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The Last Kiss: a #FourthWallFriday with Z from @VisualLyricist


Welcome to a special #FourthWallFriday with vampire expert, Stavros. I had a ball last year interviewing him for Bewitching Talk Radio and we have chatted about doing some fun things together including this Fourth-Wall Friday post. It took a while to get it here with his busy schedule and … well I am always crazy busy! Today Z from the One Blood Series decided she was going to break through and let Stavros rest up for the weekend, she happens to be somewhat pushy, so I will just quietly sit in the corner and observe. I suggest you do the same, no sudden moves she is about to perform:

The Last Kiss

(Featuring Z, from the One Blood Series: Blood Junky & Love in Vein- #NSFW)

I know you aren’t going to understand this, but I like your smile. It’s kind of sideways and bowls your cheek a bit, which reminds me of a tiny red ball I had when I was a girl. I lost that ball, down by the ditch one summer day. Ruckles? Davey Ruckles was his name. Had red hair, freckles, a paunch to his belly. He was a total ginger. Nothing like you. Not that I have anything against gingers, it’s just that, well…it was a long time ago. Long before you were even born. He lived up the block from me, and he threw the ball into the stagnant waters, and told me to go get it. Then he laughed. But that’s not why I’m going to kill you.

Killing you isn’t really my kink, you know. It just kind of happens. A byproduct of the feeding. Don’t you like that word, “byproduct”? You have all kinds of new words now-a-days that weren’t around when I was a kid. Like metro. It’s short for metropolitan. We used to say the whole word back in the day. Polyamorous. And fax. Unibrow. Ringtone. Manga. And soul patch. Took me awhile to figure that one out. Thought it was some kind of New Agey spiritual shit, but it just turned out to be a thin patch of hair under a man’s lower lip. You kind of have a li’l one. I like it. It helps to frame your smile, and that’s what attracted me to you. I like your smile. I’ll remember that. The shape of your mouth. It’s nice.


Now what? You know, you aren’t going to talk your way out of it. I’m kind of hungry. It’s been a few days, and I’m traveling. A girl’s gotta eat.

Yeah, I could feed on someone else, but I like you. I told you that. You should listen! And I promise, I’ll take my time, take it slow. It’ll be just like falling asleep.

Shshhh, it’s okay. I know. I know. Here, look, it’s just a little prick, so don’t…

Mmmmm, you taste sweet. A ripening vintage. Now that didn’t hurt too much, did it?

Oh, the fangs? Not like all them movies, huh? Yeah, well, they did move a little. See the veins running through my arms, across my chest and up my neck? That’s actually them, poking through, weaving into the shape of fangs. Lin calls them Jadara Soo, after some ancient mumbo jumbo bull. But they’re just my little bastard. They kind of unwind and slither through you a bit when I feed, absorbing all that gorgeous blood. So, I told you it wouldn’t hurt. May even feel good.

Who’s Lin? Don’t worry about her. She’s off doing her own thing. It’s just lil ole me and you tonight. Ain’t that special?

Awe, c’mon? That ain’t so nice, and I’m actually being kind. You should appreciate that. I can be a mega-bitch, you know. See, that’s a new word too. Well….a new conjunction, anyway. No. I told you. You aren’t paying attention. Killing you is just gonna happen. It’s a byproduct of me feeding. Can’t be helped. Your a tall drink of water and I’m a lotta thirsty. Trust me…you’ll like it – my body pressed against yours with my teeth in your neck. It’ll get you hard, and well…who knows what could happen then? We…have…all…night.

Mmmm. There it is. More to you than a cute smile, that’s for sure. See… I told you I’d play nice. Go slow. Yeah… you like it slow.

Aw, c’mon… don’t be like that. I’m not going to play with you if just start crying again. Jeesh! Man up Motherfucker and grow a pair.

I squeeze his manhood hard, digging my nails, when he starts to yell at me, look him dead in the eye, and tell him that we can do it rough. I like it rough too. No skin off my back. I pull his head to the side, real hard, and bite him again in a different place than my last kiss. The last kiss was nice. Special. All Roosevelt hearts and flowers, but now he gets the points. He shudders under my weight, pulling against the bonds of his ropes, and it gets me wet.

The Jadara Soo laps up his viscous fluid like a feign, and I slow back down; caressing the side of his face with soft, gentle strokes. I’m not completely a monster. I get it. It ain’t easy dying. Never is. All those leftovers and little desires gnawing at you that will never get done, or expressed. All that life left to live, bottled up in well-earned confusion, trickling down the satisfaction of my gullet. It’s enough to make a girl stand up and cry… That is…. iffin’ I was that kind of girl.

Trouble is, that girl died a long time ago, and I just don’t give a fuck anymore. So what? He has a cute smile, a nice butt. Tall, like the day is long; and I ain’t got nothing to do right now other than him. So, I pull back. Break the kiss with a little blood left in him for later.

His breathing is thin. Sallow. It’s calming. He’ll be asleep for a bit. So, when he wakes up we can do it again. See if he can get on page, or if I’m taking him for a rough rodeo ride to the wrong side of night. The room’s all paid for. No sense hitting the street until tomorrow night anyways, so a girl might as well enjoy herself.

Even asleep, he’s got that crooked Ruckles grin. Bastard. Should’ve made him eat that ball instead of crying about it to Mama. She never did care all much about the boys in the neighborhood. Always fretting about the younguns under skirt.

I grab the remote and sit on the bed next to him, turning the motel TV on. Flipping through the channels, I get an odd sensation, a funny feeling in the back of my brainpan that I don’t want. So, I hunt for something, anything on TV; turn the volume up to where it is loud and abrasive – a jumble wall of noise – looking for, oh…wait… Hey! It’s that chick form Maude. Ah, yeah… The Golden Girls. Haven’t seen them in awhile. Fucking awesome.The Last Kiss: a #FourthWallFriday with Z from @VisualLyricist


The One Blood Series
by Stavros
Published by Crazy Duck Publishing
Genres: Horror, Paranormal, Suspense, Vampires
• Goodreads •

The critically acclaimed One Blood Series is changing the way people see vampires.  Thoroughly research and developed for over 15 years, the One Blood Series provides a realistic approach and logical history for vampires and our world.  With its original, biological condition of vampirism, intense story lines, and lyrical fiction, the series continues to receive phenomenal praise and reviews.  With such comments as "It has some of the best vampiric characters ever written in a novel.” each book released is rapidly becoming a new literary voice within the horror genre, redefining one of the most stable and recognized monsters ever.  So please, take a minute to familiarize yourself with our epic flagship titles. Peruse our links for free materials and get an in-depth glimpse into an imaginative universe where "We learn about a world we never knew, let alone suspected."

Buy direct from CRAZY DUCK PRESS

Praise for Love in Vein

“Attn Vamp Lit Lovers – Finally a writer on par with Anne Rice.” – Crystal Gimesh, TN

“I cannot wait to dive into this book - I have a girl crush on Z:-)” – Crystal Gimesh, TN

From Lori Bowland,

“Once again the author creates a superior universe filled with an entirely new culture of vampires.”

“In the previous novel, I compared ‘Blood Junky’ to a very rich dessert, but ‘Love In Vein’ is a full course meal.  The series is a gift for those that love vampire fiction.”

“It has some of the best vampiric characters ever written in a novel.”

“Vampire novels of the past have included some very formulaic visions of simple blood exchange.  Yes, there is an exchange of blood but this series adds more to the basic scheme.  It breaks many molds and expectations of this being another generic story of immortal bloodsuckers.  This series and more directly this novel is comparable with, and at times, surpasses the ‘Vampire Chronicles’ by Anne Rice.”

Praise for Blood Junky

“One of the best vampire novels ever written!” -Lori Bowland, Living Dead

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. I couldn't put it down.” -Denise F. Gowen-Krueger, "Paranormal Investigator", MI.

“Finally, vampires are awesome again!” -Howard Wendell, MD.  5 out 5 Star Amazon Review

“Mythology is totally original and fascinating.” -Tara Hall, The blood Crossed Writer – VA.

“I was reading so diligently, I bit my own tongue!” -Ryan Parson – Badmoon Productions.

“Captivating!  Kept me up until 3am.  I just couldn’t set it down.” -Maria Barth, Long Beach, MD.

“A delicious new twist on vampires.” -Dan Mahoney, Washington DC

“It kept me on the edge of my seat!” -Paula Atkins, Denver, CO.

“I already predict that the endearingly sociopathic punk vampire “Z” will give Rice’s much beloved Lestat, (a long time favorite of mine), a run for his money as this series unfolds.“ -Leigh-Cheri, Franklin, TN.

“I love Z!  She’s so spunky and fun.  I love the contrast between her and Lin, its amazing how they’ve stayed together for so long – they’re like the vampiric odd couple!” -Tina Losh, Baltimore, MD

“This is not your typical Vampire novel, and Stavros is not your typical writer.  This story has layers.” -Paula S. – Prince Frederick, MD

“All Hail Blood Junky!!!!!“ -Ashley Nichole Ramirez, Aberdeen, MD

“Originality is a true feat to achieve in a genre that has recently become uber trendy to the point of banality. Blood Junky may be his first published book, but as his biography attests, (writer, musician, poet, photographer, painter, graphic designer, and award winning filmmaker), Stavros is no neophyte in the arena of creative endeavors; the sheer magnitude and cohesiveness of this work is a testament to a craft well-honed.”  -Leigh-Cheri, Franklin, TN.

“As the pages turn, each paragraph overflows with vivacious and seductive description, the reader cannot resist being pulled onto the page.” -Lauren Donahoo – Fairfax, VA

“The writing is gorgeous. You don’t see writing like this anymore.  It’s classically lyrical; robust and packed full of metaphors.” -Tara Hall, The blood Crossed Writer – VA

“This is vampire literature how it used to be, and how it should be again.” - Tara Hall, The blood Crossed Writer – VA

“Stavros brings fresh life and punk vibrancy to the Vampire genre with this tale of two strong women caught in the longstanding tradition of a mysterious and powerful dynasty. Blood Junky mixes the world of the cultured and restrained with the hedonistic, misguided, and sometimes violent lost souls coming to terms with their dark powers.  Getting to know the striking Dominique De’Paul and the beautiful Linnet Pevensey as their lives entwine down through the centuries is pure pleasure.” -Carol A. Russell, Writer and Editor

“This novel has a distinct style which can be characterized as being like a very rich dessert.  It's like crème brulee on a literary level.” -Lori Bowland, Living Dead

“Stavros has created a very unique realm where vampires and science fiction meet head-on. Purchasing Blood Junky and adding this book to anyone's book shelf is a must!!” –Amy J. Ramsey, Ramsey’s Reviews.  5 out of 5 Stars.

“Essential Reading” – Horror Snark Review, March 21st

Blood Junky (Amazon) vampire-dividersm Love in Vein (Amazon)


About Stavros

The Last Kiss: a #FourthWallFriday with Z from @VisualLyricist

Notorious Poet.  Fool.  Born in Washington DC.  Stavros was a writer and editor for The Independent Underground Magazine.  Raised in Southern Maryland, he fled the Chesapeake Bay to the wilds of the New Mexican desert.  He is a single father of two, whose poetic works have been published in several online and print publications, including Central Avenue, The Sword That Cuts Through Stone, Poets Against The War, Conceptions Southwest, The Mynd, Imagine: Creative Arts Journal, and Bartleby, where he won a specialty award for his poem, Blackbird.

In 1999, he won an Official Selection into the Writer’s on the Edge Festival for his play, The Redline.  In 2001, he created the Poetry Television Project for public cable access in Albuquerque, NM.  All eight volumes of Ptv’s ground-breaking show were broadcast to over 100,000 viewers on a network of regional PAC channels throughout the Southwest and Baltimore.  He helped to launch Unpublished Magazine, sponsored the monthly poetry series, The Word Café, in the Duke city, and produced a political compilation, Poetic Democracy.  In 2007, he released the award-winning documentary film, Committing Poetry in Times of War.

In 2010, he launched the production management company, Organic Ghetto, and released its first imprint, Crazy Duck Press, with his first novel, Blood Junky. Blood Junky received exceptional praise and review, even being called "one of the best vampire novels ever written," by Living Dead Media.  The following year he helped to launch BioGamer Girl, undertook a bigger East coast tour where he began selling his original photographic art, and released two new novels through Crazy Duck Press.  Dead Girl: A Romantic Zombie Tale of Revenge features a stunning full-color cover and twelve black and white illustrations from tattoo artist, Charles Hearn.   Blood Junky’s sequel, Love in Vein, cemented the One Blood series with its continuation of the story, garnering such review as to claim that the book and the series is "comparable with, and at times surpasses, the 'Vampire Chronicles' by Anne Rice."

In 2012, Stavros joined forces with the Vampire Professor, Bertena Varney, M.A.M.Ed, to co-create the nonfiction annual anthology, Vampire News, and officially became a Fangsmith with the creation of Organic Ghetto's second imprint, Kaos Kustom Fangs.  He rounded out the year by writing and editing screenplays for the One Blood Transmedia Project, recording Dead Girl as an audio book, and undertaking his biggest national marketing campaign, The Book & Fang Tour.

In 2013, he and the Vampire Professor released the second volume of Vampire News: The (not so) End Times Edition and is currently working on writing and growing his imprints.   Stavros is also a musician who has scored commercials, film shorts, documentaries, and television programs.

Other Social Media and Shop Links:

If you have any questions about the series or vampires or want to know where to find Stavros at any upcoming events, leave a comment! Heck leave a comment because let’s face it, we bloggers live for the comment love!


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