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I’ve Been Enchanted with @KKAllen_Author’s #YA #READ (so can you)

I have been Enchanted and I want you to be also! I have a tour opportunity here. *waves* hey everyone… I know I have been away from the world of books and tours for a while, but I am back. My break is over and boy am I excited I work with Amy Del Rosso who owns Lady Reader’s Blog Tours. It is sweet, dark and soulful. I am had to put it down to get some work on my on WIP and graphics. Like…. I had to leave my Kindle upstairs so I wasn’t distracted today. This book is $2.99 and sure you could buy it yourselves, and you should but if you want to commit to reading and reviewing, or promoting it do signup and get on board.

Open Tour Signups: The Summer Solstice: Enchanted by K.k. Allen –


I am going to be doing a review and a recipe for her. I have not decided what I am going to be doing yet for food. But it has to be a delightful summer food, perhaps a “Summer Salad” perfect to bring some sunlight into the winter darkness. It is the perfect book to be reading in the middle of the winter. Sign-up today if you are a blogger or go buy it if you are a reader, holy toledo, awesome!


ALSO people who do product reviews? She is running a great tour on an amazing book that helps you learn Spanish really fast. I will be doing a product review myself. It is surprisingly easy to follow, which is the point. PLEASE CONSIDER doing both!

Open Tour Signups: Learn Spanish the Gringa Way –



  1. Marmalade liked your comments about Summer Solstice so much she bought the series.

    • Holy crap! That’s amazing!

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