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365Project: Visual Grace & Gratitude, 2014 Fun, Goals & Plans


I am planning so many things this year. I have a bunch of side projects in addition to Cabin Goddess, one of which is a variation of 365Project. It is a variation of many since really it needs to be made your own. Sure there sites like and Fat Mum Slim who does monthly photo prompts: (which I am sure I will be using and will add January’s prompt image for you to use if you want too).  But what I really want to do is based on my partner and dear friend Kai’s idea over at Her project is called Photos and Gratitude. I will be setting my own 365.2014 sub-domain up here but till I can figure that out (coughing, having technical difficulties) I will be doing the first few here. My project is called:

Visual Grace & Gratitude

I will be posting a photo and a daily gratitude or something of the sort. Today I decided to post a photo of me with one card I drew for my first day of 2014. It is the Moon card. This is a card that says “You are at the brink of an important change… ” it also is very vague because it is saying be open to this change also. I think considering I shuffled and pulled that out it says a lot. Inspiration indeed! So Here is my GRATITUDE:

I am grateful for the experiences, friendships and lessons I have learned, both good and bad, throughout 2013. I am thankful for another year free of some of my awful demons and having Geoff in my life again. At the end of this month marks the ninth year of living together and in November 2014 we will celebrate ten years of knowing each other. I make a point of that because our love started as just friends. The day I met him, however, was a day my world was cracked open wide. I came to many realizations about my current life and though the last nine years have been full of wonderful and horrific times, I am happy I have them all. Ohh and now, here is my VISUAL GRACE (a week bit narcissistic eh? Oh I am ok with that! Better than calling it a YEAR IN SELFIES):



Challenges? What did you do last year? Mine was for 102 books (two books a week) for my Goodreads Challenge this last year was a HUGE success with 131 registered! For the fourth year in a row I am doing another one. I am starting off with the same amount of books, 104. This year I did fantastic with 131 books, woot! This year I am going to do the same, hopefully. What are your challenges this year? I have not signed up for any but the Goodreads, I need good ones to do!

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Kriss has
completed her goal of reading 104 books in 2013!


The other challenge I did was the Mystery/Crime book challenge which I totally smoked it back six months ago. I am a true Sherlock Holmes! My goal was 30 within the challenge and I read over 70 books. SCORE! I also have blogged almost every day this year, which is pretty damn good I only missed a few Saturdays and every now and then a Sunday. But I blogged at least 5 days a week. I am pretty happy about it, but this year it is going to be more of a challenge. I have tons of incredible projects and it will include blogging on more than one blog each day. That and my Christmas Gift from Kai….. I will be published by the end of the year with a full length novel (which she knows more about than anyone else). Short stories, Geoff’s blog… secret projects oh and several anthologies! YES yes YES!

I am starting off the New Year tonight with being the special host on The Star Chamber from Seventh Star Press which I am getting ready for right this very minute! Hope you can join us!

The Star Chamber Show Episode #6! New Year’s Special Featuring Kriss Morton!

Current Books Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Star Chamber on BlogTalkRadio


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  1. sounds like two fun challenges for the year (the reading and the gratitude photos). Instead of reading challenges, I am doing a host of writing challenges this year. (I listed them on a recent post in my blog.) I’m hosting two of the challenges, so it will be a fun year and I am looking forward to finding out if I can keep up with it all! Good luck with your challenges, Kriss!

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