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Things are getting pretty #Gravy: Fun facts about #Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving

Are you #Twurking it? Here is a fun infographic for you guys on this holiday which for me, reminds me to be thankful of what I have in my life!


Things are getting pretty #Gravy: Fun facts about #Thanksgiving!

#Twurkey Classics, what’s on your table?


Things are getting pretty #Gravy: Fun facts about #Thanksgiving!

What’s on your Thanksgiving table today? My favorite food is the potatoes and gravy I think… no wait the dressing… hmmm nooooo pumpkin pie!! Oh screw it, everything is! 


OH and… KEEP #TWURKING till the Pumpkin Pie is worked off those hips!! #TWURKEY FEVER!

Things are getting pretty #Gravy: Fun facts about #Thanksgiving!




  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    It is my very first day celebrating Thanksgiving, and we are doing it in Spain. However, I wanted the hubby to have a nice Thanksgiving Day here too. I still don’t have a Thanksgiving favorite, but this is what I am cooking for today:

    – Cheese and garlick crack bread.
    – Fried herbed almonds.
    – Corn muffins.
    – Devilish Eggs.
    – Mashed sweet potatoes.
    – Stuffing.
    – Gravy.
    – Beef Bourguignon.
    – Cheesecake.
    – Pumpkin pie.

    Seems like a lot of food for just two people, but then we will have plenty of leftovers for the rest of the weekend!

    • you have set the bar high!! EVERYONE ELSE, come on!!! I LOVE IT! Yours sounds awesome! We are being kidnapped and going over to my friends house!

      • Being kidnapped for eating somewhere else’s sounds good too. When everything is cooked, I will be posting pics on FB 😀

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