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Blue Ball Floats for you & a Frosty the Snowman Float for Kids – #dessert drinks

Dessert drinks are not just for kids!

Thanksgivakkuh … the first time the first day have Hanukkah falls on the same day as Thanksgiving and though not the last time, it may not happen for another 78,000 years by some Rabbis counts. What makes it special for Geoff and I is this is the first time we have had a family one since 2004 and not had Nachos or a Tofurkey (yes that is a tradition). We are back over at the families house who sheltered us during our brief homelessness due to the winter storm here in Alaska earlier this month. It turns out over 50K were without electricity at some point and a lot of those without a heating source, like us. Thank goodness they got it on when they did because the weather dropped to -32F three days after we moved back home WINTER IS HERE, PEOPLE! And she is being a finicky bitch!

but-we-want-dessertFor a treat I made the two older girls, Olivia (sans barista glasses) and Georgia (future hipster) a special drink with blue cream soda. Honestly I thought to myself when I saw it that it would be a great fun dessert to make tonight and easy too. Turns out I was right, and not just for me! THey were feeling a bit put out because we would not let them eat any MORE cookie dough!


Blue Ball Floats for you & a Frosty the Snowman Float for Kids - #dessert drinksBlue Ball Floats for you & a Frosty the Snowman Float for Kids - #dessert drinks

The trick to these is the Frosty Blue Cream Soda! Also the other key the ice cream is a tad soft so you can roll it in two balls. One jar makes two perfect flats. The girls were blown away and so excited! So were the adults! 

Frosty the Snowman Floats

(Enough for two floats)

  • 2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1/2 bottle Frostie Blue Cream Soda
  • carrot sticks (seriously)
  • 20 ounce glass cups, preferably fountain glasses, chilled


make the magic happen
  1. Scoop two scoops of Ice Cream into chilled glasses
  2. slowly poor soda into each glass till you have used half in each.
  3. insert straw and hand each awesome child a long handled spoon and a carrot stick to stir it and say,

“Keep it Frosty, My friend… ” 


….and watch them giggle with glee, and possibly give you the child’s equivalent of the middle finger!


Blue Ball Floats

Adult version is similar… but different and … well, read on!

Start the party… … 
  1. Mix the soda and vodka first
  2. scoop ice cream into the chilled highball glass
  3. carefully pour the mixture over the top of your ball of ice cream

Guys, you won’t care how blue your balls were, gals, you will enjoy given them blue balls tonight even more… 


Hope everyone is having a Fantastic Thanksgivakkuh! See you on the flip-side with a really special treat!



Blue Ball Floats for you & a Frosty the Snowman Float for Kids - #dessert drinks


  1. Kriss has blue balls hahahahahahaha also it looks yummeh

  2. This looks delicious! For those who don’t have this, I know that Jones Soda has a bubblegum flavour and a cream soda flavour that’s clear–you could use one of those *possibly with a different kind of vodka* or some food colouring!

  3. Only a fool would have ever said dessert drinks are just for kids 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving.

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