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My Sunday read & The Evil Dead with a side of #Bacon

Bacontini-Delight!It is Sunday and on Sunday’s I like to sit back and get caught up on my news. OK that and drink a good Bloody Bacon Mary (or The Evil Dead with a side of Bacon) while watching Geoff gun down things on some random video game. Because I am just that cool. BUT I love my mindless reading on Sunday, and I used to have to bring a wagon just to bring the paper in! Sure it is an excuse for another special Bloody Bacon Mary, but come on folks!

In this day and age it does not have to be with a 20 lb. Sunday Paper, now I can grab one of the e-zines I like to read and get down and dirty and enjoy specifically focused content, because frankly I could care less about the status of postboxes and the sinkholes down by the casino (ok so I made that up… because once I wrote it I realized I probably would be really interested in sinkholes…. fodder for horror stories)


She knows what she wants, better than those dwarves!

house-of-comarreToday I finally got to reading the October issue of BTS Book Reviews magazine. I was really interested in reading up on the talented Kristine Painter, who is this month’s cover author. They spotlighted her House of Comarre’ series (which if you like stories in an alternative future where the vampires are at the top of the food chain and you are the chattel… all mixed up with sexy awesomsauced goodies? You really should grab it, and check out the gorgeous cover of book one!!!) and there are also some tidbits and peeks of Last Blood, book #5 in the series! There are 11 other authors including Alexander Ivy, Diane Duvall and Victoria Dannan.

If you have never checked it out you can read it below, yep RIGHT HERE AT CABIN GODDESS hehehe and then go over to the website to get it delivered to your inbox! But don’t tell anyone, because frankly this is one of my dirty little secrets and one that will wet more than just your appetite with columns titles like Chic Trends in Romance by Sandra Bunino, The Scrying Eye by Kelly Hudson, Sex & the Single Woman by Nicole Morgan, Heat Diva by Nikki McCarver and The Lowdown with Laurie by Laurie Garrison.

Did I mention reviews??? There are 38 reviews in the emag to add to over 160 as of October for the emag?  Quick like a bloody bunny.. hop on over and grab it!

So what are you guys doing on your Sunday? Ya, I thought so! Just make sure you stash the porn somewhere the kids cannot find it. 


zombie-maryAn Evil Dead with a Side of Bacon (Bloody Bacon Mary)

  • spicy V-8 juice
  • olives and the juice
  • chili & garlic cocktail dill pickles
  • crisp cooked thick cut peppered bacon
  • Spiced vodka (recipe here or do it with normal stuff and add more spice)
  • celery salt
  • course sea salt & fresh course ground pepper or….
  • BACON SALT (find the recipe at
  • Tabasco sauce
  • Chilled Glass filled with ice and rimmed in the salt & pepper mix (or bacon salt)

Bloody Mary’s are made with a zen moment.. you add that spicy V-8, put about 2 tsp of olive juice in, squeeze a few lime slices worth of juice, sprinkle with celery salt, pepper and Tabasco sauce to taste and stir, garnishing with TONS of olives, the slice of bacon and now you can enjoy your dirty little secret in complete and utter luxury!


  1. Had me laughing and wanting to get to the shop and get V8, vodka, and celery. (bacon is always in the house)

    • LOL OF COURSE bacon is always it the house! OHHH You could make a virgin one to help inspire your young writer to finish his story so we can publish it, plus I wanna hear the rest!

      • He’s coming over this Wednesday, so I’ll be trying to get him to finish it. Unfortunately he’s not liking anything tomato. 🙁 So the virgin bloody Mary won’t be happening, me thinks.

  2. Wow I have decided I am heading up to your place next Sunday for The Evil Dead with a side of Bacon – OMH that sounds fun 🙂


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