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Taking a Bullet for You & “Nothing in Particular” by Kate LeDonne

Avoir des relations sexuelles avec moi en cours d’exécution ….”

Since I have been threatened with a lawsuit** from the author of “NOTHING IN PARTICULAR” by Kate LeDonne because her book cover and her author image are copyright protected and she was not happy with the review. After much talk and consideration and since I cannot afford a lawyer to fight the bogus charge with my own countersuit of libel, I will remove it from my website. This was never a smear campaign or a form of bullying or anything. It was a review of a book I purchased and I felt was not just poorly written but also irresponsible on many different levels. You will have to read about the book on Amazon and read the sample there also.  Apparently I only can review a book and give it a good review (4 or 5 stars) *insert sarcasm*. I cannot be critical without consequences and as yesterday showed these are not just over the top ridiculous but out of control. They also have caused The Hus to be involved. (see his post). I have to say, with my last critical review the author did not say a word, she was blown away but she never said ONE negative word about it. So I am taking this review down. Sorry guys. If you are interested go to Amazon, she cannot threaten my review there with any consequences being had from me.


AUTHORS -these written reviews are for readers NOT you. I took several hours to read this book and write my review. I asked friends for advice because I was thinking maybe I was not reading it right. I did not slander an individual. I was reading and critiquing a piece of writing. If you don’t want that, don’t publish your work. I am sorry she felt I was being mean with the goats but I use my goats to promote EVERY review I do. Every book I review I treat with the same respect. Graphics are all hand done by me, authors bio and book buy links, EVERYTHING is the same. I try to make the post pretty. I post my tweets, I am a member of Triberr and I have over 8K combined  email and RSS feed followers not to mention almost 5K on Cabin Goddesses Facebook page and over 6K twitter followers. ALL ORGANIC. You guys read me because you like to hear what I have to say, apparently.

Thank you for all your support.

For the record. I did not get this book for a tour, I did not work to create havoc. I wrote this, SLAVED over the review, sent my tweets out and went to bed. I woke up to find out she had been contacting those who auto-tweet me via Triberr and to others who retweeted me being attacked online. I do not know this woman. I am not taking this review down because she threatened me. She only wins from it being taken off my site, from deleting all my tweets from getting any more exposure from me and my readers. I am taking it down because it has caused people I care about problems which is unfair to them to suffer because I wrote a review an author did not like. Again it was not personal. I never set out to smear anyone, to even fathom that little piece of libel has me shaking my head. To the authors who shared this I appreciate it and I am sorry I caused you any problems. I always am honest. But after careful consideration and the words of Geoff, I am only leaving up the link to Amazon’s review (which is the same here) Leanne’s can also be found there. It is always OK to post my own opinion. You guys wonder why there are are problems in the Indie world? Look no further. Yesterdays fiasco was a prime example.

**FYI she threatened me via Twitter and in the blog posts I linked however she has since deleted her attacks to authors, to me and changed her wording. Yes she said I could deal with her copyright lawyer and a copyright infringement suit. Deleting it and changing your story midway through your delusional temper tantrum may fool those who never read your tweets in the first place but everyone else say it for what it was while you were having a fit. I am not going to apologize because you do not understand social media. However calling me a troll and a bully is ridiculous. You are right, I don’t know you. You seem to forget you had a conversation with me Friday before I read and reviewed your book ohhh wait, you also deleted all those tweets. SMART girl!

I love you all… and as for the goats???



  1. Honest review. I love the way you tear this book apart, but also make me want to read it in the same time.

    • Laura please do! Sorry the Kindle sample did not read. I will loan you the book, I own it. I would not want you to have to pay 6 bucks for it!

  2. So this is why you were asking about hillbully on Facebook. Yeah suffice it to say I will not be subjecting myself to shit. I admire your endurance on this one though. Also the book cover looks like crap.

  3. Fascinating. What’s even more fascinating is that she has a single Five Star review on Amazon, and seven reviews which are all Four or Five Star on Goodreads. Odd.

    And it is the only thing she has ever written. Writing is an in curable disease. Once you start, it’s near impossible to stop. So why only one book/story?

    As to the editing – I sell short stories that don’t get edited. Yes, it’s a bit more work, but you can self-edit, which for a flaming lunatic like myself is a good thing. Let’s just say I don’t play well with others, and hate being edited. Which is why my own editing got good enough that I could sell shorts that the editor didn’t feel they needed to edit.

    Personally I feel it a failure if I get asked for an edit, so I self edit like a maniac.

    I’ve been reading the book on Amazon. I’m going to disagree with you on most of this. While I have some quibbles with the editing, they aren’t as bad as yours.

    Have to admit to some curiousity, and would like to finish the book.


  4. I just woke up and goodness gracious she is telling me to take her photos down. Ummm no? She needs to take her public photo off of Goodreads, Amazon and everywhere else. I did what I did for ALL books!

  5. OH and why did I not talk about the Characters? Well.. I WAS TO last about EVERYTHING in this freaking book! If you want a longer review I will talk about the characters, but frankly I have wasted enough time! They were flat and two dimensional. LIKE I SAID READ THE DAMN sample, I READ the WHOLE book. I do NOT lie!

  6. You didn’t lie and I didn’t lie.The book was awful. I refuse to sugar coat crap. I read the whole book and it could have been a great book with a good message about abuse but all the stupid stuff she put into it made it bad.

  7. Hehe.

    Amazing how people don’t understand that putting a picture on the net, allows for things like linking. You’d think they were born in the 18th century!


  8. Excellent review as always. You make your position and support it. I followed the twitter link out of curiosity. I have to laugh at her demands of taking down her photo and book cover. Who doesn’t use those two items when offering a book review?

    The sample of comma vomit was enough for me to mark this as a NTY. But I did enjoy your and Leanne’s reviews.

    Authors behaving badly indeed. Ugh.

  9. Second comment: she had a link to how to write a good book review on her blog. And it was NOTHING but how to write a buttkissing review. Nothing about what you DID NOT like, but all about what you DO like.

    Well, what if you couldn’t find anything redeeming about the book? Just don’t review it? Uh, no.

    • Here is her HOW TO WRITE A BUTTKISSING review (as you put it Tiffany – How to write a Book Review (oh she claims I did not read it. I did adjust this review which BTW was written under a major book hangover

  10. So here are some tips on how to write a good book review and make some writers very, very happy!

    That’s not why I write reviews. I write them because I have something to say about the book, which sometimes is that it is a piece of steaming shit.

    What is she smoking?


  11. Oh god, I think I want to read this now… It’s been a while since I’ve read a bad one. <3

  12. Testing the comment system

    • you pass! LOL

  13. Wow, sounds like quite a situation. Author 101 class – never respond or talk publicly about your reviews as it reflects badly on you. There are a few exceptions where I’ve seen authors respond to negative reviews well but frequently even thank you is dangerous as one is tempted you respond to your welcome and the conversation goes downhill from there.

    This author would have benefited from having a “lifeline” support friend who got them offline until they calmed down.

    I needed a trigger release before reading your review. OMG the way it sounds like she handled sexual child abuse is just so wrong from the perspective of a fellow survivor. Rape culture working at its best? Got raped by daddy go have sex with a boy and you’ll be all better… Ummm yeah some girls will react that way but a book for that age group should handle it more responsibly.

    That I wouldn’t be able to forgive. I’d have trigger warnings at the top of my review to make sure no one missed it. But I’m a bitch that way – rape, rape culture, grammar – in that order.

    • I respond to all of my reviews. I recently got one titled ‘Awful, Just Awful’. I commented that I was sorry the reviewer didn’t like the book. I can’t please everyone and I wouldn’t want to.

  14. I’m sorry- I don’t quite understand something here. If she can’t sue you due to Amazon, why would be able to sue you about your blog, especially with your being an Amazon Affiliate? Sharing images of publically available materials- cars, books, toys, etc- is in no way copyright infringement, particularly when you purchased it.

    • The choice to take the review down had to do with the other people involved. She was harassing not only myself but other authors and blog readers who were sharing the post. Her biggest complaint was the use of her cover and her author image in graphics I made to promote the review on Twitter. I tweet with images such as author and book to help promote my posts as many do. She only talked to me once and that was while I was sleeping on twitter and the review had been shared over 600 times just on twitter (including RT). Not my fault I have more readers than her or that I use Triberr.

      My husband made a point of saying even of she would lose the attempted lawsuit it is a loss we cannot afford a fight in the court money wise. This was not worth it. She was not directly harassing me until her libel post (which I could sue her over if I was like that) and she slandered my name with other authors and her own twitter followers. Her charges of a smear campaign I believe it is based in the fact she has never been on a blog as popular as this one. Going after my twitter followers and blog subscribers was way over the top.

      I bought the book on Amazon on so I can review it there. Plus I have standards of quality. I was not going to have a blog post looking like a hack-job with no cover image and no author image. You need to learn to pick your battles and frankly this biggoted author with delusions of grandeur is not worth my time anymore. Some say I may have let her win, but her battle was not won the way she may think she has. I feel more sorry for her than anything because she seems to need some help.

      • Unless you are independently wealthy, avoiding court is a good idea. While the odds are that you’d get a good judge, who would consider a suit like this harassment, you might not, and legal help can be expensive.

        Mind you, if she does go ahead, talk to me. I can point you in the right direction to get advice.


  15. I’ve gotten bad reviews before. Yeah, it stings but the reader doesn’t deserve abuse for having an opinion. Getting mad and attacking the reviewer only makes you look like a brute.

  16. I admire the way you dealt with this idiocy.

    • Thank you, Pete. All I can do is let everything falls where it may and try to behave the way I feel an adult should.

  17. Maybe if all reviewers were as honest as you, I wouldn’t have so much buyer’s remorse when it comes to shopping on Amazon. I understand authors getting worked up over bad reviews (been there, done that), but have learned that the best response is ice cream, punching a pillow, and then working on the next book. And it is one thing to write a one-star review that calls an author every name in the book and insults them, and another thing to write a scathing review that an author can learn from. Yours is the latter. If I’d received such a review, I would be taking notes for my next book. Sorry this happened to you, and hugs. Keep doing what you’re doing. You do not have to change a thing.

  18. OH my! I didn’t even know authors could try to sue you for a negative review. Isn’t that protected speech? What total crap!

  19. Wow! That’s horrible. It’s really ridiculous on that author’s part. Reading is such a personal experience. It’s impossible to please everyone and you’ll always get bad reviews. But that’s the nature of the business. If you don’t like it don’t publish.

    Bad reviews aren’t the end of the world. As a reader, I pay just as much attention to the negative reviews as I do the positive ones. If there are only positive reviews, I’m suspicious. Also I can get a lot of information from one star reviews. I’ve found that some of the things that other people object to are things I may enjoy in a book.

    Good for you for, one, taking the time to write a review (so few readers do these days) and two, being honest. I hope this one author’s actions don’t change your reviewing habit.

  20. I don’t know you or the author but let me just say suing someone is not that easy (or cheap) so I think that was a lot of hot air and anger. If I took the time to whine every time someone wrote a one star review on my book I’d do nothing but that. Seriously wouldn’t worry about someone that petty, they are in the wrong business if they can’t take criticism.

    • Oh of course it was. BUT she threatened and we (as in my husband and I) decided that since even if she was full of hot air she could try and we have no money to even win it in court. So what was the point? I did not want the attention and the authors she was attacking on twitter?? It was not their fault they shared my post, it was their choice but not their fault the review was bad. calling me a troll and a lair and all the hot air! HECK she is currently attacking people STILL almost TWO WEEKS LATER on twitter. You are right she is in the wrong business. I reviewed a book, NOT her. Again, no way I will EVER review an Indie author without researching their online behavior. EVER.

  21. Kriss: You have gone viral! I read about the fiasco on Indies Unlimited today. I just popped over to say Hello! and support you. Indie authors cannot have a career of any sort without reviewers. We need you and those authors who don’t appreciate you Eat Stupid for Breakfast. the author who dissed you better not quit her day job. She’s gonna need it. All books from Classics to Contemporary pull one star reviews. My titles pull reviews across the board. I check the low rated reviews in case the reviewer mentions a glitch or a dropped word or verb tense gone wrong. I cut and paste that review and send it straight to my editor and formatter with a note: “Fix This.” Thank you, thank you, thank you! to the reviewer who caught something we all missed and was annoyed enough to mention it. I’m from south Alabama. I write books with Southern characters, culture and dialogue. It’s what I know. I have a one star review from a reader who wrote: “I hate southerners.” Laffin’. My titles pull snarky reviews, too. Hey! I get it. I’m good with it. I get up in the morning, strap on my snake gun and don’t take the bullets out until after I’ve poured a pot of coffee down my gullet. I’m okay with snarky. I appreciate that a reader took the time to log into Amazon and write a review. We ask a lot of our readers and reviewers whether they write one star or five star reviews. No way, I could do what you do. You are amazing. Wishing you all the best.


    • Wow you just made me cry.. sniffle. Maybe I will only pour half a bottle of wine down my gullet tonight (snort) seriously I guess one thing I want to say on reviews is the time to criticize a book for the author’s benefit is BEFORE it’s published. When changes can still be made. Afterwards? Sorry guys… suck it up buttercup. A BAD critical review is just that and all the people out there will see that, “I hate teh book, it had a blue cover and sucked to look at.. and I hate vampires” Well the book was called Blue Moon and it was about vampires.. UMMMMM as a READER I would go, “IDIOT” and not take into account his review. I truly believe the majority of my five star reviews on Amazon get blown off. I click on the three stars, then start from the one stars and read from there. On blogs, however, I read the review. Maybe it is the type of personal engagement and time we take with blogs as on Amazon it is for using money and purchasing.. different interaction.

  22. Wow, you really are having problems with authors..that is crap. I wouldn’t want that ugly book cover on my blog anyway. How on earth does she expect to promote it with that cover..looks so unprofessional.

    Your review is amazing and reminds me of one of my blogger friend who reviews on my blog. She has given some self pub authors a review like that but she usually gives it to the author, but some times she does just post the review. 🙂

    Well done!

  23. Hey Kriss, sorry to hear of this situation with this overly sensitive author. A one or two star review sometimes makes me want to read a book more, lol, but negative author behavior will NEVER make me want to read any books by that author. I’m not touching this chick’s books with a thirty foot pole. I checked out her post, and I think you guys should sue HER for using screenshots of your photo and tweets. After all, that’s the same thing, right? I really wish this shit would stop happening. I’m appalled she’s so butt hurt – why doesn’t she just take it like a woman and use it to better her writing instead of spending her time writing nasty posts?? Keep your head up, girl! 🙂

    • I am pretty embarrassed I let her get my goat and reacted publicly the way I did. I was really upset because of the constant calling of names on her end and the attacks on other authors because they shared the tweet. If she has updated it with screenshots of me being a jackass, so be it. She is wasting only her time now.

  24. I am so sorry that this event occurred to you. Bad reviews and they get spread. By reacting to it, that author made herself look bad. And the rest of us lost the opportunity to have our books reviewed by someone who is honest. Way it goes I guess.

    • oops. I meant bad reviews are written and they get spread around.

    • I will still be reviewing but I had stopped taking review requests after the last author called me a troll because of my 2 star review and had his editor and rallied up the GRB sociopaths. If I read and review a book on my blog a) I bought the book and/or b) I signed up for a tour and accepted the book for review, owned it already or bought it because of my established policy. But this incident will mean I will be doing background social media interaction checks on said author, whether I buy the book or not. This was not a tour this was just a book I bought and I am being accused of a smear campaign. Yes this has gotten out of hand and if it had not gotten to the point of being viral I would be yanking it all down.

      • Yes, I read your new rules. We all have to do what is right for each of us and sometimes the hassle is just not worth it.


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