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I’ll Be Back!! Cabin Goddess re-launch April 1st, 2014

March 13th


After a week off (being sicker than a dog too) I have decided to focus on outside projects and take a break from my personal blogging and reading and writing awesome recipes for you guys to #nomnom till April 1st. I am planning on coming back with a bang for the A to Z Blogging Challenge (my third year). For right now that is the plan. Please respect my decisions and do not ask me to start reviewing immediately, or host you for anything because Cabin Goddess is going to be radically changed, well perhaps it is more going back to where I was, my roots.

I am a partner in The Finishing Fairies, I do graphics for authors also and for other tour companies, I am working hard at getting some amazing projects off the ground and so I’m going to be focusing on all of these till April. Truthfully it doesn’t even seem like enough time.

I also am still dealing with the sociopaths who believe it is OK to cyber stalk and harass people, all due from a review I posted on Amazon and Goodreads back in September. I don’t even know if these people have a clue why they are harassing me. Let’s face it, those psychos do not need a reason. But with the anonymity of the blog comes the good and the bad!

March 6th

I no longer will be reviewing or doing much of anything on the blog until I recover from the latest of a nightmare that began with me buying a book and reviewing it. I am going to leave this up for a week before going back to some kind of decision. I am going to continue doing graphic work and any reviews which are owed will be posted to Amazon, but I am going back to being a casual reviewer and post photos of the cat and may even start a secret project or two. I am sure I played a part in it but at this because I won’t lay down and take it. Today was the final straw.

I don’t know. I put so much time and effort into helping and being part of something I believe(d) in and to have this happen is to much for me to deal with. I have not deleted accounts but I have removed as much information as possible as I do not want to be contacted about reviewing anymore or promoting anyone’s materials. All clients I work with right now I will continue to do my part to the best of my ability. But for the rest of this week, this message is as it stands.


  1. Hi! Hope you are feeling better and enjoying the break too.
    Looking forward to read you this April for the A to Z Challenge.
    Cheers 🙂
    Shilpa Garg
    Co-Host AJ’s wHooligan for the A to Z Challenge 2014

  2. Sweet mother of God!!!!

    I’ve been waiting FOREVER to hear what you were up to ever since I started to catch little glimpses that you were going into author marketing and PR. I’ve just checked out the Finishing Fairies site! Expect to hear from me soon (I’m about to go away next week!)

    AD Starrling

    PS: Don’t let the trolls get to you! I can lend you Anatole if needs be to beat some sense into their shitty heads 😉

  3. On the other hand, the invites on FB should have given me a hint… *facepalm* …I am an idiot…

    Talk soon

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