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Pinterest – It’s not just for #Foodies {social media tips}


As read on Twitter:

I’m an author, not a foodie *rolling eyes* I don’t waste my time on Pinterest

REALLY? Hmmm REALLY… I get 33% of my NON-FOOD related post traffic from Pinterest compared to 39% for the food related post traffic from Pinterest. One of Amazon’s top sellers is a huge Pinterest pinner, James Rollins. And I bet if you do your search on your favorite authors site, you will find them on Pinterst also! If you still are thinking of abstaining from Pinterest and have not taken the plunge because you are an author and feel it is a waste of time.. think again!


I recently read an amazing post from Pinterest pros over at 10 Pinterest Pros Tips Share Their Best Tips and Tools on Mad Lemmings. I love this great blog. I could spend a few hours trolling the knowledge, it has a ton of resources and giving what my analytics my last week on Pinterest:

Visit Kriss Morton – Cabin Goddess’s profile on Pinterest.


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Avg. Daily Impressions



Avg. daily viewers






Activity from

Avg. Daily impressions


+ 96.97%

Believe it or not, these were not my best numbers, but considering how I have been sick an not spending my allotted 4 hours a week over there. Well… not bad.  No matter what you are doing on the web marketing wise or engagement wise. You would be wise to have Pinterest in your social media toolkit.

Some of my favorite pinners:

Visit Rachel Thompson’s profile on Pinterest.

Visit Jamie {My Baking Addiction}’s profile on Pinterest.
Follow Southern Parenting Magazine’s board Food and Recipes on Pinterest.

I have great set of group boards also. These are another way to get your engagement up, as you can see with Texas Parenting’s board I am a member of. That is where I posted my Oreo Truffle recipe which caused my Pinterest popularity to go through the roof last year. If anyone is interested in any of my group boards which are for books and food goodies, gimme a shout! I hope to be one of your pinning friends soon! Till then, lets se what the top marketing peeps on the net say.

Courtesy of: Mad Lemmings

What’s your profile link? I would love to follow you and think about joining some of my group blogs!


  1. I really need to do more work on Pinterest. About all I’ve got so far is a couple of boards, like my Book Covers by Friends, and one of books I’ve sold short stories too.

    Thanks for posting this.


    • You are doing fine, you are totally doing fine, just start pinning!

      • Ah, but I only pin when I have something worthwhile. Like the Underground mine tour I was one.


        • Nope, you need to pin lots of stuff. You want to engage folks. So like… start a comfort food board or a foods you eat when writing etc…

          • Um. No f***ing way. I’m on a diet, trying to get back below 200 pounds (which means 90 pounds to go).

            I’ll get inventive. There’s lots of options besides food. I’d do sexy nakedness, but my wife would get upset…


          • Did you see my healthy boards? Oh well you can join my #teamnaughty board.

  2. Some interesting bums to drool over!


  3. I’ve been using pinterest for quite a while and I get almost no views from it. Not really sure why

  4. Ah good ol’ Pinterest. It took me a while to figure it out, but I’ve gained some traction in the past couple of weeks. I actually started a new series on my blog this week where I pick two pins that have piqued my interest and create a short story based around them. It certainly keeps the imagination flowing!

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