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New Covers to Reveal – Dream Stalkers by @TimWaggoner #AtoZChallenge

NN is for New… in this case New Covers! Sorry this is late guys, I am suffering from a sudden health issue that has had me in bed since Monday. Doctors and Geoff, the husbands orders. But.. this is N and it is NEW and it accidentally never made it out of drafts! Oh Tim! You got another live one, thank you so much for being such an amazing author and Angry Robot Publishing, I am so honored to be part of your team! Thanks!

So excited to be able to bring you this cover reveal today! The first one, holy crap Night Terrors! OMG! Night Terrors is not even here yet and now we get to see the new cover? (I have the ARC as a I am part of the Robot Army!) This one is going to be just as exciting, though we have to wait till November for it to get here.

For those who do not know the magical and crazy awesomeness that is Tim Waggoner, ohhh you are missing something awesome! He wrote the Nekropolis series which involved an undead private eye. Kind of like pulp fiction hard boiled detective meets Buffy the snark vampire hunter and goes .. I… it is urban fantasy at its finest but yet so much more! You should check it out too, this one? Well LOOK AT THE COVER, HELLO! SO excited! I discovered Tim long before I was book blogging. When Angry Robots sent me the complete collection of the Nekropolis series… signed I think I possibly may have wet myself, a little (five kids… haha kidding but you get the drift). ANYWAY get ready for it!! Second one is coming…

Dream Stalkers (a Shadow Watch Novel)


A new drug – Shut-Eye – has been developed in the dreamland, and smuggled into our world. It’s addictive, and dangerous, and Shadow Watch agents Audra and Mr Jinx are on the case, preparing new recruits to deal with the problem.

Meanwhile, a wave of ancient, bodiless Incubi are entering the dreams of humans in an attempt to possess them and live new lives. Only the criminally insane would ever risk a confrontation with them.

Thank goodness, then, for Mr Jinx: clown, Shadow Watch agent, psychopath.

Cover art by amazing15

One international copy of Night Terrors  (paperback) is available to one lucky commenter on the post! Sweet! I love Angry Robot Books!!


If you guys want to become part of this amazing team check out the websites below!

Websites Angry Robot BooksStrange Chemistry (YA) – Exhibit A Books (crime/mystery)

Twitter feeds – @angryrobotbooks | @strangechem | @exhibitAbooks


  1. Best listen to the hubby and the doctor. Hope you feel better whatever it is that ails you. By the way, thought I’d mention the print here as I type is SUPER light and very very hard to read. Not sure if you’ve got a setting gone wonky or what, but it’s almost white on white. Hope I’ve not made a typo, if I have I can’t see it to fix it. Wasn’t sure you were seeing the same thing, as though of us visiting your blog. Maybe it’s just a constrast issue that you can fix. Here for A-Z Challenge

  2. I have had the Matt Richter books on my wishlist for awhile now, so I grabbed the omnibus so I can read it. These new ones looks amazeballs – I love that the cover artist drew the female character in a normal pose and in appropriate clothing rather than the skin-tight leather and awkward poses that so many UF heroines are put into on the covers.

    Hope you are feeling better sooner. Text me if you need me. *hugs*

  3. That is an amazing cover. Looks like an incredible read.


  4. …..Is the giveaway still open, if it is please I want in too, lol…..

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