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ENGAGEMENT: Social Media Content Across Popular #SocialMedia #writingtips

Last week we talked about your author image and what it can say about you. Included was a link-up with tons of other great advice, which if you are writing about #HaleNo also or have some positive tips, please feel free to link them up. But I bet you are still asking yourself why do I need to do all this? The simple fact is, you have to maintain a presence and engage people in your target audience. WeI have not delved into all the social media sites the infographic is talking about, however I full support all that are suggested and have been researching QZone & Sena Weibo later this week. The only thing that is not on this is Pinterest, which to me is a HUGE corner of the online marketing you need to tackle!

Social media is always in flux. Each site goes up and down. When I first started in publicity and book blogging, twitter was the key. I never logged onto Facebook. Now, Facebook, despite its annoying interface and horrifically unfair algorithm, is still on to. No matter what your poison is, you need to learn to buck up and dive in and in order to do this, you need to know how. I love infographics, they lay it all on the line. But again… why?

ENGAGEMENT: Social Media Content Across Popular #SocialMedia #writingtips

Find more statistics at Statista(click to see the image larger

While you are working on making your author image more positive, and yes this goes for everyone because there is always room for improvement, you have to focus on marketing. It is kind of crappy, but this is a business and your book is one tiny fish in a sea of hundreds of thousands of books. Everything matters these days. Every word, choice phrase, keyword, your graphics and public face, it all matters. Social media is has a huge corner to help you power through this. With so many third party programs working with many of these social media sites, there is really no more excuses you can give.

The question you really have to ask yourself is how you can take on this marketing medium without blowing tons of time having a twitter conversation with your writing friends around the world over the aspect blurb writing to posting photos of your cat or goats. Being one in a sea of #Indiepublishers, engagement and marketing is about creating a perfectly balanced storm. Research, test and be patient. I cannot stress the patience. If you are and you preserver and WORK FOR IT, it will come. You need to engage. It doesn’t matter if your product is a water pick or a book about zombie werewolves in Hawaii, the point is find your nitch market, and engage. Social media is your tool.

I saw this infographic and knew this would be the perfect follow post from last Wednesday. For more info, check out CJG Marketing’s information to help find and connect to those target audiences, and help you start creating content to share. Here is all the information on the the top 7 Social Media Networks.

The infographic (if you click it, it will ZOOM):

Create a Perfect Social Media Post on Top 7 Networks (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

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  1. Absolutely awesome, Kriss! However, where da goats?

    I love Pinterest. Unlike the other sites, Pinterest allows an author to use “soft” marketing tactics to reach readers who might not even know they exist simply through images placed on the author’s boards. I always tell authors to think of 5 things that describe them and 5 things to describe their books. Then, one or two boards are dedicated to the book. When “pinners” come in to look at the boards describing you/your books and/or to follow you, they see your book boards. Marketing without beating a reader over the head with BUY MY BOOK!


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