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Quintessential Queso – Curative Properties of Cheese #AtoZChallenge

Queso…. Cheese… what a wonderful thing it is.

Cheese has been one of those things that always makes me feel better. Heck ever hear of tomato soup and a grilled cheese?  I rest my case! This last week I have been barely hanging on due to some flesh-eating virus, seriously I am doing my est not to become a zombie. I am happy to say that Alaskan doctors have been able to find a cure, but it only works on sourdough Alaskans, and since I am almost one I am currently on the mend. It is not a QUICK fix, but at least I have been able to rest, relax and read… a lot. As in 11 books since Monday. Anyway, where was I? Oh ya CHEESE! Did you know it is National Grilled Cheese Month? Check out below the recipe for links to some of my favorite cheese lover’s foodie blogs!


I have lots of grand friends who are just as obsessed with cheese as I am, in fact I have quite the legendary status when it comes to making creations with cheese, long before my legendary status with bacon. When I was at WAZZU I decided to create a huge pot of Fettuccine Alfredo for us. It was, haha, not Fettuccine Alfredo it was like this huge pot of heart stopping mixes of Italian cheese and a lot of garlic. What it did do was give us some comfort food after finals. I still make it every now and then, but what I learned was how to make an amazing cheese mix for my better than sex cheese bread. One day I will share it because today? Today is about the curative properties of cheese. Being sick sometimes you want it simple. Melted cheese just makes me feel better. Why else do you always hear about tomato soup and cheese! I brought the two of them together and added a bit of wow today.

Click for more awesome cheese quotes!!

Click for more awesome cheese quotes!!

Grilled cheese shouldn’t just be on the kids menu. Plenty of great foodie blogs have posted recipes for grilled cheese, in the past popular diners have served up thick breaded grilled cheese loaded with tons of grand sharp cheddar dripping  off with a side of incredible fries. Why has it become just for kids? Well screw that! This week being so sick I bought some tomatoes (which I did find out are a no-no for shingles but screw it), some smoked provolone and some deli fresh rye bread. Can you say hubba hubba?? What I can say is I lived on bananas, peanut butter toast, yoghurt and yes.. fancy grilled cheese this week (and the Chinese Geoff brought home last night but that is another story!).

The Grilled Cheese which helped cure the flesh-eating virus in Kriss!

Tomato & Smoked Provolone on Rye


(Sorry about no ZipList, it is not liking WordPress 3.9 so until then we do it old school)


  • 4 slices of Oroweat® Light Rye Bread
  • 6 slices of smoked provolone (have the deli slice it or buy it pre-sliced)
  • cherry tomatoes (or hot-house) sliced 1/4″ or thinner, but not paper-thin… well I guess it is up to you
  • Italian seasoning (just a dash)
  • garlic powder
  • mayonnaise


  1. Mix up about 2 TBSP of mayo with a little more Italian seasoning and your choice of amount of garlic powder. Don’t over do it. I usually use approximately 1/4 tsp. Let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Before you use whip it a bit more to blend the flavor again.
  2. Heat a non-stick pan on medium
  3. I either buy it at the bakery or I use Oroweat® (or something similar) so the slices are not just square. Cut the cheese slices in half.
  4. Layer tomato slices on one side on top of the cheese, sprinkle with a bit of Italian seasoning and put the other three 1/2 slices on top and top again with the other piece of bread. Do this again with the other sandwich.
  5. Here is my dad’s secret trick to make the perfect grilled cheese, do not use butter, use mayo. Seriously. I have burned so many dang sandwiches and it also drips with even more grease. A little mayo goes a long way, and this seasoned batch will add even more of a flair to my Grilled Cheese 2.0! Place in the pan, cover and watch so it doesn’t burn. I find about 4 minutes each side. Also if it is already melting when you flip it, leave the cover off so it doesn’t get to steam-soggy (yes that is a term).


french onion grilled cheese from annie eats

Roasted Broccoli Grilled Cheese by TWO PEAS

Blueberry, Brie and Lemon Curd Grilled Cheese by TWO PEAS

Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Grilled Cheese recipe from How Sweet It Is

grilled fontina + blackberry basil smash sandwiches from How Sweet It Is

caramel apple grilled cheese  from How Sweet It Is

roasted strawberry, brie Margherita+ chocolate grilled cheeeeeeeese from How Sweet It Is

Philly Cheese Steak Grilled Cheese from BS in the Kitchen

Chicken Pot Pie Grilled Cheese from BS in the Kitchen

“The Margherita” Pizza Grilled Cheese from BS in the Kitchen

Roasted Cranberry and Brie Grilled Sandwich from Cooking Stoned

Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Cooking Stoned


  1. I am a whore for cheese…have been. since I was a kid. We never had chips…mostly cheese-and-crackers

    I love your recipe…and, I agree…Mayo is the way to go


  2. I like my cheese like my men – ripe and decadent.

  3. Oh man I’m hungry now. I love grilled cheese sandwiches. Anything with cheese. There’s a franchise company that does grilled cheese. I want to invest just so I can eat grilled cheese 3 times a day!
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  4. Aaand now I’m hungry. Thanks. 😉 Seriously, grilled cheese is one of my favorite things, and you are so right it’s AMAZING with tomato soup.

    One of my favorite grilled-cheese version is nice hearty whole-grain bread with sharp cheddar and thinly slicked apples. The apples get just a little softer when you cook the sandwich but still stay juicy which is such a nice contrast to the sweet, melty, gooey cheese.

    I really want to make a grilled cheese now!

    Stopping by from the A-Z 🙂

  5. OMG I visited some of the sites…yummy, had to pin a few LOL

  6. This makes me want to find a book that focuses on cheese so I have a reason to create a cheese lesson.via A to Z challenge Any time I can use food in a lesson, I do.

    • Oh Glenda I would love to see that! I LOVE CHEESE!

  7. So, I was at a Mexican restaurant for my birthday and my mother had managed a couple minutes of conversation in Spanish with the waiter. When they were done, I asked for queso. He looked at me, looked confused, and then asked “cheese dip?” …. *facepalm*

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