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A Rant – No #SnowShaming from this Alaskan Gal! (Cat Thursday too)

STOP #SnowShaming you jerks! This is a REAL ISSUE, not a twerk violation!

I want to give a huge shout out to my brethren in the South. Wait, the South is almost everything for me.. *starting over* I want to give a HUGE SHOUT-OUT of support and love for my brothers and sistahs in the South-Eastern states. The weather is horrific and this is my pledge to you to not throw memes and #snowshame you. Teasing, yes but I will NOT participate in being a douche-bag because you supposedly cannot handle a little snow and ice.

HELLO PEOPLE, snow and ice, back the fuck up and think about this. One or two snow-plows in the area… salt? Do you even have salt for the roads in Florida? Or are they going to Home Depot and buying Morton’s Iodized Table Salt in bulk? I am not kidding, it is not cool, asshole! I live in Alaska and I and a few Canadians know what real cold is like. Michigan and a few other states get cold, but not our cold. You know what we are pussies about? WARM WEATHER IN THE WINTER!

We are not used to this weather and are dealing with school shut downs because it is to warm. Rain in January, icy roads because of the rain and no salt either. WE WANT OUR WINTER BACK you southern freaks! (kidding, you are not all southerners, it is all good). What you call a snow storm may not be what a lot of folks consider it but, again HELLO? THE SOUTH, warm weather, mild winters… you are not suppose to be able to deal with a little snow. Two hours to make a twenty minute trip, how is this an OK thing you asshat?

Sure, the insufficient infrastructure is not really OK but I can understand how the transportation offices were not prepared! They should have scrambled after the Polar Vortex took hold and been ready, but I am not judging or shaking fingers. I am sitting here reading about my friends who ran out of fuel. They were prepared and still ran out of fuel to heat their home. Or my friend who just had a baby and had to leave her own house and stay at a hotel because their new heater broke down because it was not born for real cold. I live in Alaska, I am used to crap like this and am ready and the cold still kicks my ass. Psychologically this is a huge downer, everyone I know is is cranky and snapping at me because they are getting tired of the cold, they are starting to panic a bit and PEOPLE ARE SHAMING THEM FOR COMPLAINING!

What about the kids stuck on the buses for hours because of the traffic. Heck some of those kids had to spend the night in their schools. (see Washington Post Gallery). Those school buses are NOT HEATED FUCKTARD! Those kids were in REAL DANGER! HELL they are not heated well here, I should know I worked for the school bus company in Alaska. I got the job because I was told it would be the best way to acclimatize for the cold.  KIDS STUCK ON BUSES IS NOTHING TO MAN UP ABOUT! OH I am so pissed!

So I ask you, before you get on your high horse and tell someone to man up and deal with it, take your clothes off and stand out in -40 degree weather and smile while a crazy photographer takes your photo, then go home run out of heating oil and stay in your house because you are trapped by the icy roads, oh and eat those frozen fish sticks from 2008 that were in the freezer still because you were such a super survival stud and were not prepared for the electricity going out and had to heat those fuckers on your car engine, if it starts. BE NICE douche-bag! 900 accidents in Atlanta ALONE, ummm this is a problem. If you do not deal with the cold regularly or real winters, you don’t know how to prepare and the southern states are just not prepared. You man up and then stick one of those frozen fish sticks up your ass after you send the #snowshaming memes out.. *grumbling*

Now on that note…. 



I had to include my cat, because well after calling all the jerks who are #snowshaming, assholes etc… I think I at least owe it to you to bring a smile to your face.

Cat Thursday

It is the first time I have partaken in this festive meme. I figured I would throw a photo at you to amuse you while I try to get caught up from being sick (yes still working on that). Plus I am revamping the site and it is taking time.. PLUS I am reading.. PLUS I am .. oh … I need to go play Guild Wars 2, I am almost level 40… PRIORIES PEOPLE! Asrielle here decided she needed a new coat, or at least this is a sign we need to start putting up the plastic bags immediately. But she is our Bond Villain Cat, maybe I need to make her own cape, what do you guys think?

#CatThursday no.1
A Rant - No #SnowShaming from this Alaskan Gal! (Cat Thursday too)

This is a weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Normally you join by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). Today I am sharing Asrielle, the Bond Villain Cat.. BUT the meme is all for the love of cats! Enjoy! (share your post in the Mr. Linky on True Book Addicts site!)


  1. Looks like she has plenty of tortitude.
    Show me some love!

    • I LOVE that TORTITUDE!!!
      Show me some love!

  2. I’ve experienced that kind of cold in Eastern Montana, and close to it in Fargo. It’s not too bad here in Athens but I remember one winter when we had an ice storm that took down all the power lines and freezing weather for a couple weeks. Our power was out for 5 days, which we spent mostly huddled in bed trying to stay warm in multiple layers and piles of blankets. The humidity down here makes any cold even worse. I hope not to go through THAT again any time soon.
    Show me some love!

  3. Thanks for the shout out from this Southern gal. We live further south than Atlanta and didn’t get the issues that they did, but I just checked Intellicast and right now we are ONE degree warmer than you! We do appreciate the fact that you get it. {{hugs}}

  4. Great ‘effin post. I’m in the Southeast and these poor kids can’t handle it (I’m a hometown Chicago gal, so I can)
    Show me some love!

  5. I just moved to ATL a few months ago from Virginia where we had snow at least twice a year. In VA hours before it hit they treated all the streets for ice. Snowplows were at intersections. But who the hell thinks there will be accumulating snow when you live an hour from FL? It’s never happened before apparently so how can you prep for a curveball? It’s like the zombie apocalypse sure it’s possible but sure as hell not that probable. I know how to drive in snow but can’t get my car out of the driveway because of ice. The unplowed streets are ice skating rinks still covered in an inch of snow and there is nothing to be done but wait for the cold to clear. So don’t judge us ATL people.

  6. Awesome post. I’ve lived in the SE all my life and it only snows like every other year. We have “wet” snow that turns to slush and refreezes overnight. It’s already been said about the ice and humidity effects. ATL traffic is bad on a good day, and if something bad happens it’s gridlock.

    I live in the middle of nowhere south of Atlanta, so traffic isn’t the issue. We get everything we need to get before the roads ice. Everybody got caught with their pants down this time. Usually when it starts to snow we have plenty of time to get the kids, get the groceries and get home before the snow sticks or if it sticks at all.
    Show me some love!

  7. I put this on FB in a comment to this post, so it only makes sense to put it on the actual post:

    Thank you, Kriss. Living it (I’m in central Alabama), we have been teasing ourselves about it over texts and a couple of posts here and there, but we do this during hurricanes too. Because there has to be a sense of humor during a disaster or we’d go crazy. Mistakes have been made. We learn from them and laugh and move on.

    We’re in our home for the third day of road closures. Thank goodness we’re one of the lucky ones. Many military folks have been stuck on base for the last two days. One of my cousins was stuck out on 280 in Birmingham. And you already mentioned the kids, many of which around here spent the night in their schools for two nights. It’s cold, but we have a fireplace and warm clothing. The good news is that the temperature is rising and everyone should be able to move around better by midday.

    Imagine a quarter to a half inch of ice under that inch of snow people are making fun of…with absolutely no way to melt it other than the natural course of higher temperatures. Well, maybe a statement like that is silly to folks living way up North, but imagine that the last event that occurred that could even be somewhat comparable was more than 20 years ago. Why have even a single salt truck if it only happens once every two or three decades?

    Anyway, jest and teasing each other is fine. Even we can see humor in our disasters. But snow shaming isn’t funny. People using this to somehow ‘prove’ just how ‘stupid’ Southerners are isn’t funny either.

    This is real. And no one is immune. I have lived in Northern states and have learned to live in, drive in, and deal with snow and ice. But that doesn’t help me in an area where there are no resources to deal with ice, where no one else knows how to live in or drive in snow. It doesn’t make Southerners stupid because they lack this knowledge. This kind of thing just NEVER happens.

    Bring on a tornado, a flood, or a hurricane, and you have the most knowledgeable people there are.

  8. On a lighter note, Asrielle is adorable. Yes, please! (Yes, please make a cape!)

  9. JUST an FYI, the warm weather SCREWS US and makes things dangerous. There are people trapped in Valdez because of the avalanches. Trapped in bush towns because the roads are undrivable in the winter slush and ice. I realize this is bizarre, but just as much as you guys don’t do cold in the winter, we don’t do above 0 temps well at ALL!
    Show me some love!

  10. I can understand what a serious issue this must be, because if it snowed in Sydney, it would be a disaster. Sure, we can needle each other for not liking the temperatures we don’t usually get (I hate the cold) but there’s an issue when people don’t deal with conditions like this often enough to know what to do, and there is no infrastructure to deal with the problem.
    Show me some love!

  11. Asrielle ftw

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