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Y is for Young Adult Reads & Some of my Favorites #AtoZChallenge

Those who have read my blog before knows how much I want to strangle folks who label their books young adult half the time. Indie authors are very guilty of doing this to books and assume because a book has a young protagonist that it makes it a young adult read. So wrong it is not funny.


I kept frothing at the mouth and refusing to even read these books because so many bloggers and reviewers were reading them and so many were.coming out not fit to be labeled young adult… Then I stumbled across  Chuck Wendig-25 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUNG ADULT FICTION and he smacked down and said it all.Here area few of the times I have tried to say but cannot even come close to the Wendig-O I may as well paraphrase & quote (in red) a few:

  1. “Young Adult is NOT A GENRE! “Repeat after me: Young Adult is not a genre designation. See? Not so hard.” Yep, not a genre. It is an AGE DESIGNATION.. for a specific demographic. Got it? Usually 12-18
  2. It is included in many genres: It can be epic fantasy. It can be space opera. It can be (and often is) dystopia. It can be elf romance.”
  3. It should feature a TEEN protagonist: (see feature NOT just have). That teen should suffer from TEEN problems! This is the one that I REALLY feel strongly about. “We write about teens to talk to teens. And you talk to teens by embracing their problems. Teen problems are — well, crap, do you remember being a teenager? Holy fuck was that ever a weird time. High school! Sex! Drugs! Drinking! Parents! First love! First breakup! Bullying! College planning! SATs! Pregnancy scares!” EXACTLY! This is it right here, screw you censoring asshats who think that teens should not read about stuff like that, ummm YES! They also SWEAR!! *gasp* OMG noooooooooo.. yep, deal. But I do have to respect some folks who don’t want their kids reading about it. I bet Grasshopper Jungle will make it to someones banned book list this next year… I guarantee it, I wonder just how many FUCKS are in it! Plus the protagonist smokes and discusses semen occasionally… umm because it is important!
  4. SEX, DRUGS, DRINKING: Should I repeat this? Well Chuck thinks I should.. “This isn’t me suggesting every teenager has sex, or drinks, or does drugs — only that it’s there. It exists for them. And some adults may bluster — “Bluh, bleh, muh, not my teenager!” — to which I say, even Amish teenagers deal with this. The Amish. The Amish.”
  5. Teenagers BRAIN power: Oh hell go Read this: “The Teenage Brain Is A Work-In-Progress.”

I really could go on, but I will let you go read it over on Chuck’s blog because the man is a god, yes.. a god. When I asked Angry Robot if I could get him interviewed for my blog I thought I was going to wet myself when I found out he said YES!

What is your opinion of Young-Adult reads?


A few from this year I have read and reviewed

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith review & a pizza recipe… it was #Unstoppable.

This book absolutely stole my soul! Male protagonist, unique ideas, totally amazing read in which a man-made virus transforms afflicted humans into giant, horny preying mantises. Now a New York Times bestseller, Grasshopper Jungle also has been picked up by Sony to be on the big screen… you think 6-foot Preying Mantis’ were bad on the book… think about 30-feet in the theatre!

The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard (Sci-Fi) reviewalmost-girl

This one caught me way off guard. As per-usual it is dominated by a female protagonist. I really was thinking I would not like it, if only because the premise of another dimension and a bad ass teen protecting the prince.. I mean come on right? Oh heck no, it was fab! Check the review out!

The Taking by Kimberly Dertingreview (release 4/29)The-Taking-Kimberly-Derting-copy

Aliens, sci-fi and love.. yep! I loved it. I was so excited when I found out about it I wrote my review ASAP and the publisher ended up contacting me for a hot Tuesday is for The Taking tour. Check out her favorite sci-fi movies.

Reality Boy by A. S. King (in progress)Reality-Boy

Andrew Smith is not the only ones using male protagonists in this predominantly female protag world. I met Amy through my friend Amy of Lady Reader’s Bookstuff when we got her tour together. I am in the middle of this (finally) and this book really is touching me with it’s dark disturbing “reality”.From the School Library Journal…an emotionally and mentally deranged sibling and dysfunctional parents wreaked such havoc on a main character who still manages to survive and grow beyond it” 

Some Fine Day by Kat Ross (August Release)some-fine-day-sm

This Strange Chemistry release is a mix of steampunk, dystopia and young love. It is able to include and address environmental concerns in the background. It’s one of those books you cannot put down. It invoked a range of emotion from me that not many books doe. Pre-order today or request on Netgalley.


What Young Adult books have you read or are waiting for that knocked you out of your socks?


  1. LOVE young adult and just happen to own a few young adults myself youngest are soon to be 14 and 17.

    • hahaha I do too, 14, 15, and 17!

  2. I guess I’m so used to people treating YA as a genre that I even refer to it as such. :/ Sorry!
    This is a good reminder, though. 😀
    I actually love young adult romance books and probably enjoy them more than those of that age group. LOL
    Great post!

  3. Great post. I totally agree with you. The amount of times I’ve ran into books that were definitely too mature (or too immature) to be Young Adult are uncountable.
    Thank you for listing some non-romance books too, since some people seem to forget that not everyone likes to read romance.

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