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#AdamsOnGlee wearing #SteampunkGoggles & the #Gleeks are Excited

keep-calm-and-gleek-out-19I am not going to admit that I am a Glee fan. Nope… because that would be disrespectful to all the hardcore fans out here, the true fangirls and fanboys (like my son Nathan and his partner Alex). But I can say I am a budding fangirl, apparently called baby Gleek. I love musicals, (yes Nathan you get it from mom, not just the gay gene) and I knew once I started watching this I would be hooked, big time. I have been watching it this season and have been going nuts because I wanted to see this next episode so bad… but it took a pause and I lost focus. They left us all hanging and ………..

Then, I got lost, and was engrossed in clients, steampunk goggles, zombie hunting, graphic design etc. etc… etc.. and BAM what shows up across my #GleeSeason5 column in my Hootesuite (hey, don’t judge me, I have a #TheWalkingDead too!). So yes, I am a #Gleek now, I can admit it!

So this Tweet pops up…


And I have to admit, Oh shit… Adam Lambert…….. on Glee, and he is wearing some kick-ass Steampunk Goggles!  And I had just found this Amazing photoshoot on him a few months back, because he is quite gorgeous. So, you combine Glee, Adam Lambert and you get a baby Gleek excited! I love Adam, he reminds me of my childhood (ok and early adulthood too) crush on english glam star Adam Ant. He has a style that says “in your face”, and a presence that makes you melt …and..

Look at his face! It kind of says it all, and who is he in  Glee???


PicMonkey-CollageHello, I think my mild case of excitement was raised even higher when I found out the goggles sported around his neck were also from the same company who made the ones I am currently sporting constantly around my own neck these days was enough to let me squeal a tiny bit. I am a baby Gleek, I squealed!


#AdamsOnGlee wearing #SteampunkGoggles & the #Gleeks are Excited

And yes I am pretty dang excited, maybe not as much as Kurt was though!Adam-Lambert--3

I am going to disagree with here though Kurt… why not name the band..



Listen to the Lady Gaga song he sings and then check out what is coming up tonight!

More Song Spoilers

  • Roar” by Katy Perry – Unique, Jake, Sam, Marley, Tina, Artie, Ryder, Kitty, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Dani (Demi Lovato) and Starchild (Adam Lambert)
  • Applause” by Lady Gaga – Sam, Marley, Artie, Ryder and Blaine
  • Wide Awake” by Katy Perry- Tina, Unique, Jake and Kitty

steampunk_chain_divider__2_by_gasara-d5hgod8 pic-monkey-adam

Adam and Steampunk, not something new!


© – All rights reserved by Skin.Graft.Designs

He is not new to Steampunk. The dedicated fan-art of him sporting goggles and other garb is everywhere. Mainly inspired because of his Glam tour. Adam got together with one of his favorite designers, Skin.Graft.Designs and had them create a fusion between future, past.. tribal and glam. Throw in a bit of Adam Ant, Ziggy Stardust (he does call himself Starchild in the show), a few boas and leather chaps and bam! We have Adam’s own version of Steampunk, the version many are claiming is going to take over Fashion Week 2014! It already is having a huge hit with designers everywhere, not just these Indie labels! Check out’s article on the line and the couture coming out of it.


My question though, if it is becoming mainstream, can it still be called Steampunk?

Or should we just call it …


Whatever it will become, Adam definitely does exactly what you are suppose to do! Creating his own, using new and old influences! Steampunk is about creation and experimentation!

#AdamsOnGlee wearing #SteampunkGoggles & the #Gleeks are Excited

Sexy Steampunk Adam ©2013 Robert Sebree


 Want your own Goggles like the ones which Adam wore? (Yes they really are from this company!! ? Use TRIBERR1 for $5 off and free shipping for $30 and up orders! HURRY HURRY! I LOVE MY GOGGLES!

Granted, they were a day early but hey that is ok, they were excited they got to help dress this guy! I know I would be too!


And keep posting those Pin’s to your boards, all my Pinning addicts! 

They will be making a choice soon! You have 8 more days!

Two of my favorite things coming together for a chance to win pretties! #Steampunk and Pinterest (US)



Prize – Three winners will win a pair of goggles from teh site valued at $40 or more!

Create a Steampunk board on Pinterest.Oh, if this is even possible but let’s put it out there just in case, If you are one of those people who have yet to make a Pinterest run, do not walk and set yours up here – and create said board!

  1. ^^^ Pin the contest button to your new Steampunk board. (or you can re-pin it from my board HERE)
  2. Go to and pin at least three products onto your new boardChoose at least three goggles/products from their festive collection write a creative description which includes#SteampunkGoggles and #PinToWin
  3. Go on a pinning spree and pin more awesome #Steampunk imagery to your boardyou will be judged on the creativity and composition of your board, including image selections, descriptions, hashtags and other factors.

Must have a US address, must be 18 years +, or have parental consent to enter, proof of age will be required to claim the awesome prize. The contest ends Friday November 15th, 2013 at MIDNIGHT EST. Winners will be announced within 72 hours (11/18).  No purchase necessary. Be sure to read the official contest rules here.

By entering this contest, you are also opting in to our email newsletter in order to receive product and contest updates, sales and promotions. You may subscribe at any time. No purchase is necessary to win, and purchases will not influence your chances of winning.

~Follow Steampunk Goggles on Pinterest~

Watch for more Steampunk goodness, including Interviews with authors, DIY videos, commentary and even an original short story! Suggestions? What do you want to talk about which involves the Steampunk movement? 

Special Cabin Goddess get’s Steampunk’d


This is a sponsored post! I opened my mail up and saw that I had been invited to participate in Triberr’s campaign for Considering my obsession since reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the fact I am obsessed just a wee bit (literature, Graphic novels, LARP, Cos-play, formal teas, webisodes, ideology… Cons.. ya obsession) I jumped in with both feet! You know me, if I have a box to play in I go for the gusto and never do anything halfway.

Some of the images used for my photo montage in photography & art are creative common licensed images from unless otherwise noted. The term Steampunk’d was adopted from our Pinterest Board for this campaign, L.A. Story’s,  Stevie Wilson, I am stealing it because it is exactly how I feel this week, in a most epic way.

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#AdamsOnGlee wearing #SteampunkGoggles & the #Gleeks are Excited


  1. The Goggles Adam is sporting are Originally from, where my dad, Mac McGowan, hand creates each piece! Check out the Etsy store- these goggles are truly works of art.

    • They bought them from your father than? That is wonderful. The company was so excited to have him wear them so it is a great boon for both of you guys.

    • Yup your dad does amazing work and we buy from him to sell in our store. We are constantly looking for talented artists and when we find them, we work out deals to add their amazing pieces to our curated collection. I just placed a large order with your dad last night and will be buying more as part of our partnership with him and other highly skilled people. We’re very excited to work with him. Our hope is to become the destination that people go to in order to find the best steampunk goggles online.

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