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War, technology, family, love… Crux by @Ramez Naam #Review


My NetGalley Wellness ChallengeWellnessBadge maybe over, however I am only at 25% on my profile for feedback given. Bad NetGalley professional reader! This is the review which put me to 25% & I am pretty happy glad to finally be sharing it. Plus it is one of the first 10 books I was approved for 18-months ago… ummm hey at least I am getting to it. Now on with the review: What I really do have to say about this lovely book (and series) is if you like good books which make you think, if you are a William Gibson fan, if you like to be treated well by an author.. spoiled etc, well.. READ CRUX!


CRUX is not a one sitting reading kind of book, but only because it is a highly intricate story involving high tech and fringe science basis (as well as steeped in real science). As with any Speculative Fiction it … well speculates and makes you think. This is not bubblegum and cotton candy fun reading, such as some of the fun vampire urban fantasy hunter novels with hot chicks in leathers (don’t get me wrong I love books like this). But it is a book with a lot of commentary about morality and the complexity of the human equation as well as a big “cast” and a lot of questions for us, the readers. The experience of immersion would be a good take with CRUX and NEXUS (the book prior) also. Speaking of NEXUS I ended up grabbing it and reading it after I read CRUX the first time, afterward reading CRUX again. I am really glad I did. Though not necessary, it ended up making CRUX a much more intense read, if that is even possible!

Like many of my reads lately it has taken the speculative / sci-fi and created a realistic believable read about “what if” as well as a highly entertaining story. This was one of those books which did make me think, and I knew it would be as soon as I saw all the complex tech vs. human equation in the synopsis, I was not caught off guard reading it. It truly is a haunting and enjoyable tale. He also presented both sides, not just one for or against, not one to shove anything “down my throat” or “witness” to me. Sure I wanted to say “Kade, I agree” was something I felt like I needed to do but my own convictions and morals had me disagreeing with him, and guess what? It made for a better reading experience and a much better story. More importantly a much more believable story with characters we all could identify with, even with the world build as it is.

War, technology, family, love

A tool which was used throughout CRUX and NEXUS was the use of “support staff” supporting characters end up being the driving force throughout the tale. There are lot of them and yet I was not overwhelmed in the least and was able to follow, which cannot be said for books with large “casts”. This was another reason everything worked, ebbed and flowed with this and NEXUS.

CRUX and NEXUS are the kinds of books which I will take down and read again, as I have and as I do with so many of these books which immerse the readers within it’s pages instead of being viewed from beyond them. A book worthy of the Speculative and Cyberpunk genre! It is labeled as Science Fiction and for the TRADE it is, but for us genre-centric OCD types this falls more under speculative and cyberpunk, plus he is a William Gibson fan. These books if on my shelf in physical form, would be dog earred with yellowed pages and notes within half a decade, just like my Gibson and Stephenson books, and a few of my Barkers. The man has a fascinating and wonderful brain. Go forth and read!


War, technology, family, love… Crux by @Ramez Naam #ReviewCrux
Series: Nexus #2
by Ramez Naam
Pages: 448
Length: 18 hours
Published by Angry Robot
on 2013-08-27
Genres: Fiction, General, Hard Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Technological, Thrillers
Source & Buy Links: NetGalley
Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Book Depository • Kobo • iTunes • Audible •Narrator: Mikael Naramore
• Goodreads •

Six months have passed since the release of Nexus 5. The world is a different, more dangerous place.

In the United States, the terrorists – or freedom fighters – of the Post-Human Liberation Front use Nexus to turn men and women into human time bombs aimed at the President and his allies. In Washington DC, a government scientist, secretly addicted to Nexus, uncovers more than he wants to know about the forces behind the assassinations, and finds himself in a maze with no way out.
In Thailand, Samantha Cataranes has found peace and contentment with a group of children born with Nexus in their brains. But when forces threaten to tear her new family apart, Sam will stop at absolutely nothing to protect the ones she holds dear.

In Vietnam, Kade and Feng are on the run from bounty hunters seeking the price on Kade’s head, from the CIA, and from forces that want to use the back door Kade has built into Nexus 5. Kade knows he must stop the terrorists misusing Nexus before they ignite a global war between human and posthuman. But to do so, he’ll need to stay alive and ahead of his pursuers.

And in Shanghai, a posthuman child named Ling Shu will go to dangerous and explosive lengths to free her uploaded mother from the grip of Chinese authorities.

The first blows in the war between human and posthuman have been struck. The world will never be the same.

File Under: Science Fiction [ Upgraded | Closer Than You Think | Upload | Civil War ]

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


About Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam was born in Cairo, Egypt, and came to the US at the age of 3. He’s a computer scientist, futurist, and award-winning author.

Ramez spent 13 years at Microsoft, where he led teams developing early versions of Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and the Bing search engine. His career has focused on bringing advanced collaboration, communication, and information retrieval capabilities to roughly one billion people around the world, and took him to the role of Partner and Director of Program Management within Microsoft, with deep experience leading teams working on cutting edge technologies such as machine learning, search, massive scale services, and artificial intelligence.

Between stints at Microsoft, Ramez founded and ran Apex NanoTechnologies, the world’s first company devoted entirely to software tools to accelerate molecular design. He holds 19 patents related to search engines, information retrieval, web browsing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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  1. I love your review. This is one I need to add to my reading list.

    sherry @ fundinmental

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