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Want a New Book Series? Books by Odelle C. Bell #MondayBlogs

Series Firsts for Free!

I hit the jackpot when I discovered this freebie book, THE WITCHES BELL, book one. She sucked me in HARD, it is not a speedy read, but it is a good read. In fact, I fell in love with Ebony, the protagonist. Ms. Bell is a poignant writer, many of what Ebony is learning struck me hard and straight to the heart:

Our past is a reminder of who we are, but it is also a shackle. Without it, we would be lost. But if you hold too closely to the past, then it restricts what you can do in the future.


People like us, who read to unwind, to lose themselves in another world, to escape the one they are in, eat books for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we need a long adventure, so series reading is great. But it is hard to find good series, and this is the perfect way to do it. Read that first one for free. Remember when I read 250+ books one year? You don’t even have to ask how depressed I was, or what I was working through, it was right after the rape. Any world was better than the one I faced daily. Today, living in a new state, still unsure if I fit, or if it will even work, I am reading all the time. I just am about done with the Witch’s Bell series, and it has been astonishing. The series allows for you to get lost in a border-line Urban Fantasy (it is set in England, and the only reason you would know that is certain phrases are used), so maybe wait… suburban fantasy… YES! *laughing*. But see for yourself, book one is free, as are a bunch of others. She is on every site that has ebooks and there are even more series with free first reads. Personally I am starting Betwixt next!

Do you have any suggestions? Know of any free firsts that can get us all hooked? Let us know in the comments!

Just some of her series…

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