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What kind of fun things can you do in a cabin? #cabinliving #ad

Fun Things to do While Staying In a Cabin


Spending the time in your cabin until the weather gets better? Are you simply without viable outdoor activity options and have to spend your time in your cabin? This piece takes a look at some interesting ideas that can help you keep the cabin fever at bay.


When was the last time you got everyone together for some twisting and bopping? Now is the best time.   Create a playlist of the top electronic tracks of the moment and dance away the boredom. A playlist of party or house music would do the job too. Get everyone involved by learning new dance moves and recording for social media.  Your family could be the next YouTube sensations.

Play bingo

If you know the rules for bingo, you don’t need anyone to remind you that it is indeed the perfect game for staving off cabin fever. Paypal bingo sites, some of which are covered here at, have made it easy for you to spice things up by playing to win some small change.

Play indoor games

It doesn’t matter how small the space might be, there is always room for some indoor games. You can start by teaching the kids how to play cards (can use mobile options if no cards available) or you can get them involved in something physical but practical. When going this route, it is always more interesting to have everyone taking part.

Set off your taste buds

What better ways to deal with the boredom than to cook up new dishes you haven’t tried before? There are many healthy recipe options available. Simply choose one that fits the weather perfectly and shoot for it.

Plan a getaway together

You can’t leave the cabin at the moment but you can plan where next to go with the family when the time comes. Sample opinion from all members of the family, take note of things they’d like to do and organise a quick voting session to settle for a place to go and activities to enjoy while away. The anticipation and excitement that comes from such sessions often takes care of the boredom.

Read books to the kids

This works best if you have smaller children that still appreciate a good story book being read to them, but older kids enjoy it too.  There are lots of story book options in your Ebook reader but you can find even more options in your browser. Joke books work great but you can equally read just about any story with them.  The key is to find something that will make them laugh, or at least get them emotionally engaged.

With these tips, you can make more out of your time trapped indoors.






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