenges so it is a really special month, which makes it even cooler it is my birthday month! AND MY BIRTHDAY is the 16th, and see what it is? BOO YAA!


Here’s some more details on the list, explaining what each prompt might mean – BUT you can interpret it however you like. There are no rules.

  • 1. Outside: Take a photo of outside {outdoors} or something outside of something. So a person outside a door, a lolly {candy} outside a lolly {candy} jar.
  • 2. One: This can be anything. The number 1. The word one. A single item.
  • 3. Coin: This can be money. Perhaps a coin you see on the ground. One from your wallet.
  • 4. Somewhere you sat: Where have you sat today? Take a photo.
  • 5. Logo: Take a photo of a logo, on something you buy, somewhere you see it or something you have at home. Or even your own logo? If you have one.
  • 6. Writing: This could be your own writing, something you’re reading, or something someone wrote to you.
  • 7. 8 o’clock: Take a photo of whatever you’re doing/seeing at 8am or 8pm. Or both.
  • 8. Glasses: This could be drinking glasses, sunglasses or spectacles. Great creative in how you shoot them.
  • 9. Messy: What’s a mess? Take a photo of it. Again, be creative. Think outside the box.
  • 10. Ring: This could be a ring {like a wedding ring}, or a circle or even someone on the phone? It could be a whole host of things. Even gymnast rings.
  • 11. Purple: Take a photo of something purple.
  • 12. Spoon: Take a photo of a spoon, the eating utensil.
  • 13. Simple: Take a photo of simplicity, whatever this means to you. Perhaps it’s a really simple photo {without much distraction} or a photo of something simple in your life {a simple dinner like eggs on toast or something}.
  • 14. Arrow: Take a photo of an arrow.
  • 15. Ready: What’s ready right now? Are you ready to explore? Is your lunch ready? Are you ready to leave? This one will get you thinking.
  • 16. Food: Take a photo of food, real or play.
  • 17. Faces: Do you see faces in things? In clouds, on cars? Take a photo. Or take a pic of real faces.
  • 18. Inside: Go outside and look in, take a photo. Or take a photo of something inside something else.
  • 19. Hole: Take a photo of a hole.
  • 20. Today: Take a photo of something in your day today.
  • 21. Cool: This can be something in temperature or something that’s ‘hip’.
  • 22. Home: What reminds you of home? Or even take a photo of your home. Or simple a house.
  • 23. Pair: Take a photo of a pair, two people, salt and pepper, two things that go together.
  • 24. Path: Take a photo of a path, or your feet on the path.
  • 25. Fresh: Take a photo of something fresh. Like fresh food, or the weather {if it’s fresh} or something cool {“That’s fresh!”}
  • 26. Dream: What did you dream about last night? Or what are your ‘hopes and dreams’?
  • 27. Tap: Take a photo of a tap, or someone or something ‘tapping’.
  • 28. Clock: Take a photo of a time-telling device.
  • 29. Down: Look down, take a photo. Or however you want to interpret this!
  • 30. Card: Take a photo of a card, a business card, a loyalty card, a gift card or something else.
  • 31. Hidden: Take a photo of something hidden.

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  1. Beautiful coin shot. I love coin since I do collect them.
    I can see only 9 pictures in this post, do you missed posting the others?
    Sorry, still don’t understand your game.

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