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The Children and the Blood by @MeganJoPeterson The war isn’t over but the covers are new!


*Doing the Happy Cover Whore Dance*

Megan Joel Peterson announced the new covers May 5th! Good Choice Reading is hosting the celebratory blast with a giveaway and helping promote the first in the series being on sale, in honor of the new pretties for only 99¢… what? You didn’t hear me?

On sale for only 99¢!

The Children and the Blood by @MeganJoPeterson The war isn’t over but the covers are new!The Children and the Blood
Series: The Children and the Blood #1
by Megan Joel Peterson
Pages: 351
on February 6, 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
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A forgotten life.
A secret war.

Eight years ago, an exploding gas main killed Ashley’s family and left her with a childhood she can’t remember. Eight years later, the forgotten past is behind her and life on her isolated farm is all she knows.

Until that past comes looking for her.

Until men with superhuman powers hunt her down in the night, determined to take everything she loves away from her again.

“Refreshing and suspenseful, The Children and the Blood is a YA Urban Fantasy that took me by surprise and impressed me so many times I lost count.” – Raina ‘The LUV’NV’

“The world building was incredible. I swear it was like reading a movie script at times, how those vivid scenes would put on the big screen.” – Moka ‘Words Create Scenes’

Title: Taliesin Ascendant

The war isn’t over. And new enemies await.

Life on the run hasn’t been easy, but so far, Ashe has survived. But now Carter has ordered her away from the Hunters to find her family’s people – an order she can’t refuse, no matter how much she wants to stay.

Following his command will bring her into an unknown world, however – a world filled with new enemies and old prejudices that will demand more of her than she can imagine, at a cost higher than she’ll ever be willing to pay.

“Taliesin Ascendant is equally as pulse-pounding as The Children and the Blood. I felt there was fantastic character development
combined with the spine-tingling suspense and action. Oh, all the intrigue!” – Brandee ‘Bookworm Brandee’
“Things unfold but you still know there’s more to the story that you don’t know. It’s very unique writing and an absolute high speed, action packed adventure that you’re traveling on with the main characters.” – Carey ‘Toot’s Book Reviews’
Title: Merlin’s Children

The stakes of the war have never been higher. But what will be the cost to win? 

Ashe knows loss, knows sacrifice and pain. Her allies are scattered and too many lie dead. The Blood are stronger than ever and more connected than she could have imagined.

But the worst is yet to come. The war has taken so many people she loves.

Now it just might take everyone who’s left. “This final book in the trilogy was every bit as thrilling as the first two. I was so tense – flying through the pages to learn who would survive, who would betray whom, which characters would finally put their trust in the right people. It was nail-biting suspense.” – Brandee ‘Bookworm Brandee


About Megan Joel Peterson

Megan lives somewhere between the cornfields of Illinois and fantasy worlds filled with magic.

She has a degree in English Literature from the University of Illinois, and has worked a little bit of everywhere over the years.

Now she spends her days and nights creating new stories, and thinks writing is the best job for which she ever could have asked.

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  1. Wow, Kriss. This post is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing about the new covers for The Children and the Blood! 🙂

    • You are so welcome! I love my site and am thrilled when authors and other appreciate and can see the pretties too!

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