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Inviting Success into my year with the focus of one word. #OneWord365




Oh yes another yearly “thing”. But this goes along with my 365Project and I am even more humbled by the concept. The challenge is from and the idea did more than bring me out of my self-induced fog, it smacked me upside the head.

Writing Resolutions:

Do you have a New Years Resolution? Oh you do? When is the last time you actually achieved it, or bothered to keep working on it a few months later? Yep, I knew it! See, ditto! I make all sorts of promises to myself, post my intent publicly or tweet it, perhaps shout it out over the organic cauliflower display “I will be a healthier person, this lovely new exercise bike my husband bought me will not be a new place to hang my cardigan and stack my TBR pile…” blah blah blah… *pointing at you* yes YOU!

Writing my Opus in Lists:


I write lists, I make up my mind what area of my life I am going to focus on and make a list. I make brilliant beautiful lists, with stickers and pretty colored gel pens! I hang them by my mirrors and put post its everywhere… again blah blah blah. They are gorgeous but I let them go. Or forget or I over-do the goal setting and make a mockery out of what should really be a simple statement of what I want to work on, one thing that can extend beyond my work but affect me and my life. I am not getting any younger it is time to start taking control… and that brings me to the kind of exercise that has no bars and handles for me to hang the ugly Christmas sweater on. This brings us to the concept of one word, one concept one thing we can keep circling back to when we are at our wits end and the squirrel is hucking more nuts at your head each day. Take a deep breath and start again and pick that one word. I knew my word as soon as I read only part of one post about this project.


Yes, Geoff had the same look of confusion on his face when I told him. But to me, it means exactly what I want to do and why it humbled me. Taking time for [insert].. Time to stop and smell the roses. Trite yes but it means STOP, look and listen instead of just sustaining yourself on coffee and cigarettes (or bacon, chocolate, Rice Crispy Treats).

Time to stop and look back at my past but not let those TIMEs take away from my time here.. yes I am going round about but I think you see all the things I can do with this. One thing it leaves little for me to do which is circle the drain, unless I forget I have time.

Since my Visual Grace & Gratitude blog is currently on hold due to the blog dropping acid over new years (I swear it is true, ask my system admin tech! That and it is experiencing flash backs and PTSD from when it was housed over at inMOTION Hosting (NEVER EVER EVER host your blog there, it assrapes your databases and gives your A record herpes!) Anyway, I thought I would also take the time to share today’s post. Yesterday’s is going to have to wait till the blog is up and running!

January 3rd’s Visual Grace

(maybe not that graceful and possibly looking like I had a stroke, but it is part of my gratitude):photo-002

So much of my days are focused around Geoff. When is he coming home, when does he need to get up and when is he going to stop snoring. I love him to pieces and since deciding on my one word, TIME, I have realized the biggest gift he has given me all these years is time. Time to heal, time to focus on fixing me, time to be happy and time to laugh. Perhaps he should take a page out of his own book and take the time to rest, to be happy with who he is and take the time to live life instead of just be part of it. I am grateful more and more for the time I have had with him and with what he has given me. Even if it is just sleeping in!

So, did you make a resolution? Want out already? Why not take the TIME to choose a word and join me on #OneWord365

My current blog posts being written on 750Words. Another one of those tools to help me keep track of what I am writing word wise, who nows what will happen! So far I have written or started over five posts, reviews and stories.


Inviting Success into my year with the focus of one word. #OneWord365


  1. I love mantras! Time is a great one. For me this year’s resolution has to do with giving up meat. I’ve been thinking how gross frying flesh is (even as I eat it) or biting into a leg of an animal, wondering what mine would taste like if I were on Planet of the Apes.

    My word for 2014 is Happy. I’m reading to put it all aside and be me :).
    Show me some love!

  2. Wow, TIME is a great word! Personally, I picked FORWARD, because if I’m not moving forward, I’m not going anywhere! Good post, thanks for sharing! :O)

  3. A friend gave me the One Word idea. I found this intriguing since resolutions are impossible to keep and I like one word daily intentions, so why not focus on one word for a whole year? I thought about it for days and finally it came to me, what do I wish I had more of in my life? TIME! I know I am my own worst saboteur when it comes to TIME. But I also knew I needed some accountability, so I did a little googling and liked OneWord365 best–low commitment. 🙂 Alas! Kriss, you and I are the only ones in the “TIME Tribe.” I don’t blog myself, but will enjoy following yours. Onward!


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