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Mama’s Kitchen Mondays – The Secret to #Bacon Salt

Posted by on May 27, 2013 in Bacon, Cabin Cooking, DIY Basic Recipes, Mama's Kitchen Mondays | 2 comments

Cabin Goddess Homemade #Bacon Salt

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How would you show your “Perseverance” (A Zombie Tale Interview & a Recipe)

Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Authors, Bewitching Tours, Books, Cabin Cooking, DIY Basic Recipes, Interviews & Interviews with Recipes, Review & a Recipe, Zombies | 1 comment

Zombie Apocalypose Author &  Survivalist Interview (and a recipe) with James Lacey

James Lacey - Author of Perseverance - A Zombie Tale


It has been a long and hard couple of weeks, and I am slowly going to be getting back in the swing of things. New Look, new server and finally a zombie post! I know .. I know, I am SO sorry I have been neglecting one of my favorite subjects, the zombie. I have not even discussed The Walking Dead this year! *look of shock and dismay cross my features while I eat a BLT*  Can you believe they did that? OMG I just want to bitch slap a few writers… But this is not about The Walking Dead, this is an interview of the most fabulous kind *rubbing hands together* A ZOMBIE SURVIVALIST INTERVIEW! *jazz hands, bacon and MRE’s for all!)

Welcome my latest victim guest, who I believe despite the movie star response, he may just survive the oncoming horde uprising! Also included is the famous zombie 0ne- hour packing challenge! What would or could you grab in an hour? Check it out and see, and answer too! who knows I may just have to do a random giveaway because I love and have missed you guys so much!

(OH and if you think there is no RECIPE in this one, think again HAH he answered the “If my meal was a book” question!



Cabin Goddess – First tell us a little about yourself! What won’t we read in your author bio?

James Lacey – Let’s see, fun stuff you haven’t already read or can find somewhere else. I have two cats (Tiger and Felicia). I’m 27 and proudly still playing video games (my xbox gamer tag is: Jarik Sev). And I’m ridiculously excited for Peter Jackson’s take on The Hobbit next month (one of my favorite books from Intermediate school ?) (Are you sensing a bit of a nerd here?)


BALLSY! You put out your XBOX name, I am so going to be adding him, hey if weshoulddie adds you… Oh shit! Geoff is going to kill me , as we only have one account HAH! NERD? HAH, Dude I know know over 12 ways to twink my character out in the tutorial of Skyrim and well over 42 (the only answer) in Oblivion.. oh and the importance of 23, do you?

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What Was Your Latest “Real” Book Purchase? #MusingMondays

Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Books, DIY Basic Recipes, Musing Mondays, Reading | 9 comments

Musing Mondays {November 5th}

Musing Mondays is a weekly event hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Each week MizB asks a book related question and bloggers answer with their thoughts about the given topic.

This Week’s Muse Asks…

“…What is the most recent book you purchased, or brought home from the local library? What made you pick it? Have you started reading it, right away, or will you wait for a bit? …”

My most recent purchase was at my first book signing and it was a signed copy of Botanicaust by Tan Linsey. I have had Tam here for an interview and also Botanicaust was a Teaser Tuesdays book in September. I plan on posting a review later this month.

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Confessions of a Moleskine Addict – Do you take notes while you read?

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Books, DIY Basic Recipes, Musing Mondays, Reading | 5 comments

Musing Mondays {Sept. 10th}

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Musing Mondays – My favorite Snack Food While Reading (Recipe & Rambling)

Posted by on Aug 12, 2012 in Books, Cabin Cooking, DIY Basic Recipes, Indie Projects & Promotions, Musing Mondays, Reading | 4 comments

Musing Mondays {Aug 13th}

Musing Mondays is a weekly event hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Each week MizB asks a book related question and bloggers answer with their thoughts about the given topic.

This Week’s Muse Asks…

This week’s musing courtesy of 

Do you snack while you read?  If so, what is your favorite reading snack?

I am glad this came when it did because I am sitting here miserably sick, yes again. It seems when your body is forced to endure almost three weeks of prednisone  treatments your immune system SUFFERS.. gee really? Well I am currently suffering from a horrible infection and the antibiotics are not working so the doctor is waiting to see if we need Cipro again. OK JUST bury me because I am not going to make it to my 45th birthday anyway… but back to the question on snacking! (PSST do not forget Kingdom is FREE today through Wednesday 8-15 too!)

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I escaped a Wildfire, fell asleep in the sun & Drank Sweet Tea

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Books, Cabin Cooking, DIY Basic Recipes, Fun, Reading, Seventh Star Press | 4 comments

I read a total of 83 pages Today

Am reading Crown of Vengeance

by Stephen Zimmer


(I escaped a wildfire! When I did try to read it was SO warm I kept falling asleep despite the fact the cat kept trying to wake me up. Then my mother and daughter call me in panic because I was not online.  My e-mail was blowing up because I took the day off yesterday to get stuff done and was not online this morning. Then I started procrastinating and ummm ended up having 3-hour phone call to Shannon Mayer this morning. When I finally decided I had enough, I left the phone inside, changing my voice mail to tell people I was alive but reading ALONE (I wanna be a HERMIT, A HERMIT!)  What is so freaking funny is I slathered up in bug spray, lit three Tiki torches full of Citronella oil and sat down to read. Thinking quite mistakenly I would stay awake outside. I feel asleep…. FOR THREE HOURS. I am now covered in bug bites, the torches ran out  and so did the bug spray apparently!!  So ya I had EPIC fail, but I have four more days, right?


8AM Wednesday – 8AM Thursday | Something Wicked This Way Comes…
from Rebecca @ Kindle Fever

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Sunday Stroll – Looking Back At My War-Torn Zombie-palooza

Posted by on Jun 10, 2012 in Alaska Living, Crazy Derailment, DIY Basic Recipes, Photos, Poultry, Reading, Weekly Shorts | 1 comment

Well, yes this is suppose to a Sunday Shorts post, I know… please forgive me as I take a week off, you are all welcome to go peruse the shelf over at the Goodreads Group where we have TONS of links to great shorts! But I just got my wonderful man back after he was gone for nearly a full week. I wrapped up the week with a grand total of 17 posts! (16 of which were zombie related). I cannot thank you all enough for making it one of the most exciting weeks of my blogging career! What a way to swing it during my Blogaversary Month!  YOWZAA *clapping* I think I am going to do this  Zombiepalooza each year me thinks!

For now, I am going to share a few photos..

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Thank You, It’s a Saturday Thing – Reveal, Recipe, Awards and Randomness

Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Authors, Books, Cabin Cooking, Crazy Derailment, DIY Basic Recipes, Indie Projects & Promotions, News, Zombies | 5 comments

It is past midnight, now June 2nd and I really wanted to have this eloquent post about how amazing 2012 is going for me. Sure,  I have had some trials and tribulations (*cough* never use inMotion Hosting they will cause you to want to kick puppies, light things on fire and do drugs… lots and lots of drugs *cough*). But truly I have been blessed beyond all of my wildest imaginations with the most incredible and exciting group of friends, fellow bloggers, support staff, worlds among worlds, authors, people, cats, recipes, aliens, cowboys, dwarves, angel killing immortals, a few honored ghosts… oh umm sorry YES and zombies of all shapes and sizes.

Pshaw! Here I thought I would make it if only I could have a killer foodie blog with just recipes and food and snark, but nope this blog went from Cabin Bitch to Cabin Goddess with a huge scoop of books and a dash of  everything… kind of like a Graveyard Drink!

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East Meets West in this Original Mystery ‘Changes’ by Charles Colyott (review & recipe)

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in Books, Cabin Cooking, Dessert, DIY Basic Recipes, Indie Projects & Promotions, Reviews | 4 comments

Changes — A Randall Lee Mystery by Charles Colyott

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Easy Peasy Pudding and… ICE CREAM! (recipe)

Posted by on Mar 17, 2012 in Alaska Living, Books, Cabin Cooking, Dessert, DIY Basic Recipes | 3 comments

Well I missed my St. Patrick’s Day bonanza as I was going to bring you my wonderful creation of Irish Cake Bombs but that little experiment fell to the wayside when I ummm consumed some of the ingredients quite by accident I assure you! BUT I already promised you that I would bring you a recipe in honor of Ann Charles’ release of the latest Deadwood Mystery book! Please do not forget to enter the drawing for a copy of that after you take down this recipe and before you go to the store for the ingredients! Saturdays rock when you have ice cream to eat! 

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