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A Cornucopia of Goodness: Author & #Alaska News & a Wine Soaked #Recipe

Posted by on Dec 20, 2014 in Alaska Living, Books, Cabin Cooking, Dessert, Vegan, Vegetarian | 0 comments

bah-humbugI am taking a bit of a break, if you noticed. It is the holidays after all and for me this means huge bouts of depression and missing my family. Home maybe where the heart is and at this time of year, my heart is down in the lower -48 with my parents and kids. Geoff feels ambivalent towards this time of year, as do many. I struggle with my inner Grinch hourly. It is hard to be on Facebook and Twitter and even more so, this is the time I love to cook but we cannot right now so reading all the recipes is KILLING me, but it won’t stop me from sharing one with you.

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Chocolate Cake & DEVIL MUSIC by @CarlyOrosz #Review & a #Recipe

Posted by on Dec 10, 2014 in Authors, Books, Dessert, Featured Posts, Giveaways & Contests, Kriss Morton, Novel Publicity, Review & a Recipe, Vegan, Vegetarian | 7 comments

black-duckyWhat to say…. Seriously, after I read this I read what I reviewed yesterday, so I am sitting here trying to switch gears, for this book is nothing close to yesterdays. It is 700 pages of .. just lots of feelings and emotions. It didn’t blow my mind, but it surprised the hell out of me in ways I .. just wanted to smack people around, and myself for doubting it .

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The Source (book 2 of @TheLineSavannah ) by J.D. Horn & My Healthy Chocolate Balls #RAW #Recipe

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Authors, Books, Dessert, Featured Posts, Kriss Morton, Review & a Recipe, Reviews, Vegan, Vegetarian | 2 comments

Yep, it is a theme apparently this week. Great Balls of Fire yesterday and today the best chocolate ball recipe ever! OK I have a few of those but right now because I am attempting to eat healthier I am adjusting a few of them with ones which are also pretty healthy. Much like a good book is. Healthy gut and a healthy brain, two of the most important things.

Breakdown on my Rating
5 Stars
Character Development
5 Stars
World Building
4.5 Stars
Overall: 5 Stars
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Mama’s Kitchen Mondays – Vegan Pumpkin Bread #FoodPorn

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Cabin Cooking, Mama's Kitchen Mondays, Vegan | 4 comments

Many Great Pumpkins were Sacrificed making this Pumpkin Crack Bread

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Lions, Tigers, & Sexy Bears Oh My! Secrets, Review & a Recipe @CandaceHavens

Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 in Bewitching Tours, Books, Dessert, Giveaways & Contests, Review & a Recipe, Reviews, Vegan | 9 comments

Lions, Tigers and Sexy Bears.. and better than sex brownies and 10 dirty secrets? OH MY!

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“Into the Fire” …and the frying pan – Interview with Kelly Gorman – @KGorman8

Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Books, Cabin Cooking, Giveaways & Contests, Interviews & Interviews with Recipes, Review & a Recipe, Vegan | 10 comments

Interview & a Recipe

Into the Fire Tour

K. Gorman & her amazing cooking skills…errr writing skills visit the Cabin Goddess! Her dream cast is EPIC! She’s on FIRE!


*bouncing on the couch* OK so like.. there I was, minding my own business when I found out that one of my favorite people (She is epic) and favorite new discoveries for my reading delight! She was on my blog for Fourth-Wall Friday (Through the Fourth-Wall & into Underground with K. Gorman & Mieshka) and it still is one of my favorite ones. I reposted her #WeeklyShorts review for Cat and Meese (short story)

"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8



CG – Tweet the book: You are challenged to tweet a synopsis of the book to include your tweet handle, GO! (Has to fit in a tweet, I will be adding a custom tweet button at the top of post. You can and are encouraged to include #hashtags)

RT @kgorman8 Girl gets powers, sets sky on fire. Sort of. There’s two Mages & a #Phoenix involved & the war complicates things #IntoTheFire

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dIntroduce yourself to the captive audience that you now have before you. (As in tell us something NOT in your bio, give us a dirty little secret not having or having to do with your writing)

KG – I once beat a stripper in a wet T-shirt contest.

CG – Is there a genre, other than the one you currently write in, that you wish you could break into? (If you want you can – I would love it if you did – a max flash fiction of no more that 500 with the prompt of “LIGHT” since summer is almost here (Yes this could work with romance, mystery, humour, textbooks on quantum physics.. own it, title it and GO!)

KG – I wouldn’t mind breaking into New Adult or Paranormal Romance.

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It was a dodgy day. Relaxed, in that there were few cars crowding the streets; tense, in the knowledge that this was Monday and that, at some point or another, one had to go to work. Fog crawled up the bay, bright, brilliant, and shining. Except for the tick-tick of my bicycle as I slowed to the stop sign, it was quiet. The water was dead still. The fog muffled. No one was around.

None alive, anyway. I was right next to the cemetery. There were, technically, the remains of 20,000 in the area.

I tried not to think about it too carefully. This was a nice, bright summer day.

The fog cooled my skin.

I pushed off down the road between still salt water and tombs, not bothering to use hand signals for the ghosts. I pointed into the sun and took my time in the turn, my thighs burning a little from the hill I’d been on a minute earlier. The fog coalesced around me. Out on the water, blowing in from Trial Island, the foghorn sounded. Within the mist, it became warm, muggy, and bright.

I felt lighter.


CG – When it comes to the genre you do write in, what are a few of the books or writers that have influenced you and your own writing (yes I can actually ask a serious question?)

KG – Charles de Lint and SM Reine, first and foremost. I absolutely adore every de Lint book that I have read, and I am a great fan of Reine’s writing style. Although I haven’t read books of their’s that are quite what I write, I really enjoy the way they wrap magic and myth into the modern world.

CG – If you could cast one of your works, who would you choose to play your main characters? 

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Make Mine Chocolate – Don’t Buy Rabbits for Easter (recipe for DIY Peeps)

Posted by on Apr 7, 2012 in Cabin Commentary, Indie Projects & Promotions, News, Vegan | 5 comments

One of the reviewers over at

I maybe a little late with this, and some of you may have already done this but if I can catch you before you make a mad dash to buy that precious bunny for your precious children that you take time to read this. My good friend from BUNNYSREVIEW.COM is bunny owner and member of the HRS. She has a few of these gorgeous creatures and has told me a lot about how adorable they are but also how much attention and care taking they require. You cannot just lock them in a cage on the back-porch like we see Opie have on old re-runs of the Andy Griffith show when we watch Nick at Night.

For example they are indoor animals who eat your cords, require romaine lettuce (they don’t much like Iceberg) and other fresh veggies. Below is some more info including just SOME Of the care requirements.  Let’s face it, we may say “You must be the one to water and feed this pet! He/She will be your responsibility!” But in the end who takes care of the pets? We parents do! Do you have the time to invest? Are you willing to rabbit proof your house and resolve to the fact that those shows/chairs/electrical cords/furniture/BOOKS will be chewed! SO instead, Make yours a chocolate one, or better yet, make a bunch of DIY bunny peeps~ (shameless recipe plug).


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D is for DANDELION – Eat Weeds! Sautéed DANDELION Greens

Posted by on Apr 4, 2012 in Books, Cabin Cooking, gardening, Green Living, Vegan, Vegetarian | 2 comments

Dandelion greens could be part of some dystopian nightmare right?

D is for DANDELION - Eat Weeds!  Sautéed DANDELION GreensSome of you may have noticed that I was absent in the post earlier for the A to Z challenge from D.. if you didn’t or if you read it and thought I was being “cute” well guys.. that was the ManBeast! YES indeed he heard I was writing about either Dandelion Greens or Dystopia and he forced a PS3 controller into my hands, brought up .doc file and started rapid firing with such fervor I was a bit afraid. However upon reading it I am all warm and love this man even more. He is passionate and he nailed it. The POST is an interesting read if you have the time, hope you can check it out!

D is for DANDELION - Eat Weeds!  Sautéed DANDELION GreensD is for DANDELION - Eat Weeds!  Sautéed DANDELION GreensMyself however, I want to lay in the grass with my Objectionable Content Book, PURE and eat this yummy dish! My mom tried these out on us when we were growing up but they were really bitter. I have since discovered you can usually find these in bunches at local farmers markets, the Whole Foods in your area or Organic specialty markets!

You can also grow your own in containers with

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Many Great Pumpkins were Sacrificed making this Vegan Pumpkin Bread

Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 in Cabin Cooking, Humor, Photos, Vegan | 0 comments

OK so I just opened up a can of Pumpkin puree, but I cannot be a pacifist when it comes to this bread. It is scrumptious and must be made year long *shaking fist in the air and adding a bit of jazz hands*, not just for the holiday season. It is BETTER then the Pumpkin Bread currently at Starbucks, yes I said it! *SNAP* This is not my recipe but from a friends Renegade Chef file, who shared it with me so I could post it here for all of you!

Many Great Pumpkins were Sacrificed making this Vegan Pumpkin Bread

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Willow’s #Vegan Chocolate Cake (#recipe)

Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 in Cabin Cooking, Dessert, Vegan | 0 comments

One pan, one spoon & a whole lotta love!

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