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#FirstFriday Mental Health Day plus #WinterisComing to Alaska

Raven's First Snow - photo credit Susan L. Stevenson Photography an Alaskan friend and Photographer

Raven’s First Snow – photo credit Susan L. Stevenson Photography, an Alaskan friend and Photographer

Ever have the need to have a mental health day? Heck how about a whole weekend? When I went to bed Thursday I had the plan to go over to my dear friend Kricket’s house for some relief, relaxation, and to help both of us out of our angry rut. Winter is on its way here (we did not know how quickly it would get here as you can see from this weekends photos from myself and my photographer friend, Susan). We both have had some health issues in the last few months and are at our wits end. I got some laundry together, grabbed my Kindle, phone and chargers and turned my laptop off leaving it at home. Winter was almost here and all we have been doing lately is work, playing some Magic and not enjoying the end of summer.

photo credit Susan L. Stevenson Photography an Alaskan friend and Photographer

photo credit Susan L. Stevenson Photography an Alaskan friend and Photographer

The only worry with me leaving is our landlord still has not managed to put fuel in the tank for the heater and we cannot leave the electric heater on when no one is at home. I just walked in the door tonight on Saturday after it being off all day today and it is freezing. Geoff and I are both wearing hats, hoodies, sweats and other layers of warm things. I really wish I had a cat for my lap! Geoff said when he got home it was even more cold last night. Of course it doesn’t help that winter is coming here. As you can see in Susan’s photo from mid September, we got snow a couple of weeks ago but it melted quickly.

world-mental-health-dayI just really needed a mental health day and October 10th (World Mental Health Day) is happening next week I decided to just improvise or at least practice. As someone who suffers from deep depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder I can do something different and more serious. This Friday was booze, flowers, good friends and binge watching Charmed.

I guess a lot has been hitting me lately. Money issues as I am sure we all have, the cold weather creeping in, Geoff’s job, friends moving, new friends ending up being completely and total tools (don’t get me started) and because of the psycho author I just have been really needing a break. OH, and because Winter is freaking here. I know, I know I live in Alaska. Doesn’t mean I gotta like the winter. I hate that it is not even 7 PM and it is pitch black and will only get worse.

October is also national bully awareness month. I work with the Anti-Bully Project founder Amy Del Rosso and though she is running a tad late due to her own health issues and computers who hate her but it is boding to be another great month of posts.  I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Graphics wise, I have been working on a new site for them, teamed up with a bunch of fun authors and made a lot of fun things for them to promote their books. So far my favorite has to be Kory Shrum’s quote below. In fact she liked it so much we are making it cover image size!


Mimosas and MimosaFor those of you who are new here there is a reason why I value going to do laundry and shower at a house compared to the usual at the laundromat (a window about what that is like which I wrote about a few years ago). Living in a dry cabin means I have no running water. Next time you rinse a dish, jump in for a quick shower after your walk, or run your washer and dryer or hell, flush your toilet, think of me running outside at 3AM to go use the outhouse. Friday’s first activity was getting all my clothes ready, piling in the car and buying champagne and orange juice. (Cannot have a mental health day without Mimosas!)

We started off having an OK day but because of the inconsiderateness of others, Shark Week and a stressed out Kricket we ended up having to get a bit more creative. BTW is #ThankYou so hard to say? It is pretty unreal how some of these younger kids behave (by kids I mean in mid-twenties who need a whoopin’). All and all this has been a mellow weekend and because I have been dealing with a lot I have not been posting much.  I hope everyone has a great first full week of October and I hope when I wake up on Monday the heating fuel is being dropped…. because….

Winter is Here

Oh but man I would be remiss to mention what I discovered in my Facebook feed this Saturday afternoon. I was so excited I tried to publish the cover from my phone over at my friends house but gave up and decided to include the whole weekend .  Grogori Returned is the second book in The Atlas Series (see my review of book one here) and it is going to be here next week! There is no synopsis showing and she doesn’t have it on preorder but you can check out all her other stuff on her Amazon page by clicking on the cover image.


You have any books coming out soon you are chomping on the bit to get too??


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