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Today on BITE ME Radio “Interviewing a Vampire” #FourthWallFriday

Fourth-Wall Friday – Bite Me Radio

Man it has been one hell of a week, I just want to curl up in a ball, hug the cat and suck down Godiva and sweet tea while listening to NPR. Yes NPR! Don’t give me that, I like listening to it, plus it is the local Uni station and I miss being on campus so it is comforting. Today they were going to be discussing about the historical implications of vertical farming in a local hotel that has been lost to dripping ceilings and crumbling drywall. What I was not expecting was the ear-splitting mic squelch and this sexy voice which was more sexy shock jock meets a teenage hottie . oh dear, my Mrs. Robinson is showing again… then I looked at my Fourth-Wall Friday notification station and sure enough… red beeping light.. Oh holy moly, what was in store for me this week!

Interviewing a Vampire

Click. Click. “Kind of weird to be doing this, you know?

He tapped the microphone with his fingernail again. It was almost as if the electronics of it either confused him or fascinated him. I couldn’t decide which.


Click. Click.

Okay, Mathias. Are you ready?” Yeah, I knew this had been done before. Heck, Anne Rice did it first, but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to “Interview the Vampire”.

He tilted his head slightly sideways. “I know what a fucking microphone is.”

I blinked. This wasn’t going as well as I thought it would. I’d first gotten the idea when I found out about Mathias. I mean, who wouldn’t be interesting in knowing about the life of a vampire that had nothing to do with the movies of late. He was different, all right. Maybe too different.

I’m sorry. Okay. Can we start again?

If we have to.” His long black hair cascaded down over his shoulders. He didn’t look comfortable in the computer chair he was sitting in. Probably because he was huge. I’m talking over six-six at least.

Now, I was starting to sweat. It wasn’t exactly a good idea to piss off a vampire. Especially one as, well, fierce as he was. I’d heard the stories about how he’d ruled a long time ago. Something about a past life. I didn’t even know vampires had souls. Guess I was wrong. I took a deep breath.

All right. What’s it like to be you?

He leaned back in the chair and stared at me. His eyes seemed slightly mirror-like in the fluorescent light of the recording studio. I was paying for this by the hour. I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to make a podcast out of it or not.

You really want to know?

That was why I’d put my neck out like this. Literally. I wanted to know what he was and how he felt and well… everything.


I like to kill.

I blinked. This couldn’t be all. “Why?

He leaned forward and stared at me. “Not a normal statement, is it? Does it make me a monster? No more than anyone else that hunts. I’m not human anymore.

Do you miss it?

Miss what?” he asked.

Being human.

He pulled back and stared at me. His eyes took on a different light and seemed to grow dark. “I miss my family.

I pressed the stop button on the recording mechanism. “How old are you?

He started to laugh. His fangs peeped up just beyond his lips. “How old do I look?

I rolled my eyes. “See, that’s the trouble with you guys. You could be a thousand years old and look like this.

Then, why does it matter?

He kind of had a point. “So, why did you decide to do this? Do an interview, I mean?

He leaned back in the chair. “I didn’t have anything better to do.

Great. Now he was quoting the lines of John Hughes movies at me. “Okay. If you aren’t going to take this seriously, we might as well stop now.

Who said I wasn’t taking it seriously?

He was too much of a smart-ass, getting under my skin. I didn’t even know if he was the real thing. Hell, anyone could go and buy some fangs somewhere. I’d even heard about a cool shop in New York that made custom ones. “Prove it.

Prove what?

I want to see. Show me you really are a vampire.

His mood shifted instantaneously. His eyes took on a red glow, his claws, I guess you could call them seemed to grow. “This room is too small for that.

What the hell was he talking about? “Okay. Let’s go outside then.

I knew it was pointless to take a video camera or something with me. People would just say I did whatever he was going to do with CGI if he was the real thing. Somehow, I suspected I’d be getting something closer to a blooper show on TV than something that would scare me.

I led him outside the recording studio into the parking lot. My car was the only car in the lot. Strange. “This big enough.

Suddenly, these giant wings burst from his back. He flexed them a few times. I could feel the wind from them hitting my face. “Holy shit.


That’s what I said the first time I saw them,” Mathias said.

Can I touch one?” I asked.

He raised an eyebrow at me. “If you have to.

I reached forward and gently felt the fur, skin, and bone. It twitched and I jumped back. “Wow.”

He laughed again. “Anything else you want to see, Ms. DeVor?

I blinked. “No. That’s enough.

He grunted. “Next time, don’t be so quick to assume that I’m full of shit.

He leapt into the air. His great wings flapped in the wind so hard that my hair blew into my face. And, then he was gone.

Wait. He said there’d be a next time.

Today on BITE ME Radio "Interviewing a Vampire" #FourthWallFriday

Danielle DeVor spent her early years fantasizing about vampires and watching “Salem’s Lot” way too many times.  After living briefly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she moved back to her hometown to write.  When not writing and reading about weird things, you will find her hanging out at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a mocha frappuccino.


Tail of the Devil

Today on BITE ME Radio "Interviewing a Vampire" #FourthWallFridayIf Mathias thought being homeless sucked, being a vampire is worse. The vampires who transformed him believe he is the reincarnation of an ancient king. They expect him to quit swearing, use a napkin, and play by their weird,
ancient rules. Screw that.

But after the reigning queen assaults Mathias, he has visions of a past life in which he was that king. Turns out the current queen killed him then, and wants to kill him again. He’d better grow up fast, because if he doesn’t his second life may be shorter than his first.

Today on BITE ME Radio "Interviewing a Vampire" #FourthWallFriday


Fourth-Wall Friday

Ever wonder what happens if you were to break into your world build and sit down and have a beer with your main characters? I think I would love to have tea with Jane Eyre, or discuss the best way to take care of vampires with Jane Yellowstone…maybe having Susie Shotgun take me out for some Angels Tears…

Interested in being part of Cabin Goddess’ Fourth-Wall Friday? Schedule is now open for sign ups from July through Christmas and have a few limited reserved Friday’s for special Fourth-Wall Friday spots (Sign ups for 2013); ie book releases and tours. Contact me at [email protected] for more info. I hope everyone (authors and readers alike) takes time peruse the archives and find out just what other authors have done and enjoy a lot of amazing world builds! I also have a Pinterst Board which is a great way to walk through it!

Fourth-Wall FridayAllow yourself as an author to open up a new avenue of sharing your AUTHOR PERSONA & WORLD BUILD in a unique and creative fashion.. Just take a chance, write fluidly and from within that “place” you hangout at with your muse. Or perhaps walk in the door, tuck into a corner & watch your characters get into trouble before you take a chance and talk to them…


Today on BITE ME Radio "Interviewing a Vampire" #FourthWallFriday


  1. I see what you mean by fucking fun.

  2. Kriss- thanks for letting me to Fourth-Wall Friday. It was a blast writing this one. 🙂

  3. Oh, awesome! I broke the site last time I tried to comment, let’s see if it works this time…

    Danielle, you sound like me. Are you sure we’re not actually the same person? LOL Added to my wishlist; Kriss, you’ll be the death of me! But I’ll die happy, with my nose in a book…

  4. *sigh* I love fourth wall Friday! I loved writing mine but I love reading everyone else’s so much more!

  5. Katy- Maybe we were related in a past life. 😉 Thanks for adding Tail of the Devil to your wishlist. 🙂

  6. Ha! Nice. Amusing without being… forced? Overt? Fun’s a good word. Gotta sniff out the book now…..

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