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Dateline: Atlantis – A journalist’s dream come true? #Review

Dateline: Atlantis - A journalist's dream come true? #Review

Is it the discovery of lost city of Atlanti?  A journalist wants to make her mark, an old flame is rekindled and the decedents of…

Ohh wait, you are just gonna have to read the book! Or perhaps read the rest of my review, right?

Welcome Lynn Voedisch with Partner’s in Crime Tours on the Blog today! I have a giveaway and review! I was not signed up for this tour but the book looked good so I bought it and read it and ended up dropping Gina over at PICT an email and begging to get on the tour because it was a really fun book! When have these guys steered me wrong!


I love reading books about archeology and places that may or may not have been! The cover caught my eye because it is close to some of James Rollins standalone adventures, and since earlier this year I had been left wanting by a promise of underwater archeology in the infamous Byzantine Gold disaster I was really needing a good one, and I found one with Lynn’s novel.

Dateline: Atlantis - A journalist's dream come true? #Review

Conspiracy Theories.. oops wrong photo

Granted, it is not a group of archeologists it is a journalist who really wants to land THEE story of a lifetime! AP pickup, pulitzer prize etc… Conspiracy, ancient ruins which seem to rise from the sea, buried caves full of pyramids and a gem which speaks of the past. As she tries to find the pieces to put the past together for a story, she has to find her own pieces of her own past. Yep it is one of those books! Fun!

The story really has it all for an action /adventure, but labeled as a contemporary fantasy! The fantasy aspect comes in with the crystal she finds which speaks to her as she dreams. I love the fact that is full of a secret kabbalah of scientists, academics and religious leaders who will go to any means to prevent the truth of Atlantis coming to light…including… ohhhhhhh nope! NADA!… spoilers, Sweetie!

Dateline: Atlantis - A journalist's dream come true? #Review

It was a fun read and it read fast. Perfect for this summer. The authors journalism background really lead strength to much of the story. But the one thing that journalists need to do, which is TELL, she overcame and she did a wonderful job of SHOWING us the world that her protagonists discovered beneath the waves. It is a solid 4 out f 5 stars for me!

A few notes I want to bring up (may contain tiny peek-a-boo spoilers due to my opinion of the character): I am really glad I did not have expectations of a female Indiana Jones because I would have been upset. This is in no way one of those stories. She is not in anyway an adventurous archaeologist, she is a journalist. The crystal speaking through dreams etc is where the fantasy aspect comes from and though it took away from the story for me, I can give it props as a good story device to bring about a mystery from the past.

The initial “guide” (Gabriel) who ended up being a misogynistic jerk who I wanted to drown, was a good character who created a lot of intrigue, but … in truth? The best part of this was not the budding love story, not the lost city of atlantis, which seems almost to be the backdrop, but the implications of what happens if something is discovered which can change the foundations of faith’s toehold in what was suppose to be empirical evidence going down the toilet when the origins of “man” change? Oh… and of COURSE THE GOVERNMENT IS INVOLVED *giggling* LOVE IT!

Take it for what it is, a story. It is labeled as fantasy, so a bit of dispelling believe is needed! For me? I liked it! It was great! I had a fun time reading it and honestly read it from cover to cover for three days. That in itself says a lot. But it as not a fantasy for me, it was more of a conspiracy based mystery with love, intrigue, adventure, heartbreak, and personal growth.. with the Christian cult leaders, academia zealists and the government mucking it up for everyone. Again FUN!

Read an excerpt:

She dives underneath the waves. Next to her is the tip of a giant stone structure. It widens as it plunges down to the ocean floor, filling her line of sight. She surfaces and swims toward the top of the rock. Amaryllis fights for breath as the waves roll up toward her chin and away. She dives again. The structure is a pyramid, without a doubt. It can’t be a natural formation. Its lines are too regular. The stones used to fit the pyramid together are huge—twenty-ton boulders at least—yet they are meshed with knife-edge precision. She can’t get her fingernail between them. Another thing occurs to her: this pyramid is not built in steps, but is smooth-sided like the monuments of Egypt.?She bobs up and down, diving and surfacing for a quarter of an hour, finding more impossible things. These walls, unlike those of the Maya structures they found on land, are still smooth. They are weathered and pitted, but not covered over with barnacles and seaweed. She sees the remnants of writing carved into the rock near the top, but can’t tell what language it is. It has neither the pictorial intricacy of Maya glyphs nor the simplicity of Roman characters. It has a modern aspect, clean and stylized, proportionally balanced, as if it were a font designed by an advertising agency. Yet, some of the figures recall the ancient themes of the American Indians: swirling vortices, men with large heads, hunting dogs. The most prominent of all symbols is a cross inscribed with concentric circles.

Amaryllis’ strength is nearly gone, but she dives once more if only to give the fullest of reports to her cohorts sleeping back onshore. She slips below the surface and feels along the eastern wall, pulling herself down. She is looking for a dark square she glimpsed before, gaping and black. It yawns at once before her, its edges wavy in the ocean swells. A sea turtle darts in front of her, and she constricts her lungs. She streaks to the surface, gulps a huge lungful of air and immediately she’s at the opening again. Seconds disappear as she measures the portal. It’s just big enough to slip through, but will she be able to get back out? A shining gem illuminated by a sun ray catches her eye. She swishes inside.

With lungs screaming, she scans a tiny chamber, carved from top to bottom with ancient writing. Gold glints from porticos on the sides. A painting is still visible on the ceiling. A carved hand, claw-like and strong, rests on a pedestal in the center of the space. The red hand holds a stone so beautiful, she can’t bear to leave it. In the filtered sunlight that passes through the door- way, the gem dazzles like Venus in the night sky. The morning star—the guide that Amaryllis can rely on. She grabs the jewel.
Through the door, up to the surface, sucking in the air—she’s free.

Lynn Voedisch


Lynn Voedisch is a Chicago writer who had a long career as a newspaper reporter and worked for 17 years at the Chicago Sun-Times. She also freelanced for many other publications, both in print and online. She lives with her husband and pet cat three blocks from the Chicago border. Her son, a new attorney, lives in the city. Her hobbies are tennis, tai ch, an promoting the appreciation of literature.

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Dateline: Atlantis – A journalist’s dream come true? #ReviewDateline: Atlantis
by Lynn Voedisch
Pages: 285
Published by Fiction Studio Books
on April 2, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Mystery
Source & Buy Links: Tour Company
Amazon • Barnes & Noble • • Goodreads •

DATELINE: ATLANTIS is a contemporary fantasy featuring a female Indiana Jones who dives underwater and accidentally discovers what just might be the lost world of Atlantis. After she and her photographer document fabulous pyramids and other structures under the Caribbean sea, they return to their newspaper in the Los Angeles area, only to have all their evidence stolen. The sea rolls back and reclaims the buildings, and the photographer is kidnapped by unknown criminals.

The simple news assignment becomes more complicated with each turn and takes the Amaryllis Lang (pen name: Amy Quigley) to Chicago, Florida, Mexico and the Bahamas.

An ever-skeptical reporter, the Amaryllis Lang finds that her search for humanity's first family (in the possible Atlantis) dovetails with her own search for her own lost roots. Long ago someone murdered her archaeologist parents—and they may be the same villains who are working against her own efforts to bring the Caribbean discovery to light.

In the midst of the tension, a testy romantic triangle develops. Plus, the pressure never stops as editor Noel Wright III keeps badgering her for a Pulitzer Prize-winning story. After escaping the villains' traps with her life intact, Amaryllis emerges a more open-minded adventurer, a better journalist, and an adventurer who is never afraid to let a historical find change written history.


The God's WifeThe God’s Wife

The women of ancient Egypt were the freest of any civilization on earth, until the modern era. In several dynasties of ancient Egypt the God’s Wives of Amun stood tall, priestesses of wealth and power, who represented the pinnacle of female power in the Egyptian state. Many called The God’s Wife of Amun second only to the Pharaoh in dominance. THE GOD’S WIFE

greyline-divider **I bought this book and therefor not only are my opinions mine but not even the sweet goodness of a free book to read and review edging it up to the four star mark! Its just a fun read. Some links are to my Associates account on Amazon where I receive a small (VERY VERY small) advertising fee for linking! The giveaway is sponsored by the author and Cabin Goddess is in no way responsible, but she promises to make sure that she does her best to get all the info to the right people and have her squirrel on alert if anything comes up. Bacon is always welcome!



  1. Beautiful! I loved the review!
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  2. So glad that you liked this book! Your review is awesome! Thank you! And thank you for the shout out!
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  3. The book looks awesome. I’m so bummed it is a USA only giveaway. 🙁
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  4. Haha so where’s the spoiler gif from? have you ever been scuba diving? Crazy experience that.
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  5. loved the review!

  6. I actually have an e-book copy of this book, but hey, I’ll take a physical one! *laugh*

    Anyway, this Atlantis book sounds interesting. Here’s my take: in every legend there is a grain of truth. There must have been some sort of civilization like Atlantis, because where did all the seeds come from if not an original plant? Also consider that civilizations all over the world that had no known contact with one another have similar legends – how did that happen? There was some sort of cross-pollination. And for me… yeah, I have no real problem with the “known” HISstory being changed. Patriarchy has had it’s 10k years, and monotheism; it needs some shaking up, if you ask me.

    Another’n to add to my wishlist!
    Show me some love!

  7. Personally I agree with Katy, in every legend there is a grain of truth. I love the ones attached to Merlin and Druids and Celts etc… LOVED that aspect. I have always loved the idea of things underwater. It is almost unapproachable, and Maya and… it is just epic! This was fun!
    Show me some love!

  8. Thanks for the terrific review. I had no ideas there are rules for fantasy. My editor just called the work “contemporary fantasy.”Thanks again for the great review. FUN was definitely my objective.Lynn

    • There are tons of different rules, I had a BALL with the book!

  9. I think yes, I think it would just open up the worlds eyes to a past that for whatever reason was lost and never should have been. The idea of Atlantis existing is an idea that I have thought about ever since I heard about it when growing up
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  10. Sounds really interesting — and fun! I’ll have to look for it. 🙂
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  11. Sounds like a great read and talk about a fantastic looking post. Dammit woman how do you do it.
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