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“Room of Tears” by Linda Merlion – @gooddaysnodays 9/11 #BookBlast

Never ForgetSept. 11, 2001

Do you remember where you were at when the planes hit? Or later that day? I sure do and it was a nightmare. The military base we were stationed on was a training center for military intelligence. We were ordered into the house, the base was locked down and parents who worked off post were actually locked out so we had a lot of kids we “fostered” for a few days till they were let back on Post. This book blast grabbed my attention because it is taking place on, around and focused on the lives affected by the incident directly. May we never forget.


I danced in ritual that day with my daughters. Mourned, cried and danced leading the souls through the blood and fire within our family circle and let them know it was OK to pass through the beyond. It was a horrific day and will always strike me to my core. Makes everything I have gone through this last week look like nothing, and comparatively it is. Interesting that it happened at this time of the year. I will venture out of the boundaries of normalcy and into my witchy realm and state I think times like this leave an imprint of negative energy that will always be around and like a full moon, we need to watch ourselves.

The Room of Tears – a Super Book Blast



Excerpt Chapter One 

Absorbed, Antonio neglected to notice that Diane had disappeared into the kitchen. He thought to ask her about the two men in the photographs, and when he turned in anticipation of seeing her next to him, he took a step toward where she might be standing. His right foot struck a pair of boots propped upright against the wall. He stumbled and put a hand out to that empty place where he thought she might be, but his face did not meet hers, and instead came within an inch of a firefighter’s helmet, the medallion of its FDNY ladder company polished and gleaming.

On the edge of that moment, trying to regain his balance, each breath he took tightened in his throat. Antonio began to gag. His mind raced. What could be happening? One minute he was looking at photographs and the next his throat was constricting. An acrid odor rose to his nostrils. He shook his head—the same faint smell he’d noticed from before, at the door, but stronger, sharp enough now to sear his soft membranes. My God, he thought and recoiled. Sweat sprang from his face and neck. A heart attack? He clutched his chest. No, not that. His heart was fine except for the galloping beat under his ribcage. Heat emanated from the helmet as if it had just come through an inferno. “My God,” he said aloud. Perhaps a fire burned inside the wall, hot enough to choke him.

Out of tragedies come heroes and miracles…


At 9:59 a.m. on September 11, 2001, Diane O’Connor’s life as a firefighter’s wife changes forever, shattering her faith. Four decades later, a note still hangs on her kitchen cabinet in Queens, the paper yellowed with age. Diane knows the scribbled sentences by heart; she’d left them the morning of 9/11 for her husband, Billy.

In the summer of 2041, Diane invites Friar Antonio Ortiz to her home. He is a man destined to become counsel to the first American pope—her son, Peter. Antonio asks no questions and arrives in secret, promising to wait nineteen years before passing Diane’s journal to Peter. Only then will Billy’s story be told, along with answers to Peter’s questions about his father’s last days.

A true fictional tribute to the lives lost in 9/11. A beautiful and gut wrenching story…Miss Merlino weaves a flawless tale that will have you sobbing by the end of the book. With an incredible ending I didn’t see coming, this book will go down as being a classic.” —#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken, author of The Betfade-line-divider

Linda’s heroines are real women, feminine, witty, intelligent, compassionate and not easily manipulated by circumstances but ready to face adversity with courage, each a fighter you definitely want on your side. Just wait till you meet Diane O’Connor…You’ll fall in love—I guarantee it.” —Jack Schmidt, two-time winner of International Hemingway Competition


A complex book with lots of heart, a story in which every reader can find something that is tangible and relatable. The exquisite language and gripping narrative gets under your skin and into your heart. It is a timeless love story, with spiritual undertones, that explores the human condition and how it is affected by loss, longing and undying faith. I loved every word.” —Lauren Salkin, Priming Pamela – Shroud Magazine

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Linda Merlino is the author of  Room of Tears (July 23 2013), Hudson Catalina (2008-Belly of the Whale & re-release 9/14/12), Swan Boat Souvenir (self-published 2003) she began writing fiction as a young mother on the sidelines of endless soccer practices.  Linda wrote anytime any place.  A manuscript filled a carton in the back seat of her car.  Many years have passed since those early beginnings, but her work continues to be inspired by her children.


The author has a fascination with heroes and writes her fiction to honor ordinary men and women who react unselfishly in extraordinary circumstances.  She extends her gratitude to all who keep us safe and free.

Her hometown is outside of Boston.  She lived for many years in New York City and more recently calls Connecticut her home. She is also the author of Hudson Catalina

Linda Merlino | Twitter | Facebook

"Room of Tears" by Linda Merlion - @gooddaysnodays 9/11 #BookBlast



  1. I would like an amazon one. More importantly I really want to read this book. As a native NYer and one lost so many friends and family, it needs to be in my tribute collection <3

  2. I will be going dark all day so if I do not get back with you today, this is why!

    • Kriss – I am so sorry for your pain & sorrow…my book is fiction and in no way is meant to intrude on the actual events or exploit the memories- so many of us lost hope & faith that day and still wonder what happened and if miracles could come from such horror – the message is to never forget – to honor heroes and to allow for the possibility of miracles…my best Linda

  3. Amazon too. I Lost 25 people I loved and cared about and countless others. Plus that does not count all I lost who ended up going to war over this. ANYWAY going dark for 24 hours! Today my PTSD tends to flare REALLY bad!

  4. I’d like Amazon please. Thanks 🙂

  5. I’d like an Amazon card please. I’m adding this book to my must have list, as in paperback and not kindle.

  6. Thanks for hosting!

  7. I remember exactly where I was on that day. This is what I didn’t know till much much later.

    My younger son was the head of Brooklyn College EMS when 9/11 happened. He grabbed some “volunteers” who happened to be hanging out in the office that day and loaded a bus with extra gear. They headed into the city by going through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

    Half way through the tunnel they were hit by a very strong wind loaded with dust and paper debris. Slowing up they continued on their mission. Behind the paper storm they saw, coming at them a police car followed by hundreds of running people. They put the bus (term for ambulance) into reverse and started backing their way out of the tunnel, with people grabbing hold of the bus and clinging to it they pulled out of the tunnel and with the help of the on hand police car they set up a triage area.

    They spent about an hour or so there until they were relieved by a replacement crew. They headed back into the tunnel and completed their trip to Ground Zero where they were all assigned jobs. My younger son spent over 24 hours in the hole. He was on the bucket brigade (for which he still has nightmares) bringing out debris containing human remains and body parts.

    We had no idea of the extent of his involvement till a year or so later he was video taped giving a talk about that day at a Jewish Center in New Jersey.

    He is now an instructor and Disaster Co-ordinater with the New York City Office of Emergency Management.

    • Wow! Hates of to you and your family! Hope your day was filled with less pain today. Each year for me, it gets less and less!

      • I called him on the phone yesterday to ask him how he was doing. He said he’s doing ok… They must have him busy at OEM this week with a new project.

  8. We all remember where we were – the impact – the horror – knowing that life as we knew had changed forever…

  9. I know your book, Linda, was not meant too but posting a story which involves 9/11 means doing more thank just throwing up a post. My pain is like anyone else’s and not important but it is important to not and share the things positive that come out of these tragedies. Such as this book. I have been reading it and its lovely but today’s was a book blast so I thought it would be neat to include the widget and excerpt and all the great stuff I do. I hope this was taken in the spirit of what it is. Your book didn’t stir anything up. The date does period.

  10. Sounds very exciting.

    • You are sweet – thanks again for hosting…Linda

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