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B is for Books, Books and more Books! #AtoZChallenge

B-buttonOh my it is almost 6PM here in Alaska and I can honestly tell you guys that I had to pry myself out of one of those awesome books to post about them for B! Cabin Goddess has become all about books and I can truthfully say it is wonderful. I love the interaction I have with authors, I now also market many indie authors and do graphics and covers. I love the world of books!

I am going to keep this short because I have another book to dive into (and I am suffering from something miserable so I am not feeling my best.. oh I bet there is a book for this!).

Books have been my escape from reality since I was  a child. Mysteries, dramas, adventures around the world and I could be there just by reading a book.

My favorite books this year are post-apocalyptic books. It is probably due to my new project over at Wilderness Apocalypse which I am doing with my friend Kai. We also are doing A to Z Challenge there! You should check it out!

So far this year I have read about 15 post-apocalyptic and zombie apocalypse books. Do you guys have a favorite genre? Can you have a favorite one? I seriously cannot pick just one!

  • Comfy Mysteries: I love both paranormal comfy ones and others. I think my favorite ones are by Rose Pressey. (see one of my reviews)
  • Zombie: Oh man the list is way too long. I like when an author takes a chance, and one of my favorite zombie survival series is NewsFlesh. What a festive awesome book by one of my favorite authors Mira Grant. She also wrote Parasite earlier last year and though no a zombie book it has zombie elements to it!
  • Mysteries and Procedurals: I love procedurals, and though the Temperance Brennen series is a good one it is not one of the best I have written. Those are hard to find and some of my favorite authors have stopped writing. A good mystery? Murder, crime, psychopaths? Oh ya!
  • Adventure, Suspense and Thrillers. James Rollins is incredible at this and is by far one of my favs. I have read everything he has written and was honored to interview him for the blog in December! Check the interview out..
  • Classics: I still read them, I read Moby Dick yearly, I adore Jane Austin, I am in love with Thoreau and I could go on and on. One of the things my parents did was trade me a classic for three whatever I wanted to read and what it did was instil a love of classics.
  • Horror: I cut my teeth on Stephen King and Clive Barker. I have lost myself in the horrors of many others like HP Lovecraft and the dark messed up poems of Poe. There is not much in the realm of horror I don’t like, except maybe things like SAW like books. I don’t like those things, it is boring truthfully!

I could go on but it is running a bit long as it is! Because I adore Cyberpunk and I love books that question ethics and morals and test our limits of thought. I will be talking more about books and posting my C (cooking) post in the morning! But for now, enjoy! Here is a board I have created on Pinterest which I pin this year’s reviews and others have been invited to post theirs too. Do you want in? Let me know and we can square an invite away!

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  1. I really thought our B would be Bacon… LOL I see you read “Elemental Detective,” which is the only Riga Hayworth book I haven’t read yet. Was it good? For procedurals, I love the Lucas Davenport series by John Sandford; I think there are almost 20 books n the series and the quality has remained top-notch, You should check them out in all your copious spare time… And we can’t forget Urban Fantasy; I think James Tuck has a new one coming out soon!

    • Yep! James does. ohhh bacon will be in here somewhere, I believe P is for Pig, the TREE OF LIFE.. LOL

      I just grabbed the first in the series after reading your comment and so far you are right it translates well even for a procedural that was written in 1989! Kathy Reichs does NOT!

      • Awesome! I hope you’ll enjoy following Lucas’ exploits as much as I have!

  2. Have a great B-ook-year! Looks like you’re already well on your way. 🙂

  3. Bookish love to the book filled month and year to you.

    Happy A to Zing.

    – Kripali
    (AJ’s wHooligan)
    Sumptuous Living

  4. Great post, Kriss! I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes Moby Dick. I haven’t read it in awhile, but I have read it several times. Good luck with your A to Z!

    • Every year I read it around my grandfather’s birthday. I just finished it around the beginning of Feb. I hated reading it when I read it for a college class, funny because I had already read it about 12 times by then. It is funny what books you will end up loving if you take the time to read them outside of academia!

  5. brilliant bunch of books there – Visiting from A-Z

  6. Blooming heck! You read a lot! 🙂 I recommend Val McDermid’s series of Tony Hill / Carol Jordan novels! Great crim profiling series, particularly the first, The Mermaids Singing. I like what I have read of King. Lovecraft is delightfully Old Skool! Good luck with the A-Z!

    • SWEET! Oh ya I read a LOT! I have cut it in half and only read about 100 books a year now but I still read A LOT!

  7. Yup, one can never have too many books… My B post was (also) a bubbly Book post ;)) will share image on your FB ;p

  8. I’ll be honest. I don’t love books nearly as much as you, and yes, I’m a book blogger. However, your tone is infectious—makes me want to go read a book instead of commenting on A to Z blogs. Perhaps before I go to bed.

    Visit us during the A to Z Challenge. We’re highlighting authors who are more than writers. Click HERE.

  9. I like reading all sorts of genres but my favorite right now are vampire romance.

  10. Holy crud! Every genre you listed, I would picture a book to suggest, and there it was already listed! Except for Moby Dick, which I hate, you and I have amazingly similar taste in books. I’m currently flipping back and forth between the post-apocalyptic / dystopia and zombie genres. And isn’t it funny how these two do tend to overlap? Mira Grant — the NewsFlesh series — one of my VERY favorites I can’t push on people fast enough! And yeah, I’m glad you mentioned Parasite. Can’t wait to read the next one!

  11. My last comment, I don’t know if it went through. I said something like this: I love reading poetry and memoir. I do go back to novels from time to time and I challenge myself to read other memoir. I just always seem to cuddle up with what makes me coziest.


    What brings you back to Moby Dick yearly? Are you a super Melville fan?

    Julie Jordan Scott
    A to Z Challenge Participant/2011,12,13,14…..
    The Bold Writer from A to Z


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