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Mama’s Kitchen Mondays – Fairycakes with “Fairies in My Fireplace” Release Day

Welcome to a special Mama’s Kitchen Monday!

It is a release day blast for “Fairies in My Fireplace” and in honor I am baking Fairycakes! Welcome Everyone! Giveaway below!

Faircakes - Fairies in My Fireplace

What do I cook when there are Fairies in My Fireplace? 


Today I have a special feature for Bewitching Tours “Fairies in My Fireplace” Tour. Instead of a plain ol’ showcase where I post an excerpt, or throw up some Top Ten (which actually I really dig…) But I am hosting this lovely book, the third in the Monster Haven series by Rachel Naquin (R.L. Naguin).

When I saw this one roll through my inbox I knew I had to actually post a recipe that anyone can make, even your six year old! My grandma got the recipe from her next door wickedly awesome Welsh neighbor who was so cool. She used to call powdered sugar fairy dust and we would wave magic wands over the top as we sprinkled them… and sometimes I would use the gold balls or the rainbow candy balls like below! So, as you after you read this awesome book make a lovely batch of these for your family!

Traditional Fairy Cakes of course!


These fairy cakes only take 30 minutes of prep and back time to make and decorated in a thousand different ways. I love my brown sugar buttercream frosting. Youacn also buy frosting or make whip cream frosting. At Beltane you can make white chocolate egg halves and use those for wings when you decorate them (see above). Simple frosting, genache, sprinkles, fairy wings or candy can be used to decorate. No matter what these are so easy!

Check your cupboards for
  • 1/2 cup (heaping) of caster sugar (see below for DIY caster sugar)
  • 1/2 cup (heaping) self raising flour
  • 1/2 cup + 2.5 tsp of  butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Milk
  • Your chosen topping (I use a brown sugar buttercream)

A mixer makes this uber easy, and all you need is a handmixer, but if you had a nice stand one this is almost criminally easy.  Pre heat the oven to 350F .  Place all the ingredients into a bowl (except for the milk) and cream together. If the mixture is a little thick, slowly add the milk until you have a soft, dropping consistency.

As many of you know, I love my wooden spoon! I always use a chilled bowl and I stir my little heart out!, your fairy cakes will still look and taste amazing in just 3 steps…

  1. Cream together the butter, sugar and vanilla essence.
  2. Add both of the eggs and  roughly half of the flour, mixing as you go.

Fold in the last of the flour and add milk (again slowly and if needed). The cakes should take around 10-20 minutes, do the toothpick test (you know you wanna poke ’em). Pour the mix into your cupcake holders until they are 2/3 full and transfer to the pre-heated oven, check at 10 minutes till the toothpick comes out clean. Remove when golden brown and leave to cool on a wire rack for an hour before decorating,

How to make the topping
Using a sharp knife, scoop out a small hole in the top of your cake. Try not to break the cut off as it will eventually form the wings. Put them in the freezer to firm up so you can trim them before placing them on top and get minimal breakage. Put preserves (I like to actually bake down my own like I did for the mini-cheesecakes) in the hole and cover with a go. After trimming place your wings on top of the cream, sprinkle with fairy dust (powdered sugar) and throw on baking glitter, candy balls… whatever your hart desires or even just simple cakes and viola! You are finished ENJOY!
Mama’s Kitchen Mondays – Fairycakes with “Fairies in My Fireplace” Release DayFairies in My Fireplace
Series: Monster Haven
by R.L. Naguin
Pages: 226
Published by Carina Press
on Sept. 3, 2013
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source & Buy Links: Bewitching Book Tours
Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Book Depository • • Goodreads •
Sometimes it’s the monsters who need to be saved…

A migration of mythical creatures has begun, and more and more of them are landing on Zoey Donovan's doorstep. As the only Aegis left in the country, it falls to her to protect the Hidden and keep them safe—and her house has become a sanctuary for water sprites, goblins, harpies, djinn and more.

Keeping track of her boarders is a full-time job, and Zoey's already got her hands full trying to run her wedding planning business. Good thing she has a resident closet monster to keep her organized, and a hot Reaper boyfriend to help her relax every once in a while.

But she can't keep up monster-triage indefinitely, and as more Hidden arrive, it becomes clear that someone—or something—is hunting them. In the midst of planning an event for a notoriously difficult client, Zoey's got to figure out who's behind the hunt…and she's got to stop them before there are no Hidden left.

About the Author

Rachel’s head is packed with an outrageous amount of useless Disney trivia. She is terrified of thunder, but not of lightning, and tends to recite the Disneyland dedication speech during storms to keep herself calm. She finds it appalling that nobody from Disney has called yet with her castle move-in date.

Originally from Northern California, she has a tendency to move every few years, resulting in a total of seven different states and a six-year stint in England. Currently, she’s planning her next grand adventure. Rachel has one heroic husband, two genius kids, a crazy-cat-lady starter kit, and an imaginary dog named Waffles.

She doesn’t have time for a real dog.

DIY Caster Sugar

Super fine sugar, can usually be found in the baking aisle but if not you can make it yourself!

  1. Place granulated sugar in a food processor or blender.
  2. Pulse until it reaches a super-fine, but not powdery consistency.
  3. Allow the sugar to settle for a few minutes. Then, use in place of the castor sugar called for in your recipe.


  1. Wonderful post, Kriss! Thanks for the blitz AND the awesome recipe. I’ll have to give the fairy cakes a try!
    Show me some love!

  2. Yummy cupcakes and yummy reads! Thank you for sharing. I have to go now and find out how to make brown sugar butter cream – on a mission here LOL

    • Denise hit me up on Facebook, the only trick honestly is the brown sugar, I use a food food processor and blend it down and add the milk first! It almost tastes like cookie dough frosting.

  3. This looks so good!!! I love a good book and a good recipe to just wrap everything all up in. Cant wait to read it.

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